the rise of kelping


Macrocystis pyrifera is in the family Laminariaceae. Commonly known as giant kelp, it is found along the coasts of the Pacific Northwest, South America, and Australasia. It is a common misconception that giant kelp is a species of plant. In fact, it is a brown algae, very distantly related to plants and even green algae. However, giant kelp and other brown algae still have the capacity to photosynthesize due to an evolutionary event independent from rise of photosynthesis in plants. Giant kelp is the largest species of brown algae, and is even considered one of the fastest growing organisms on the planet. Giant kelp can form dense populations underwater known as kelp forests, which harbor hundreds of different species of aquatic life. Under the right conditions, giant kelp can grow up to 2 feet a day, reaching an ultimate height of over 150 feet tall.

Concept: Pod of Water Snappers who plod along the bottom of the ocean, exploring the abysses and trenches. Migrational patterns that are entirely or mostly underwater. They can’t swim, they just sink. And walk. And wander.

Imagine being on the shore and then this whole pod of snappers just slowly rises from the sea and wanders onto the beach covered in kelp and barnacles.

NotN enemy locations
  • I bet I'm not the first one to do this but having one more going around can't hurt, right?
  • Woodland Path: Painted Marionette
  • Scorched Forest: Snarling Mimic
  • Sandswept Delta: Unlikely Alliance
  • Forgotten Cave: Animated Statue
  • Bamboo Falls: Ensorcelled Volume
  • Waterway: Ectoplasmime
  • Arena: Magic Mirror
  • Rainsong Jungle: Wooden Marionette
  • Boreal Wood: Spellbound Tome
  • Crystal Pools: Opposing Forces
  • Harpy's Roost: Deadly Reflection
  • Mire: Living Statue
  • Kelp Beds: Jawlocker
  • Golem Workshop: Jawlocker


Baldwin’s Brew (vista) needs: Infused Fragment (level 11 brew item)
Sea Slugs needs: Nudibranch and Bluespine Slug (Level 1+ fishing in Arcane, Ice, and Nature; Forgotten Cave drop respectively)
Tentacles needs: Chewy Tentacle and Squirming Tentacle (Both Kelp Beds drops)