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Okay but now I’m pretty sure they did cut something out of the elevator scene. Behold, Cassian and Jyn limping to the elevator. Jyn’s arm is around Cassian’s waist.

Now we are in the elevator, cut to Jyn’s face. Her left arm does not appear to be raised. It appears to be at her side. 

Cassian’s a lot taller than her. If her arm were around her neck, we would see it. (This is a bit of an odd shot, but I think we’d also be able to see her hand at the back of his neck.) And yet, in the next shot:

There her arm is, very much around his neck. This isn’t a continuity from when they’re climbing into the elevator, because her arm was never around his neck when they were entering the elevator. Somewhere during the course of this scene, she put her arms around his neck.

Which either means a) Felicity went rogue with the stage directions and was like this seems natural let’s do this and they used the wrong take, or b) there was more to this scene.

i mean i’m not going to say they denied us a kiss BUT

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Ooh! I love roguish fiction! The one that got me into it was the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks and also the Gentleman Bastards Sequence by Scott Lynch but it looks like you've already gotten that twice. After that Alexsy Pehov's chronicles of Siala are also great! ~<3 thanks for bein awesome!

You too! The first two are on the list, but Pehov’s series doesn’t seem particularly rogue-focused, is it? And OK, lemme copy here what’s going on with the “Rogues in Fantasy Masterpost”.

This list pertains only to books where rogues take centre stage (not simply those that include roguish characters somewhere), and only in the narrow sense of the fantasy genre (so no magical realism, folklore and mythology, and things like that).

Don’t let that limit your recommendations, they’re great and I’m happily posting them, it’s just that the list is a bit more specialised. :)

“how do i look~”

I decided to draw Roxy’s trollsona, based on the adorable drawing Jane doodled of her! I’m slightly surprised that there isn’t tons of art on it already, but I decided to jump on the quite nonexistent bandwagon and draw this!


Its old but I finally finished it up. Quick mini ref for Reed. Edited with bio information! 

Please do not tag any of my work as me or kin! <3 Thanks
Current/Common Identity: Reed Howarth
Aliases: Khamp’eKhannus, Deimos, Cu, Rorux,

Gender Identity: N/A
Gender Presentation: Masculine
Pronouns: He, They (others are form-dependent)
Sex: Male (form dependent)

Current Form: Modified Khaol Khajil-Male
Apparent Ethnicity:  Non-white (Earth visual equivalent Chinese-Persian mix)
Preferred Alternate Forms (pure only):

[to be announced later]

Sexuality: Pansexual
Current Preference: Anything with a nice ass
Romantic Orientation: Aromantic

Age By Appearance: *41
Current Height: 6’5”
Current Weight: 265lbs

Actual Age: *30,100
Age Merged: 54
Incubation Time: *242 Years
AV Status: Unintegrated Rogue
Memory Progression: Second Stage

Native Species: Khaol Khajil (Homo Sapiens )
Native Ethnicity:  Chemuth (mixed)
Native Sex: Male
World Origin: Skhajoling, Sarsucha
Original Timeline: Sarsucha 4187 AR-4241 AR
Current Timeline: Earth 2798 AD

Current Personality In Short: Vain, extremely intelligent, adaptive, selfish, sarcastic,

Current Morality: Would bang and eat your mother if he was in the mood and the consequences were tolerable. Loyal only to self-interests which sometimes end up being mutually beneficial.

Likes: Cooking/food culture, sex, jaw scratches, adrenaline, remote wilderness, messing with people
Dislikes: Ass-kissers, overly invasive questions, impatience, smothering personalities

Recent Profession: Space Vessel Mechanic and cook


he’s going to put on the cape


Eridan has mustard blood and does a lot of feeling sorry for himself. He wants a lot more than what he has, and nobody seems to understand that he deserves it. he hangs around with feferi and karkat, and joins in with their excited attempts at social justice when they won’t pay attention to him. he has made so many halfhearted posters for various causes that he’s actually gotten pretty good at designing them its impressive but he doesn’t care at all and just wishes he could play guitar but never practices.

he can hear the voices of the dead. he mostly tunes them out because they scare him half to death. he’d never admit that, though. I mean, ok, he told feferi, and karkat figured it out immediately because eridan is not subtle, but whenever they bring it up he just tells them he doesn’t care oh mmyy goooood you are not my mom im fiiiine jesus chhhrriiiiiiiist and they give up with that.

he doesn’t dress up as much because people tend to think he looks like a jerk and he gets jumped a lot, and feferi told him to quit it because she was done with him coming over tired and bruised. just to be clear, he wins the fights, though, his psiionics can get pretty nasty.

also he uses his psiionics for literally everything, he is so lazy its actually hilarious.

he goes over to equius’ house sometimes, if he is particularly done with feferi and karkat being so GOOD HEARTED all the time, and spends an hour or two talking about or designing blueprints for canons or doomsday devices. he has a small portfolio full of these plans that he’s taken from equius and actually could be quite dangerous if he ever decided. but let’s be real if he went rogue and staged the coup he wants, feferi and karkat would probably hate him and that’s worse than having a couple of blue faced jerks spit at him.

