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The Letter Thief

Author: d4wndust



Description: Min Yoongi receives a text from an unknown number and it seems to be a suicide note. Park Jimin says his goodbyes through a text, but to a wrong number.

Min Yoongi makes Park Jimin live a little longer and Park Jimin makes Min Yoongi start living.

Rated: M (mentions if suicide)

Comments: This was such an emotional read. I found myself worried, sometimes scared, and feeling very sympathetic towards the main characters and their situations. It was beautiful, heartbreaking, and worrisome at the same times, and I was just reading text. The fic had my heart pounding to the very end. This story was a roll coaster, so many ups and down. Beware angst.

The signs as the people I know
  • Aries: Eric my baby// Loud af. FOOD ADDICTION. Thinks he is so funny. Amazing. Puts people before himself. Selfless. Knows where he stands on most things. Sings loudly in hallways. Fun loving and admirable by the people he just met. Impulsive when making decisions. Crosses his eyes a lot. A Teaser. The sweetest guys ever. Basically Aries people are amazing.
  • Taurus: Jay// funny AF. Sarcastic. Is always joking and make people around her laugh. Loyal. ARTISTIC. Queen of selfies. Sociable in an awkward way. Laid back, amazing at giving advices. Burps a lot. Hates when it when people are being pushy.
  • Gemini: Sage my best friend// Emotional. Thoughtful. Very hardworking. SO CARING. Talkative and prone to have ups and down roll coaster of emotions. Family-oriented. ADORABLE. She loves talking to new people. Great at making new friends. Is so nice BUT don't get into her dark side.. Will cut you down. Always know what to say to make you feel better. Ugh Gemini people are just wonderful
  • Cancer: Katelynn// loving. Caring. Moody. Loves to be good at everything she does. Hardworking. Looks innocent but will murder you when pissed. Headstrong. Helpful. Loves ice cream. LOVES TO HUG HER FRIENDS. Queen of sass. Loves children.
  • Leo: Zac// Selfless. Quiet in front strangers but is a whole another person with his friends. He looks serious but I swear he is the funniest shit ever. Self-assured. Very generous. Loves being in the center of attention. Smiles a lot. Aggressive AF. Spoils his gf. Loves music. So fashionable. Impulsive he can't keep a thought to himself you'll find him saying everything on his mind.
  • Virgo: Andre// he is a damn Gamer. Book lover. VERY SMART. Gets perfect grades. Talkative. Dynamic. Foodie. Very thoughtful. Looks so innocent but I swear he is a satan. Honest and direct. Won't participate anything related to physical activity.
  • Libra: Andrea// independent. So classy. Loves shopping make up. STYLISH. So caring. Sociable. Popular in her college. Smiles a lot. Flirty and funny. Intelligent. Loves taking care of the others. Dances randomly.
  • Scorpio: Sam// is the funniest guys on this earth. Sarcastic af. So damn smart. Swears a lot. ARTIST. Eats every and anything I swear. COFFEE ADDICTION. God of editing photos. SEXY. Stares at asses. Always make people laugh when they are down no matter what. Knows what to say he is really great at starting conversations. CLUMSY. Movie freak and a gamer by the heart.
  • Sagittarius: Tessa:: Short. ADORABLE (but she'll hit you if you called her one)) laughs a lot. Headstrong. Doesn't give a shit about people's opinion. Shouts a lot. LaZY ASS. Couchpotato and love calling people by nicknames. Loves punching people's arm. Says the wrong things in the wrong times. Adventurous and ready for anything. Funny and fun loving.
  • Capricorn: Martin:// deadly caring. Hides his feelings v well. farts a lot. Laughs LOUDLY. Shows off in front of ladies. Goofball. Smart at math. Laughs at dirty jokes. Helps people. Obsessed over his car. Hates wasting money. Is very awkward when meeting people for the first time. Jumps from topic to another topic pretty fast. Really keen and focused at working ,always crack a lame jokes.
  • Aquarius: Katie:// Chill. So sassy. She loves to dress randomly. Perfectionistic. Loves pets. Has no problem beating someone's up for being jerk-ass. Very active on social media. Talks about odd topics. Everyone thinks she is down to earth and amazing. LOVES READING.
  • Pisces: Andrew// Talkative. HE IS THE SWEETEST. Doodles a lot. Hates conflicts. Sleeps over 13 hours. Cutest shit alive. Giggles a lot. Such a Geek watches anime, shows, you'll find in cinemas. Social butterfly. Avoids conformations. Always make sure if everything is alright. Dreamy. Forgets to replay most of the times. Posts a lot pictures on ig. People tend to like him by the first time they meet him.

