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Hot Wacks - “The Last Wacks” and Supplements 1 - 7

All told, this is pretty close to a few thousand pages of bootleg info.  Even with the state of the online data aggregators like discogs and the like (I was making this point just the other day about the Pink Floyd Encyclopedia), these guides are indispensable.  Firstly, I’ve found references to things in these books that I literally couldn’t find a sniff of online.  The Last Wacks is my favourite of the bunch, as it’s got the most information about vinyl bootlegs in it… after the CD craze hit and you could get full shows onto a disc or in a multiple disc set, LPs with their limitations and expensive manufacturing process sort of went by the wayside.  It’s interesting that we’re seeing a return to vinyl boots in the 2000s, likely, unfortunately, sourced from digital files rather than master tapes.

The supplements were envisioned as a solution to the expensive practice of printing completely new editions every few years.  The trouble being, of course, that there’s no searchable index to the supplements, so if you’re looking for somethings specific from after 1992, and you’re not quite sure when it may have seen commercial release, you’ve got some digging to do.   

One of the best things about this series is the coverage of the increasingly elaborate and expensive box sets that were (mostly) coming out of Japan.  I’ve included a picture (although cover-art is definitely not a focus of these books… it’s heavily textual) of the excellently compiled Japanese 6 disc release of Led Zeppelin's “The Destroyers”.  Released by Tarantura2000 and limited to 150 copies, this is something you’re not likely to see outside of a book like this or a digital file.  These two Cleveland shows captured here have been booted many times in a dizzying range of sources and qualities… hence the value of guides like these.

3 disc sets have almost become ubiquitous, as shows ran into that length (and splitting a single track across more than one disc is a majorly poor move), but it’s not unusual to find 5, 6, 10 and even 20 disc sets that cover a run of concerts from a particular period or perhaps even different source tapes from the same concert in the same package.  There’s still a strong market for silver discs (i.e. commercially pressed, not CDR), even though you can generally find FLACS online in a variety of places.  Long live bootlegs…

Oh, did I happen to mention that these are Canadian publications!  Go Canada!

Comments from the judges on The Rolling Bootlegs

Thanks to an anon’s brilliant suggestion, here are the comments of the judges who decided Narita’s first novel was worth a go! I imagine this was in response to an unedited submission, which makes me a little curious as to what kind of editing it went through before they released it. Either way, thank you, judges, for choosing to bring this series into my life.

Judge 1

This is a story with a lot of content, with the 1930s, Prohibition, and the age of gangs in America at the center, the prologue and epilogue in the modern day, and the immortals in the Middle Ages. There’s a lot of story and a lot of characters, complete with dandyist sensibilities and humor, weaving a complex story like a mosaic. While the author’s ability to execute this concept to its fullest isn’t there yet, I want to give the author credit for how fun it was to read.

Judge 2

There are a lot of characters, and reading it just once, I didn’t really understand what was going on. The second time, it made sense, but as you might expect, that could be a problem. I really get what you were trying to do, but to express it in novel form, rather than as a movie, is extremely difficult. I really liked that the work itself was so experimental, and the author’s drive to challenge himself with something different. I’d recommend a slightly simpler structure or writing from a simpler perspective, and really work out the characters and story with more deliberate care.

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Overwhelm them with honesty //  So casually cruel in the name of being honest

“I know I don’t deserve you, Eliza” - I love you A.Ham BUT NO YOU DON’T!!! Protect Eliza, my cinnamon roll!


Although I won’t be able to get my hands on the hardcopy version until tomorrow (it’ll be delivered to my parents’ house today and I’m flying home tomorrow) the Kindle version has been delivered to my account! I’ve screenshotted some of the pages above as an example.

