the robot's shitty art

text post time cause its a bunch of stuff :v

qb is very big yea. gotta intimidate™

they cant transform into other things as far as im concerned, but they CAN move around their white bits and even make them float like this  vvv

for the laser they dont need to do that every time but it does help with directing it and making it more powerful if they want to 

and for example they can also detach their claws and make them float to pick things up (if theyre contaminated or smth) the white parts cant float too far from qbs body tho or they will stop responding and drop. theyll be back to normal if qb walks close by tho!

the white bits are mostly there to give qb’s body a set form, since the black parts of them is made of artificial biomass or some other weird scifi stuff. idk yet 

they do lmao. mostly cables/metal and other robo critters. usually just the broken ones or malfunctioning ones tho. qb is arguably very friendly but will not hesitate to bully other dragons if theyre being shitty to them or other peeps. they have a job 2 do

dont oh no me. u want this to happen (me too)

“I say I’ll move the mountains, and I’ll move the mountains, if he wants them out of the way. 

Crazy he calls me, sure I’m crazy, crazy in love I’d say.”

It’s been a while

you’re free to use my art for only positive reason

you’re allowed to repost but please credit me

if not then I wont burn you but I’ll be bummed

full bastion movie when

It intrigues me that Guardians were first known as Risen because it confirms Ghosts don’t really know what they’re doing. There is no grand plan! Their purpose is simple: find a hero, raise a hero, and then aid that hero in however they choose to fight the good fight. The Ghost is only ever meant to be support.

The Faction Wars themselves are evidence of that. Each budding group had their own blueprint for how humanity could rebuild itself, and they swayed various Risen to their individual causes, immortal soldiers making for formidable allies – and all the while the Ghosts would have been supporting their chosen heroes as they clashed with Risen and Faction alike and fought to find a better way. They do seem to have limits, but only broadly; Dredgen Yor’s Ghost calls him out for murder because he is acting in contempt of the Light, to hurt and impede, but Eriana-3’s Ghost participates in torture because she is acting in service of it, to struggle and succeed. As long as their hero still stands against the Darkness, the Ghost is bound to assist them.

Curious, then, that the Ghost in the game refers to you as a Guardian from the get-go – a title chosen by the Risen of old to reflect a particular purpose – and is so quick to urge you to the Tower and the Vanguard. It suggests that over time the majority of Ghosts have come to approve of this system. They have no grand plan of their own, but they’ll nudge this one forward as a preference. A Guardian who chooses to work outside the Tower’s bounds will still have an eager aid, of course, because they raised you for good reason and trust in your decisions; they just find this a model worth seeing.

A warming thought, in a way: the Traveler gave us beings that would support us in almost all things, and we rewarded that faith by building something they actually like.