the rise of the guardians release challenge


Rise of the Guardians Release Challenge | Day 4 - Jack Frost

As I’m sure is obvious, I wasn’t sure what to do with this day. There aren’t many different designs for Jack, and since my favourite bits of concept art are technically spoilers, I felt it would be inconsiderate to use them.

I can’t say much about him, since he hasn’t appeared in the book series yet (all I know is that he has an awesome full name) and all I can really say about him from what I’ve seen of movie clips is that he’s adorable and has fantastic facial expressions. Wow. Just look at his face when he sees North’s sleigh. That is a perfect representation of “My life has just been made.”

Drawings by Chris Appelhans and Paul Lasaine.

The Rise of the Guardians Release Challenge

Day 2: Tooth!!!

I actually had the line art for this for quite a while and I FINALLY had time to color it (my parents weren’t home).  Submitting this to the fan art contest on Facebook, so… vote for me!!! (whenever it’s available for voting… even though there are only a few days left)

i got a little carried away with the diamonds

Day 7: The Guardians (including Jack and Pitch)

I decided to do child versions of them. 

Toothfairy: You look so adorable Bunnymund!

Bunnymund: <3

North: What happened to me!?

Jack: What the…

Sandy: !

Pitch: (irritated)

I decided to include Pitch in it because he is the Boogeyman after all. 

Day 7: All of the Guardians, or a Minor Character

Yeah, I did both the guardians and the yetis. So sue me.

I was terrified with how this would look, but I must say, I like it. And it gives me a little idea for a Mini-Guardians story…