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#11, Ereri? :)

#11- things you said when you were drunk. 

If you were to wake up with a splitting headache, one hell of a hangover, very foggy memories of last nights events, and a male stripper you were admiring last night right next to you in bed, what would you think? 

One hell of a night, right? Wrong. 

Levi stared at the brunet in front of him. You would think the young man’s looks were what he was staring at. Again, wrong. What really caught his eye was that golden band around his ring finger and a similar one on his own. 

And when he thinks about this really hard for just a moment, who’s fault is it really? 

Hanji. It’s always Hanji’s fault. 

Why you ask? Because anything that goes horribly wrong can always be traced back to them. 

You’re probably confused enough as is, so, he’ll go ahead and read those texts, listen to the voice mails, and see those photos all from Hanji. All of them are from Hanji. Let him start from the beginning then…

Levi crossed his arms over his chest, scowling, “Why the fuck did you bring me to this place?” 

Hanji grinned at him, somehow this one made the raven uneasy, “Because Mr. Grumpy, you never get out enough! You need some excitement in your life!” They gave Levi his drink, swirling their own in their hand, the drink almost spilling from the glass, “In all the time I’ve known you, you’ve never once smiled.” They pouted, “So, I brought you here to see if I can get that smile.”

The raven wasn’t sure if he should be grateful for at least having a strong drink in his hand, or cursing whatever god their is for having the misfortune of knowing Hanji. He’ll go with the latter. “Then why’d you bring captain eyebrows over there?” He gestured to their blonde friend who was standing at the bar. 

“Ah, I brought him here because he needs some fun too.” They laughed, “You two would never come out unless I drag you somewhere.” 

Levi sipped his drink instead of deciding to speak. He knew he would only get another dumbass speech from Hanji if he spoke against them. 

Erwin came back and sat down beside Hanji, “So, what kind of shows can we expect here, Hanji?” He was really lost on what shows happened here. He only vaguely heard something from the bartender, and Hanji seemed to know more than him and Levi put together. 

“Ah, ah, ah.” They tsked, “That’s a surprise. And that’s only half the fun.” 

Although still debating on whether they should stay or leave, the two males decided it would be best to stay or they would be dealing with a whining Hanji for the next month or so. 

Now when Hanji said the shows here were a surprise, they were not fucking kidding. 

Levi swore he never had such a raging hard on when he saw a brunet with luminescent green eyes, tanned skin that of a Greek god, ruffled up brown hair, and a smile that screamed sin. And did he mentioned that the young man had humanity’s greatest ass? He didn’t. Oh, well. This kid had the best ass ever. 

Now with Levi being former military, he kind of bullshitted his salutes. But his other Levi seemed to get that fucking upright salute down. 

When said brunet, Rogue was his stage name, came over to him, those fucking hips swaying, Levi’s not gonna lie, he swore he felt a wet spot on the front of his jeans. Just saying. 

As you would imagine, Levi wanted to get that brunet in the back of his car and fuck his brains out, especially when said brunet gave him a fucking lap dance. Now, mind you, Levi’s not new to the whole lap dance thing, ask his friend Nifa, but he felt like this was god finally telling him he did something right by following that loud mouth Hanji here. 

Placing his hands on those god like hips, Levi gave the young man his full attention, and hell, did he get a reward for it. 

What followed soon after was Levi getting a free bottle of Russian vodka from the bartender, getting into one of the private rooms with Rogue, and proceed to get shit faced. 

This is where things get very foggy from here. Apparently Hanji told him he and Rogue were so shit faced, the two decided it would be best to get married. Well, it was more so him that decided to say it. You can add that to the list of things Levi’s said while drunk. 

Rogue had changed out of his revealing outfit and into a nice white button up shirt, black dress pants and shoes. 

Levi himself in his favorite black button up, grey pants, and, yes, he did this, his favorite black boots. Ah, and the tie. Can’t forget the tie. 

The pastor, Nick, looked very concerned because neither male were aware of what was to take place. Well, they were somewhat, but not entirely. Levi and Rogue both insisted this was meant to be, and so, throwing all fucks down the drain, the pastor got them married. As to where the rings came from, they were just some left over ones from another couple that got cold feet and left them there. 

What proceeded afterwards should be simple. Levi and Rogue got a ride from the raven’s good friend Mike, bless the blonde, and the two proceeded to do the frick frack very loudly in his apartment. Levi can pretty much tell his entire apartment complex got no sleep that night. I mean, would you if you heard one male screaming while getting the best fuck of his life, and the other telling him to be louder so people would know he was his. Yeah, didn’t think so. 

So that brings us back to where we began. Levi still staring at the male stripper, his husband, excuse him. 

