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Chaos is Getting Old

Songs to fuck shit up  

8tracks: Chaos is Getting Old 

Tough Guy// Cyberbullly Mom Club
Violet// Hippo Campus
She Said// Sundara Karma
Wavves// Heavy Metal Detox
The Feud// The Front Bottoms
Helicopter// Bloc Party
Wake Bake Skate// FIDLAR
Yeah Yeah Yeah// New Politics
Bedtime // The Moms
Something Good// Alt-J

Hippo Campus’ latest is a real drifter, an ambling and mellow beauty to get utterly and totally lost within. The Halocline, which is off the Minnesota quartet’s forthcoming EP, marches slowly and deliberately with raw, poignant emotion. The patiently mellow indie rock song builds ever unhurried towards a magnificently bellowing and charged finish, one that reminds me much of now defunct WU LYF. The Halocline is a cathartic listen, as well as a gripping and beautiful experience. Hippo Campus’ South EP will be out October 2nd on Grand Jury Records.

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Today, I fucked up... by wearing the wrong shirt

On Tuesday my Campus was rocked when a Freshman committed suicide by jumping off one of the science buildings. There were immediate vigils and rallies in the kids honor. It was later coordinated that everyone on campus would wear black the next day in his honor.

This is where the fuck up happens…

When I woke up the following morning I found a clean black t-shirt and headed out to my first class. I was happy to see that several other students were also wearing black for this kid, but several of them kept giving me dirty looks.

Attributing it to what could easily have been a bad case of ‘bed head’ I ignored it and headed to class.

When I arrived, I met my friend by the door and he exclaimed “Dude! Nice shirt.” Not knowing what he meant I looked down and came back up with an expression of horror. My shirt read: “IN MEMORY OF WHEN I CARED.”

by  Johnnyswavo

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Starter: Gifted Inmates AU

“Why… am I here? What did I do?” Rock wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings. Supposedly, he was gathered along with other Ultimates around the country and they were all enrolled in a special school only they had the privilege of attending. But one look at the chain-link fence around the campus campus and Rock had a gut feeling this wasn’t going to be good. Not helped by the very name of the school: “The Prison School for the Gifted”. Excuse me… “PRISON school?” Not knowing why he’s here, or what he had done, Rock can only lay on his bed, annoyed, and confused.


My first Pride was a lot of fun! Day 1 I got to march in the parade with the LGBT Org on my college campus which rocked, I showed up with 50 copies of my EP and gave them ALL away! Day 2 was the festival where I finally got a pride flag, and some more awesome merch, got to listen to some great performers too. All in all, good first experience! Definitely coming back next year when I’m 21. 👬❤️🌈


Josh Hutcherson flashes a smile during the Stars Rock The Campus 4 Bernie event held at UCLA on Tuesday afternoon (May 10) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old Hunger Games star was joined at the campaign event by actress Rosario Dawson and model Shaun Ross.

The group of celebs were helping people register to vote, in hopes that they would give their vote to candidate Bernie Sanders.

“Could we have a more clear and pure message? no mind games or rhetoric… just truth,” Josh wrote on his Twitter, after Bernie shared a message about bringing people together.


God has great plans for you and me. You will ONLY activate it with FAITH. Not works. Not wishes. FAITH - the ability to believe God for the IMPOSSIBLE.

Set the wheel of God’s plan turning! Start having FAITH in Him TODAY.

From the LIFE OF ABE sermon of Ptr. Rodney Garcia at The Rock Campus, Makati City, Philippines.

"We missed you last Sunday."

Grabe. Sobra akong nata-touch.

May sakit ako noong weekend. Hindi na makabangon sa sobrang pagod. Since last week, ang dami-daming ginagawa, ang daming inaaral. Swerte na kung makatulog ng 10pm. Pero hindi.

Pinilit ko talagang makapunta kaso, hindi talaga kinaya. Sobrang nalungkot din ako. Sabi ko pa naman, di ako aabsent sa RC. Tapos, noong nakita ko ‘yung video pa nila, lalo akong na-</3. Wala lang. Na-miss ko talaga ang RC.

Di na ako pupunta sa Autism Walk sa Sunday. Sayang ang possible incentives, kaso, iba pa din talaga kapag nasa RC ako. <3

Always, INSPIRE TO IMPACT. And The Rock Campus has inspired me to do so since Day 1.