Not A Book Friday

A cute Disney flick. Joe Kingman is a football player whose team is on the brink of going all the way. And then an eight year old daughter that he didn’t know he had get dropped off and his entire world changes.

It’s a Disney movie, and most of its twists and turns were not very surprising. There were a couple that did catch me by surprise though. And it has Dwayne Johnson in it. For a big, tough, humongous guy he hit all the right beats in this movie. It’s a bit of light fluff.

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The Game Plan

Giving up reading wrestling rumours and dirtsheets for Lent this year

If we read up on rumours and dirtsheets we’ll know too many things in advance, hence removing the element of surprise. Let’s experience watching WWE like it was years ago. I think it’ll be a good change, especially with Wrestlemania right around the corner.

Who’s with me? It’s only for like a month. We can do this.

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