the road warrior


“The Mad Max films are a kind of modern myth-making, a notion that is present even in the way they treat continuity. If you sat down and tried to piece together a timeline for Max or his world over the course of the four movies, it wouldn’t add up. Instead, each movie functions like a different story someone is telling about Mad Max, the Road Warrior. He is an archetypal figure within a new mythos. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same sawed off shotgun that sparks and fails the first time Max tries to use it—what matters is that there is a gun like that, because Max has a gun like that. Just like Max has a leather jacket carried down from his days in the Main Force Patrol, and at some point he or someone near him will wind a tiny music box. In each Max story, there are certain symbols that are constant, like Orpheus’ lyre.”

—Tarra Martin, “Ride Eternal” (Bright Wall/Dark Room, Dec. 2015)


I haven’t seen anyone else do this, so here goes, the evolution of the Mad Max XB GT Falcon. The last of the V8 Interceptors.

  • In Mad Max the car is pristine gloss black with flat black accents. It has a (non functional in real life) Weiand blower activated by a button on the shifter, full interior, open headers going to zoomie exhaust pipes behind the doors, MFP badges and a very Monza-like custom nose cone In general, it is one mean looking police car. Max steals the car to avenge his family, killed by a marauding bike gang.
  • In The Road Warrior the car has been through some stress in the wasteland. The interior has been removed, the lower portion of the nose has been removed to clear the desert terrain, the badges are gone, the zoomies have been replaced by straight pipes, the finish is much more distressed and most importantly, the trunk lid and rear window have been removed to make room for two massive fuel tanks, which are armed with a bomb that is later used to detonate the car and kill Max’s persuers. The nose is also smashed off during a chase sequence early on. The Weiand was also, according to some sources, functional in this iteration. 
  • The car does not appear in Beyond Thunderdome.
  • The car is resurrected in Fury Road, almost the same as it appeared in The Road Warrior, though one tank has been removed and the car overall is looking very tired, it is captured by the War Boys early on, and returns later with the infamous Black on Black paint removed, a Ford truck rear end and a second Weiand blower. The fuel tank has also been replaced with propane canisters that are chained below the rear bumper of the car, to make room for a mounted gun and spiked drop chain system. The lower nose has also been reconstructed in a much more rugged and aggressive fashion. Both versions of the Weiand supercharger were functional here.