Like, what do you say to them? Hey, last night you gave me the hardest boner of my life, I wanted to fuck your brains out as soon as I saw you have humanity’s greatest ass. We got shit faced, I thought it would be great to get married, you agreed, came back to my apartment, did the do really loudly, and here we are. Happy married life, right? 

Oh, if it were only that simple. 

Levi would have tried to think of more ways to break this to the brunet about their current situation, but god seemed to hate him now because said young man was starting to wake up. 

Sleepy green eyes stared at him, not moving a muscle. The brunet looked at their fingers and noticed the wedding bands. 

Levi expected him to bolt upright in bed, demand answers, want a divorce right afterwards and never speak to each other again. Again, god has a fucked up sense of humor. 

“So,” The brunet finally spoke, “We really got married, huh?”

“It looks that way.” 

“Here I thought it was all a dream.” 

The raven hummed in agreement. 

“I bet you’re expecting me to demand a divorce right?” 

“Yeah, I really expected that by now.” 

“Well, looks like you’re shit out of luck.” 

You have got to be fucking kidding me. “Oh? And how am I?” Please don’t be a gold digger, please don’t be a gold digger, please don’t be a gold digger. 

“I told myself when I get married, I would only get married once.” The young man grinned, “Looks like this marriage is for life whether you like it or not.” 

It could have been worse. Much worse. At least Levi got hitched with this hot piece of ass. “If this is for life then, what the hell if your name? I don’t want to call you Rogue for the rest of our lives.” 

“Eren Jeager. You?” 

“Levi Ackerman.” 

“Ah, then I got my name wrong then.” 

The raven frowned, “What is your name then?” 

Eren grinned, “Eren Ackerman. A pleasure to be your husband.” 

In that moment Levi wasn’t thanking god, he was thanking fucking Hanji for dragging his ass out last night. 

God, would this be a story to tell to their future kids. 

The moral of this story kids, always let your friend drag your ass out to a strip club. You’ll end up hitched to a stripper. A hot one at that. 

Send me a ship and one of these and I’ll write a mini fic. 


Clintasha Week Δ Friendship/Partnership {Partners In Crime}

Clint and Natasha decide to go rogue (again). They stage and execute a brilliant heist of a certain piece of technology in S.H.I.E.L.D’s possession that can help them get the lives they’ve both always wanted. 


Let’s talk growth stages and why I think it’s ridiculous that folks expect a puppy to look like the breed standard. These pics are of Rogue at 6mo, 1yr, and 18mo (last two are of same day, diff stack). Puppies need to look like PUPPIES. They’re ugly and gangly because if they look perfect at six months they’ll look overdone at two. Rogue was HORRIBLE at six months. Painful to look at. Yet, six months later, she looks like a dog again. Six months after that and her chest is starting to fill out and drop and she’s getting more bone. Imagine if she looked like she does at 18mo if she were 6mo? She’d look overdone, too masculine, and wouldn’t be correct at the age she is now.

TL;DR: put bags over your puppies’ heads from 3mo to at least 12mo. Don’t expect them to look like adult dogs.

6 Things We Learned About Rogue One Today at Star Wars Celebration (from Disney Insider)

The filmmakers behind Rogue Onetook the stage at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim today. Here are the best secrets they shared about the upcoming Star Wars “anthology film”:

1. Rogue One is set after episode 3 and before episode 4.

2. During this time the Jedi are all but extinct. A rogue band of resistance fighters unite to steal the Death Star plans and bring new hope to the galaxy.

3. Star Wars Rebels also takes place during this timeline. As the stories evolve they will be able to nod to each other.

4. Felicity Jones is a huge Star Wars fan: she dropped everything to join the team. She is playing a rebel soldier in the film.

5. Gareth Edwards kept the project secret for six months. His mom and dad didn’t even know.

6. Shooting will start this summer in the UK and around the world.

Of course there had been drama after the night they were at the bar, first of all, everyone was wondering why Alex had reacted in that way, second of it they wanted to know why only Rogue was with the boys that night and third, everyone was suspicious as of why only Alex and Rogue had left earlier that night. They didn’t say much about it but things had changed that night, she woke up with bruises in places where she hadn’t had them before, she woke up looking at the red marks on his chest which was something she had never stayed long enough to look at and yet they had not talked about it, in fact, they had been asked by management to lay low for a little bit, to calm things down; but now they were on the east coast and things seemed to have died down a little bit, Rogue left the stage of the venue in which they were playing that night and walked backstage where Alex and the rest of his band were supposed to be, the platinum blonde walked into the room and the boys quickly signaled to the room in which Alex was supposed to be. ‘‘What’s up?’‘ She asked casually with a grin as she walked into the small room with no windows. love-fallenstars

 (Edit) ACTUALLY IT’S NOT SERA IT WAS A VERY EARLY DA2 CONCEPT (Edit) That’s what Sera looked like in early concept arts, she probably didn’t have a name, they probably called her “elf rogue” at that stage.

I want to learn how to mod so I can make Sera have a darker skin or look like this concept art.

I mean look, seriously. That concept is gorgeous too !