I don’t have the time today to read the novel in depth (gotta clean out my room) but I’ve skimmed through it to look for pertinent names and changes that’ll potentially be of interest to some of us in the fandom:

  • Pecho’s name has been translated as “Pezzo” 
  • Our favorite residential “demon’s” name is “Ronny Schiatto” (not Ronnie, sadly)
  • Maiza’s position has been translated not as conta é oro but contaiuolo
  • Barnes…refers to his mother as “mommy” (see the picture above if you don’t believe me). Yeah. I do wonder if that’s a deliberate sign his mental state was regressing as he was being devoured though.
  • Our lovely Alveare shopkeeper’s name is spelled as “Seina” not Sena
    • Similarly, Lia’s last name is “Lin-Shan” not “Linshan.”
  • Interestingly the note that Isaac and Miria leave behind at the Genoards’ is different across the manga and LN
    • LN version: “We’ve taken the seeds of your unhappiness.”
    • Manga version: “The cause of your misery is mine now!!!”
  • Szilard is unintentionally amusing with his “bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha” and his kuh-kuh-kuh and his “ooooooooough.”
  • Commander Verde’s name has been translated as “Police Superintendent Veld.”
  • Fuck’s sake, Ronny says “well, never mind” and not “well, no matter.”
    • “I noticed it during the toast last night, but…in the end, I didn’t stop it.  I had the vague idea that, if it was us, we’d stick with it for a long time…Well, never mind.” p.201
    • “Well, never mind.  I did work them over a bit, like you told me to.” p.209
  • Edward and Paul are confirmed as father and son. That wasn’t made clear in the fan translation. 

Mmm, I think those are the salient points of interest. If I’ve forgotten anything let me know and I’ll tack it on either via an edit or a reblog addendum. 

Guess I ought to update some of the relevant wiki pages with the info when I find the time.


  • The Advenna Avis seems to now be The Advena Avis. Doesn’t look to be a typo since it’s also spelled Advena in the manga too
  • Seems like instead of using the word picciotto they’re calling them ‘associates’ instead. As in, Firo was an associate before he became an executive. 

The Led Zeppelin Tape Documentary - Luis Rey

Well, if you don’t already have one of these, there’s probably not a whole lot of time left for you to pick one up.  This book was printed in a ridiculously small run; from what I can discern, it was issued in a “strictly limited” first edition of 100 copies, each signed (as you can see in the third image above) by the author.

So, what exactly is it?  It is over 500 pages of pure Zeppelin awesomeness, analyzing each and every recorded fragment of their live output in chronological order.  It is absolutely the live Zeppelin bible… end of story.

This is the third edition of this book (but the first to appear under this title) and is an update to the previous 1997 version.  I can only imagine what this thing will cost in the future as the earlier two editions generally go for huge cash.  I picked this up from the publisher (?) on Amazon UK for a much more reasonable price than any of the current third party offerings.   As for why this isn’t in wide circulation?  I’ve no earthly idea…  Everything is in here: every concert, all the video footage, every studio out-take; what’s amazing is how little actually saw commercial release prior to the CD era and how many shows have seen vast improvements over the years as lower generation source tapes have showed up. 

This is a truly amazing book that will give even seasoned Zepplinphiles new insights.  

April Reading Wrap-up

(aka does anyone read these?)

The Rolling Bootlegs, Baccano! #1 - Narita Ryohgo

Originally I was not entirely sold. The book seemed to lack something the anime had. 
though in retrospect, I remember the anime took a while to really catch my interest too…
All round good book; though would recommend the anime first simply because the book would ruin a large portion of the end end; but without telling the whole story and I live the structure of the anime (it seems to tie the first 2/3 books together into a cohesive, yet confusing, plotline)

Hellboy Library Edition Vol 1 - Mike Mignola

Afraid to say… I don’t think I enjoyed this as much on my previous read.
I found the plot to be a little… confusing in places, but can’t help but feel that’s part of what should appeal. It did take longer to read as a result; though fully intend in continuing. 
But less to find out what happens plot-wise, but more to refresh my memory and see if I enjoy future volumes further.
Also.. I really quite enjoy the art-style, it’s clunky, and messy, and wholly different to anything else. 

