the role you were born to play

Tea Party HC

(Don’t know where this came from, but I’m enjoying the idea. Also, your hubby/wifey can be anyone you please.)

When your daughter was born on the Enterprise, people were worried. Worried that something would happen to her, worried she wouldn’t get to have a normal childhood. But this was not the case. Surprisingly, the crew welcomed your daughter with open arms and each of them played a vital role in her life.

Through everything your daughter did with the crew, the most noteworthy were the monthly tea parties. Every month, your young daughter threw a tea party for the few main crew members. At first, it was definitely awkward for everyone since no one knew how to act, but over time, the crew got more and more into the tea parties.

Of course, your daughter was the Princess at the head of the small table, everyone sat cross legged around. You would usually be the Queen, but you would swap roles with Uhura often so she’d get a turn. All the men would get their turn being the King. The three royal family members that month would be equipped with a plastic crown and usually a scarf or something your daughter had lying around.

Jim LOVED being King. He’d always talk to your daughter and make her feel like an actual Princess. Not only that, but he’d always give his ‘Queen’ a large portion of his attention. He’d wear that cheap plastic crown like it was a real, gold trimmed headpiece.

Bones, too, enjoyed the tea parties, although he wouldn’t ever admit it. Usually, if it wasn’t his turn to be King, he’d be dubbed as a Knight and given a plastic sword and shield that he could drape over his back. He’d usually keep Kirk in line, entertaining your daughter by pretending to 'stab’ Jim through the chest with his sword. He’d also sneak in a flask of bandy to poor into his tea cup instead of the water that was usually in the tea pot.

Spock took the occasion VERY seriously. Sitting up straight and cross-legged, pinky extended when taking a sip of his 'tea’. When not King, he’d usually be given a small pink blanket to tie around his neck to act as some sort of cape or cloak. You weren’t sure what Spock was supposed to be, but your daughter seemed to enjoy the bright pink blanket on the strict Vulcan.

Sulu usually liked to make jokes with Chekov and entertain your daughter that way. Funny faces would be thrown her way, and she’d giggle, making everyone laugh in response. They’d be given a squeaky red nose that clowns would usually wear since your daughter saw it fit.

Uhura was always one of your daughter’s favorites and loved being Queen by her side. Your daughter would always make sure she had enough 'tea’ and adored to dress Uhura up in pretty hats and scarves. Whenever Jim would flirt when he was King, she’d kick him under the table, making him yelp, and your daughter laugh.

Scotty usually sat at the other end of the table, laughing at everyone and following Bones’ idea and bringing his own Scotch to the table. When you found out that the two men brought actual alcohol to the table, you scolded them into tomorrow. But, when it had been a tough day and your daughter still insisted on a tea party, you had them hand you their flasks under the table and had some yourself.

These occasions easily became the highlight of everyone’s month, and everyone looked forward to having them.

When you read this, Sally - if you ever do - please accept it as a tribute, the sincerest I can pay, to yourself and to our friendship. And send me another post-card.
-Christopher Isherwood, from Goodbye to Berlin

Everything I write now is about you
And everything I write starts with

Remember when we decided I
was Sally Bowles? Hello, darling I
played that role well, with my vintage
bowlers and cloches, faux fur coats worn
threadbare in spots but still fabulous, my
pairs of lacy pants; I played that role
like I was born to play it, with my
love of the spotlight, my scads of
scandalous love affairs - and the
unfortunate abortion, served me right
for putting all my

Faith in art. We were broke, spent
our time writing lousy poetry and
novels no one would ever read, spent
what little money we made on bottles
of Bombay Sapphire and vintage
clothes; we were brokenhearted and
there was a war looming dark on
the horizon, we were depressed
but we looked fantastic and life
was a cabaret and if that was all
there was, we’d break out the booze
and have a ball, if that’s all

That was the year we were never
hungover because we were always
drunk; that year was gin in a cut
glass goblet and bourbon straight
from the bottle, O that year we
learned what comes from too much
pills and liquor and

