the rocket!

For the anon that requested Zen and Jumin as Team Rocket ages ago…I present you Dream Team Rocket. They’ve got it all - money, looks, talent…and a very beautiful cat ;D
Jumin and Zen as elite TR members
Elizabeth the 3rd as their Meowth
And Vanderwood as Giovanni the TR Leader

Also for the Day 4 AU prompt in JuminZen Week :3

Still having GotG2 feels

I love how the characters in this movie have so many different ways of saying “I love you” without ever speaking the actual words.

  • “Hell yeah, he’s cool.”
  • “All I wanted was my sister!”
  • “If you tell anyone [we danced together], I’ll kill you.”
  • “I’m not leaving without him. I’m not leaving without you.”
  • And of course “He may have been your father, but he wasn’t your daddy.”

I love that this movie is about love, in all its many forms.

I love that it’s a movie involving bombastic space battles that’s still somehow incredibly personal and intimate for the characters.

Technically, this is a movie about saving the galaxy, but that’s not what makes Rocket and Yondu fly halfway across the galaxy to pick a fight with a planet. Saving the galaxy isn’t really what motivates any of the characters in this movie. It’s all about saving Peter (and each other). The guy who we first met dancing alone in the ruins of a dead world isn’t alone anymore.

I love that this is a movie about a group of space misfits who love their dork thief leader enough to fight a god to get him back.


Inside of “Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!” ride at Disneyland

Rocket Scoot (?) - This photo is often credited to French independent photographer Charles Chusseau-Flaviens and dated 1931, but Chusseau-Flaviens’ career spanned the years 1890s - 1910s and it could not be located in either the George Eastman House or the Getty Images archives. Mysterious…