the ritz theater

The Ritz theater - Bogalusa, Louisiana (1950’s)

The two middle black doors were for the white patrons, and the black doors to each side of the marquee were for the “colored” patrons to go sit in the balcony.  Segeration was strong and alive in the south. The theater is sadly no longer there - but for the most part, the attitude is gone.

Stay (Teacher!Dean) Part 1

September 12th

“Mr. Winchester, may I use the restroom?” I asked as I entered his classroom and sat my books on my desk.

“Quickly.” His gravelly voice responded. I walked back out of the classroom and my friend Alanah stopped me in the hall.

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I gotta do some environment studies for a 1980s Hollywood vampire story.
Heavily referenced off of Paul Wright’s photo of this corner featuring one of the Pussycat theaters. In 1989 it changed to the Ritz theater, as the popularity of video rentals pretty much ran the porno theater industry into the ground. That’s probably a good thing.

Living in SoCal for about 7 years, I channeled a lot of my memories into the concept. The hotter-than-life sun with a flawless sky. Palm trees n shit. Hollywood Blvd is surreal, being simultaneously glamorous and absolutely disgusting. A lot of corners like this are shoved to the side and money is endlessly funneled into the touristy areas. A lot of places are forgotten.

And so this is where I’m going to put my occult shop where the story starts.


The Walter Kerr Theater. Theater District. This theater is on 48th Street and was built in 1921. With 975 seats, it’s one of the smaller theaters in the district. It was originally named The Ritz Theater. The building was vacant between 1965 and 1971 and adult movies were played for a period of time after it reopened. In 1980 the theater was acquired by the Jujamcyn Organization who own several theaters in the area. After a big renovation and a name change (Walter Kerr was a theater critic), the theater re-opened once again and has since hosted seven productions that have won Tony Awards for Best Play. Some productions include:

  • 1942: My Sister Eileen
  • 1971: Dance of Death
  • 1973: No Sex Please, We’re British
  • 1993: Angels in America
  • 2000: A Moon for the Misbegotten
  • 2006: Grey Gardens
  • 2007: A Bronx Tail
  • 2008: A Catered Affair
  • 2013: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder