the river dwellers

Learning Tagalog: Intro

I’ll be sharing small lessons I’m using to learn Tagalog, but here is a brief history I have found on the language

Tagalog is considered an Austronesian language. It is a quarter of the Philippines population’s first language, and a second language to the majority. Tagalog comes from the Southern Luzon regions and has been historically spoken in and around Manila.

“Tagalog” originally referred to “river dwellers,” coming from the words taga, meaning “from,” and ilog, meaning “river.”

Before the Spanish came, nearly all Tagalog speakers were able to read and write Tagalog in the baybayin script (a system of writing with influence from Sanskrit). In the late 16th century, the Spanish colonization changed this. With influence from baybayin and the Latin alphabet, Spanish friars Romanized the Tagalog writing system with the first book publication in the Philippines, Doctrina Cristiana (1593). Since then, the Latin alphabet became more prominent while baybayin steadily fell into obsolescence.

Today, about 40% of Tagalog terms are influenced or borrowed from Spanish due to well over three centuries of Spanish colonial rule. English has made its way into the language as well, with more than one century of formal and informal American colonization.

literal-trash-heap  asked:

I'm a DM, and I'm trying to make my first home-brew. Can you think of any monsters that might want to destroy the humanoid population for the destruction of their habitats? Hopefully by the spread of some disease. Thanks!

Off the top of my head: No. But! I will find a nice easy way for you to look because honestly I’ve been meaning to do this for myself, too.

This is a super quick look that has every monster name, and a short description for most monsters. If you need another edition just lookup “wikipedia list of monsters in dungeons and dragons”. If there isn’t enough info for you, just look in your manual [or search X monster online more!]. If you want something pretty specific but its not in the book, I’d just rip off a monster and re skin it.Give it the look, personality, and abilities you want it to have. Make sure its not over or under powered, though!

I don’t really like making an entire new monster [as in, totally new stats and abilities] because I always find some of my stats are weird and don’t really make sense. its also more work imo. If it works for you, go for it!

Once I get all settled in to my new place I intend on making a binder full of my favorite go to monsters alphabetized all in their own sections. e.g. river monsters, cave dwellers, flying, etc.


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you are pale and wet
in the way of all swamp creatures.
like every slimy river-bed dweller,
you know how it feels to 
claw your way up the riverbank
swallowing mud, covered in it,
white teeth the only 
clean part of you.
where did you come from?
no road leads back to home.
no place to go but down,
sinking into the murky water
where old things come to die.
—  Nathaniel Orion G. K.

Dreadie headie.
Grooved off on another one tonight. Feelin good, feelin alright. Sun shine on my face and hot cement on my bare feet today as I walked through the street. Smiling and 22 second hugging everyone I meet.
Didjeridoo friends I greet on the street. Topless river dwellers is where I find my peace. Along side the herb tokers and Flute man with all white hair, who knew I was a painter. Blessings.


Welcome to my artblog!
While my isaia tumblr is full of my musings and things I am interested in, this will function as my WIP and other things that I myself have done.
Hope you guys enjoy!
This is a repost of the first five pages of my pet project I’ve had for the past year.
The River Dwellers


King’s Holm is a small lake town hidden deep within the North Alternian mountains. Though not terribly old, it has been seen as a safe place from the troubles of modern Alternian government and advancements, and as such the locals all seem to shun modern technology and ideals, focusing more on the old ways of their ancestors.

The village itself is located on a small island just off the southwest bank of a large lake , while a large bridge connects it to the mainland where farmlands are located. The village’s roads and alleys are disconnected and winding, and newcomers will have a hard time navigating without the help of the locals.

The entire valley it sits in is guarded by treacherous mountains to the north and to the west, and to the south and east lay sprawling forests. The on the east bank the forests give way to dark swamp lands, where locals are warned never to tread, as its infested not only with dangerous monsters, but also rumor of a nasty witch.

Because of the communities general disdain for modern advancement and government, to is there a disdain for the caste system, and lowbloods and highbloods work together as peacefully as they can. Though its a generally diverse community, low to midbloods do outnumber highbloods, and castes higher than bluebloods are nearly unheard of. 

The economy of King’s Holm is fueled mostly by trade, and every other weekend theres a large Market that takes place for locals to sell/buy/trade their wares.

The village is over overlooked and guarded feircely by the Warriors of the Hall, who live in the Mead hall to the north.


The warriors of the Hall

Neirru Thorne

Dusty Felman

Almsay and Gebo

Elonai Mannas

Fletta Jordin

Erna and Kali


Ella Ironns

Viggo Canute

Aniouk Gevatt

Llymic Tarare

Ecuulp Vulaxx

Dorimi Khobir

Antunn Mageia

Hildra Valgul




Erik the Jovial Murder Selkie.

OK SO sorry for my shitty map, but its the best I could do.  Kings Holm is OPEN for anyone who wants to RP with the mead hall/ north alternian trolls. 

That being said, there are a few guidelines I’d like everyone who is interested in joining to follow.

  • First off, let me or Speedo know that you want to be a part of the Village, and give us information about your troll so we can OK it. This way we can stay organized.
  • Trolls who live in Kings Holm cannot be too modern. The whole point of the Villiage is that it is a safe place for trolls who want to escape the troubles that come with a modern society, so it is a very rustic place. However, this doesnt mean that trolls cant visit with or socialize with modern trolls, or that modern trolls arent allowed to visit from time to time, they just arent allowed to live there.
  • Kings Holm’s economy is run on trade so its expected that your villiager should have some type of trade or work they do that benefits the community as a whole. If you arent sure, dont be afraid to ask because I’m always willing to help.
  • Lowbloods and Midbloods are much more common than Highbloods. Highbloods arent banned, but I highly encourage lower bloods (Rust to Jade) if you are planning on making a whole new troll to live in the villiage. If you want to make a higher blood, cerulean - bluebloods are best, and NON-subjuggulator indigo bloods are the also acceptable. Seadwellers are practically unheard of in the area, since they are so far inland (though if you would want to make a lake or river dweller, dont be afraid to ask)
  • Kings Holm is not strictly a Norse-Inspired setting. “North Alternia” is very vague, and we kept it that way on purpose. If you want to be a part of the village community but dont want to make a viking or norse inspired troll, thats fine! 
  • You must send me a link to a description of your troll. I cant write out profiles personally for every local. Links you supply me with will be added to this post. This is a way for me to stay organised and for others to discover new roleplayers  to interact with within the setting.
  • If you do not have a description then you will have to make one, it doesnt have to be in depth, just a quick post will do. 

And those are all the rules i can think of for now, I may add more if I think of any.

If you make a troll and want them to be a part of the Village, I’ll ad them to this post so that others can see who all lives within the community.