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowel

Quite… possibly… my first ever (willing) non-fantasy
and my first contemporary. 
What can I say? It’s cute and fluffy
and was oh-so-easy to read, making it very enjoyable. 
I didn’t quite find the main character to be relatable 100% of the time (possibly as my university experience was very different) 
BUT she was believable, which made everything else that much more so, and thus that much more just… fluffy. 

The Obsidian Throne - J.D. Oswald

And the final book in this series. 
This was… very good actually. A good end to the series as a whole, which I felt improved slowly over time with each book. 
I must say: I enjoyed the actual ending very much. It wasn’t too sickly sweet and  happy, but wasn’t sad in many places either (or at least, it was in just the right amount?).  It felt very balanced
And for a series of this size, with quite so many different characters, including those named in a very different (welsh inspired) manner; it was surprisingly easy to keep track of who was who, despite the many many perspective. 
Only problem: I think there were a couple of loose ends… though being as I’ve only really just thought of them, didn’t hamper too much. 

Currently reading - Heartless - Marissa Meyer

Note to self: put Rolling Bootlegs in ur purse for tomorrow ‘cause you’re lending it out again~

granted I gotta be really careful because I’m lending it out to a coworker and the conversation started with me saying that I write fanfiction and then saying that it was for Baccano!, not expecting her to actually know the series (she’s watched it…) so hopefully she doesn’t. go looking for fic tonight. or smth.

anonymous asked:

Dude I would literally chop off a finger to be able to hear stairway to heaven for the first time again

Don’t do that! 

Here’s what to do instead.. Check out this performance of “Stairway to Heaven from April 1, 1971, 7 months before the release of Led Zeppelin IV in November. It was officially released on Zeppelin’s The BBC Sessions in 1997, which I HIGHLY recommend for fans of early Zep.

Zeppelin had only played “Stairway to Heaven” a dozen or so times in public by that point (starting March 5, 1971 in Belfast), and you can hear the crowd’s response for yourself. Very polite. Like they were at a tennis match or something. I think they had no idea what they were hearing.

And indeed, Jimmy has observed that audiences didn’t really start going wild for “Stairway” until the 1973 tours.

Ready to have your mind truly blown? That public debut of “Stairway” in Belfast? Somebody recorded it! 

The quality is very bootleg-y, even by 1971 standards, but duuuuude. This is HISTORY. I can’t believe how lucky we are that somebody recorded this. Audio-only, but the clip contains some nice photos from that show.

 For what it’s worth, Zeppelin nailed the performance. You’ll definitely be able to hear it, even across the mists of time.

The Irish were a little less reserved in their response than the English were (OF COURSE), but there’s still a gap between the end of the song and when the still rather polite applause started. It’s kind of eerie. 

But if I can save one of your fingers, Dear Anon, by all means: take a listen to the first time Led Zeppelin played “Stairway to Heaven” in public: March 5, 1971, in Belfast.

So Your Obsession Has Been Licensed, Now What?  A Baccano! FAQ

As has now been revealed on various news sites, Yen Press’s Yen On imprint, which licensed Durarara!! earlier (it’s out later this month) has gone the full mile and licensed Baccano!.  I wanted to answer some frequently asked questions that have not actually ever been asked.

1) When will they come out? 

Well, Yen’s scheduled is pretty much booked through March of 2016, so my guess is sometime between April and July 2016.  Yen tends to do novel series either 3 or 4 volumes per year.  My guess is that Baccano, like DRRR, will be 3 times a year.

2) But that means I won’t see Monica till 2020!

I know.  But there are realities to American publishing.  You can’t simply pile all the books out at once, it wouldn’t sell well.  Also, translating books takes FAR longer than translating a manga, and there’s only so many translators to go around.

3) Will they combine the two-parters into one volume?

