Make a collage of all your favorite wrestlers/divas (Don‘t care how many) and tag 5 of your favorite followers! :)

These are all mine :) (These are in no particular order)

I tag: missbrainsb4beauty thee-asshole-of-moxicity awesome-ambrose-world klausloverforever 12roundsofambrose (You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to just thought it would be fun and see how many wrestlers I love)

i’ve been staring at this gif of the rock rolling his eyes for like 5 minutes

it’s such a perfect eyeroll. like it’s not sloppy or anything. his eyes make a perfect half rotation followed by a quick look of ‘whatever’ in one smooth motion.

and the look directed at the camera right after.

so much sarcasm. so much sassiness. 10/10.

this is my aesthetic.

In Polynesian culture, the men run 300, 350 pounds and the women are even bigger. But Polynesian men are known for singing in a pitch that is soft falsetto singing. It sounds amazing. That’s just how they sing, at a very high pitch in an octave that’s very falsetto and soft. I fool them with my voice. I’m singing in Disney’s next animated musical, called Moana.
—  The Rock