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weird movie masterpost pt. 3

Tenshi no Tamago (1985) - an anime movie that focuses more on the artistry of animation instead of a story (via @primaveren)

Collective: Unconscious (2016) - five directors interpreted each other’s hypnotic dreams to make this movie

Blancanieves (2009) - a silent bnw film about a bullfighting snow white

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - a cult rock n roll musical parodying b-horror movies to say the least (via @dad-en-grey)

Tma, světlo, tma (1989) - a claymation about one man’s growth and evolution

Les Triplettes de Belleville (2003) - her grandson is kidnapped and she will stop at nothing to get him back (via anon)

Zaniklý svet rukavic (1982) - a construction worker uncovers a film showing the world of gloves

Metropolis (1927) - in a divided city, a rich man falls in love with a poor prophet

At Land (1944) - a woman washes up on a beach and encounters a strange journey

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"Living till the age of 200" - talk between Kyo and Chihara Seiji (

Kyo from DIR EN GREY/sukekiyo and Chihara Seiji, one brother from the comedy duo “Chihara brothers”. A talk session between those two happened. There were many that thought it’s an unusual combination, but Seiji is originally known as a rock authority and Kyo surprisingly likes comedy/to laugh. While working in the totally different worlds, they showed strong interest in each others field of work, there was a wide range of topics coming up in their conversation. I think that from Kyo’s remarks and also form how Seiji lead the conversation with frank way of speaking suggest that Kyo enjoyed the interaction with Seiji. And since in the content their relationship of trust comes out more than anything, please enjoy reading the whole conversation.

Interview by: 渡辺裕也 /Watanabe Yuya

Instead of the comedy that is supposed to “make everyone laugh” I prefer the comedy of walking ones own path, you know. (Kyo)

– As it seems that you met each other through mutual friend, do you maybe remember what did you talk about first?

Kyo: It was surely some hardcore story?

Seiji: Oh yeah. Few years ago I was playing in a hardcore band.

K: Did you have any concerts recently?

S: Not at all. Now I’m going to Africa (for program “Finding various villages around the world! Japanese going to such places!”), so I don’t have time for a band at all.

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Today is one of the saddest days in the history of music, and we all know why. On the 19th of February 1980 we lost one of the greatest Rock N Roll singers ever to have walked on this earth…

It’s so sad that I am too young to have met or see him. I think Bon was probably one of the happiest en most lovely men there will ever be.

The sound of his voice and the wamth of his smile makes me feel warm and loved on the coldest and loneliest days. It makes me sad whenever I think about that he left this world. And also how he left this world. Bon deserved better. But I know, he is smiling his beautiful smile up there. That whenever the sun shines bright, Bon is showing us that is still there. I know he’s watching over us and the guys, rocking around in heaven and hell. Showing everyone up there a good time, and I’m sure he’s really proud of the band. He is in a better place now, enjoying to see all us fans listening to AC/DC’s music, singing it, playing it, living it. And I’m sure he knows we still haven’t forgotten about him.

Ronald Belford Scott, you amazing man, you’ve been gone for 34 years now, but there isn’t a day that you are not remembered. We love you, and one day I’ll meet you, down the Highway To Hell.

Thank you for everything and Ride On Bon ♥