I’m not actually sure, they might.  They’ve done this before - Another is a 2-part novel released as an omnibus, and the last two Haruhi Suzumiya books were combined into one.  On the other hand, the final Book Girl two-parter came out individually.  So it depends.

4) Will they use new covers?  Will they have the interior illustrations?

1) No.  2) Yes.

5) What about honorifics?  Will names have different Romanji?

Leaving aside that this is set in AMERICA, I doubt it.  There just aren’t many R-to-L or long-o names that could be altered.  But yeah, don’t expect honorifics, come on.

6) Will there be digital editions?

I’m not sure, but DRRR is digital as well as print, so it’s likely.

7) (clutches PDFs to bosom)  I am but a poor college student, and cannot possibly afford to buy real books!  Can I continue to read my fan-translated editions?

Look, I understand that there are financial priorities, but this is your obsession, out in North America, legally!  This is what you were all begging for.  I won’t side-eye you if you keep your PDFs, but I totally will if you don’t also buy the books.  (I won’t get into folks who live in foreign countries, this is mostly for US folks).

8) Does this mean Peter Pan in Chains won’t get fully fan translated?

Not sure, talk to the translator.  Same with 1935-D when it comes out.  There are many and varied ethical stances on fan translations, particularly for light novels.  I do think that the Rolling Bootlegs re-translation that’s currently going on should probably stop.  I know that some companies already did takedowns of fan-translated Baccano stuff a while back.

9) What about the Poet?

Just pray for the poor translator’s soul, that’s all I can say.  Could be worse, they could be translating NisioisiN.

Some insights from Baccano! twitter this morning:

  • The first volume of the manga seems to be selling very well–selling out, in fact! In a bunch of places, including some sites online. Good reviews too!
  • Looks like the next chapter is going to move us into 1930 and to Rolling Bootlegs itself, according to this tweet. (There’s a picture) Which–I’m sure it will be great, but I was really enjoying getting new information, and also I’m a little concerned about how that’s gonna interact with the English release of both. The same story, coming out in different forms at different rates… a story which is also preserved with relative faithfulness in the anime…
3TRAM | We Came, We Raged, We Conquered - Vol. 13 (free download) 5/19/2014 - Happy Birthday to me…and YOU get a present! 

Enjoy this extended version of WCWRWC and get ready for originals like ‘ARCADE’. There is a free download as always. #raveseason


1. Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Kastra Remix)
2. Hardwell - Spaceman (Original Mix)
3. Hardwell - Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap)
4. Summer (Tony Rockwell Remix) 
5. Pelari - Mori (Original Mix) 
6. Axwell & Sick Individuals feat. Taylr Renee - I Am (Jacob Plant Remix)
7. BL3R - 4 3 2 1 (Original Mix) 
8. Iggy Azalea - Fancy ft. Charli XCX (Dem Slackers Bootleg)
9. Sander Van Doorn & Firebeatz - Guitar Track (Original Mix) 
10. Showtek - We Like to Party (Original Mix)
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15. Sun & Moon (Swedish Egil & DSKOTEK Bootleg) 
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17. Wax Motif/Neoteric - Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix)
18. Tujamo - Hey Mister! (Original Mix)
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20. Mercer DJ Snake - Lunatic (Original Mix)
21. Lowdown Myself Tonight (Artur White Edit) 
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52. DVBBS, Borgoreus, Sephano & Torio - TSUNAMi (SEBi Mashup)
53. Audien, Bastille vs. Borgeous, Markus Cole - Pompeiicible (Tom Swoon Mashup)
54. Cash Cash - Overtime (Vicetone Remix)

Peace and love. ♡
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LISTEN TO THIS! Led Zeppelin, ZEPtember 28, 1971, Osaka: “Black Dog” soundboard boot that will tell you all you need to know about Led Zeppelin’s magical 1971 and the run-up to Led Zeppelin IV in November