Now, everything I write is about you
And everything I write starts with

Remember when you were my girl
friend with whom I shared four sordid
rooms in Pilsen? I never thought
I’d miss that place, no heat, no
hot water, cupboards bare of
anything but alcohol, it was a hell
hole but we had each other and
now I know that living with
you in a squalid apartment was
the closest I’d ever get to heaven

Knows I didn’t realize it was
irreversible, didn’t know that leaving
meant losing you didn’t know it,
either - it took you another decade
to figure it out and I wish you’d told
me when you did

You know everything I write now is about you
And everything I write starts with

Remember when. I didn’t drink
enough to forget those days of
beautiful benders and cabaret, of
booze and blue pills and shabby
rooms, and the memories ache more
than a hangover, I’ve gotten over
all those scandalous lovers but I never
did get over you

Sally, Elsie, whatever name you’re
going by now I miss you, and I
want nothing more than one last
night, one last round but I’d settle,
I’d settle for a post-card
—  Jessie Lynn McMains, “Goodbye to Pilsen” (originally appeared in Paper & Ink zine, also appeared in Dimestore Ghosts)

Under the cut is 87 circle rp icons of the very talented Brandon Soo Hoo in his role as Scott Fuller in From Dusk Till Dawn: The TV Series. These are all from s03e08 Rio Sangre. Brandon Soo Hoo is Chinese and he was born on November 2, 1995 and was 20 during the filming of this episode and can play ages 15-23.  Half of these screencaps were taken from and the other half I screencapped myself along with cropping, coloring, and texturing (?) everything else and that’s all mine. So no stealing or I’ll send my dead fish Red Eye after you. If you want to resize than go ahead but if you want edit beyond that please contact me first since these aren’t plain. FDTD is basically one huge trigger warning of a show but—(5/?)


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  Seeing as these posts are a successful means of finding new role-playing partners, allow me to introduce you to HANAKO and HOUTAROU TANAKA, my two fandomless OC’s. These fraternal twins were born into a rather unconventional family, having a single gay father and a surrogate mother they never once met. 

        One growing up a prim and proper honor student, longing for change,
                                  and the other a no good delinquent with an infamous name.

   How do they get along in a world not suited to their unorthodox lifestyle ?

       Tact or violence ? 

                              Love or rage ? 

                                             Forgiveness or retribution ?

  🔪🔪🔪  It’s only for them to decide. 🔪🔪🔪

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I hate when someone blocks me so I cant respond but anyways that scissorhands person reblogged a post from some weird columbine role play blog wishing that Dylan and Eric were born later and could carry out the columbine massacre in the year 2019 instead of 1999 because the black lives matter movement “thinks black people are better than everyone else” so they literally supported a post fantasizing about black people being murdered, among other things.

Of course they deleted the columbine post after receiving anons. that’s what sparked this whole situation, so if you think I was unreasonably harsh on them and feel the need to defend them, I literally could not give less of a shit lol

Edit: here’s the post, “BLM assholes think black people are better than white people” that’s even worse than I remembered 😒

anonymous asked:

that twitter thing about black women being taken for their melanin is complete bs... melanin aint even produced in the pineal gland and calcification of the pineal gland has nothing to do with race or skin pigment. like please do some research on ANY points made in those posts before you spread misinformation like that. she only linked one website as her source and that was all bs. please dont scare black ppl more than they already are w some shit like that without even knowing if its true...

So you went on my twitter or tumblr? I’ve been deleted the post on tumblr and didn’t get on twitter to review her thread, MY BAD. I do know that melanin and melatonin are different things but where she was getting at as in organ harvesting and experimentation on black people specifically was why I retweeted. Because it all plays a role of how corrupt and complicit the government is. I might add that my grandfather born in 1920 who was infantry in WWII said there were numerous experiments on black soldiers, also that they were sent out first to die. So next time you assume please do your research before getting onto me!

I hope these links give you the reassurance you need (disclaimer) I didn’t read every single word of ALL of these sources but you are encouraged to read them and determine your opinion as you may, just as I did.