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Big Boys with Shy Shooters Society would like to invite you for experimental Roll Coaster treatment in an effort to study prost-fright remedies. The trick might be in getting the right about of G-force for your G-Spot.


Roller Coaster ~Dan Howell Imagine~

Hello :) This is for the anon who requested the Dan Howell imagine where you both ride a roller coaster. I hope it’s okay! c: 

*Not My Picture*

I walked through the amusement park with my friends Dan and Phil. So far we had rode the bumper cars, played games and won prizes and now we were walking while eating cotton candy.
“Oh! Look at that one! Let’s ride it!” Phil exclaimed, pointing up to the huge roller coaster that stood in front of us.
My jaw dropped at the sight of it. I forgot to mention to them that I was absolutely terrified of roller coasters. “Yeah that sounds fun! What do you think Y/N?” Dan said turning his head towards me.
“ guy’s go ahead. I-I’ll wait here.” I stuttered out.
“Are you okay?” Phil asked sincerely.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine I just..” I said looking up at the roller coaster again.
“Are you scared of them?” Dan asked.
I looked down as my cheeks turned red. “A little.” I replied, embarrassed.
They both shot a friendly smile at me.
“Aw that’s okay. Do you want to try? I’ll help you out.” Dan suggested.
I thought about it for a minute.
“Okay. I’ll try. But I’ll probably act like a baby so just a warning.” I said.
“Oh don’t worry. Phil acted like a baby too.” Dan said laughing.
“It’s true.” Phil said, nodding with a smile.
“Let’s go!” Dan exclaimed as we walked toward the line.
We waited in line for about 15 minutes and then we were finally at the front. My stomach had a million butterflies and I felt sick. Dan reached over and held my hand.
“You’ll do fine.” He said, reassuring me.
I nodded, took a deep breath and sat next to Dan. We buckled in and waited for this nightmare to be over. The track clicked and I felt like panicking. Dan looked over and noticed that I was really scared.
“Don’t worry Y/N I got you.” He said with a smile.
I gave a small smile and the ride started going up the large hill. I turned my head and hid my face in Dan’s shirt. He smiled and put his hand on arm, holding me closer to him.
We reached the top and stopped.
“Dan..” I started to say.
The roller coaster rolled down the large hill fastly and I felt like screaming. We went up a couple more hills. This was started to become fun. I looked up and smiled over at Dan. I threw my hands and started enjoying myself as the ride kept going. The ride slowed, then came to a full stop. We unbuckled ourselves and got out.
“That was amazing!” I exclaimed.
I looked over and saw Dan and Phil smiling at me.
“You did it!” Dan exclaimed.
“I’m so proud of you!” Phil added.
I gave them both a hug and we walked towards other rides.
I leaned up and gave Dan a kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you.” I said with a smile.
“Anytime.” He smiling down at me.

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I found a male version of me as far as intensity goes and so far it’s the most terrifying yet thrilling rolling coaster I’ve experienced thus far… will keep y'all updated. Xo.

queenofchildren replied to your post: “Two episodes in the new Anne with an…

ohmygod yes! I knew nothing about what to expect, and 5 minutes in I was already sobbing. 10 minutes in I was completely smitten with Anne. such a lovely show.

@queenofchildren Trust me, even when you supposedly know what gonna happen this show is such a rolle coaster. Like the beggining with Matthew galloping on the horse, I was like “what is the meaning of all of this?”. Matthew is the calmest character here, this doesn’t look like him. But then they switched to Anne in the train and I was immediately smiling, when I saw glimpses of her happy face in the train  window and a minute later I was crying when we had her first flashback. But after that I completely forgot about the beggining and everything was unfolding mostly like in the book, so I felt safe and then the show pulled the rug out from under my feet with Cuthberts sending her back to the asylum. And when in the end we came a full circule with Matthew galloping on the horse and Anne’s, now very sad, face in the train window I knew this show now have my heart and have all the power to crush it)