the rolling stones concert

I think my role is to shut up and listen. A lot of white people should shut up and listen. They really don’t know what the African-American experience truly is. When you have people getting shot in their cars for no reason and being put in fucking jail cells and it’s for profit, we have a serious problem, and the first thing you need to do is get educated. Don’t try to do this, like, ‘Blue lives matter.’ Don’t try to do the 'All lives matter.’ Just shut up and listen to the experience. And then move forward after that.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong, Rolling Stone Magazine

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That's actually something I've always found fascinating with their matching tattoos: Louis always has the ones that imply protection. Badly compared, like Louis is Yin (just in the sense of dark) and Harry is Yan (in the sense of light). That's why I found the Rolling Stone review of the 1D concerts so curious because the author said (from observation alone) that Louis would smoulder while Harry would twirl, like they're two opposite magnets who complete and attract each other.