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OH YEAH earlier in the stream you said "i wish we could just play Pokemon together" you can pokemmo is a mmo for Pokemon and its free just need roms and to make an account just search pokemmo

OH SWEET I CAN BE A DEOXYS *rips skin off*

imagine asexual aph france

imagine francis growing up believing that something’s wrong with him until he first discovers asexuality

imagine francis embracing his sexuality fully and proudly and being totally comfortable with himself

imagine gilbert and antonio being the first people francis cones out to

imagine gilbert and antonio being so happy for francis because he’s finally accepting himself for who he is

imagine francis being the most genuinely over the top romantic in his group of friends

imagine francis slaying ignorant asshats that say asexuality isn’t a valid sexual orientation

imagine ace francis and aro arthur having a totally functional, beautiful, trusting intimate relationship

imagine francis slaying ignorant asshats that say asexuality isn’t a valid sexual orientation

imagine francis having to physically hold arthur back from literally ripping the heads off of those ignorant asshats that say asexuality isn’t a valid sexual orientation

imagine francis teaching baby ace matthew or alfred that it’s ok not to feel sexual attraction

sex with calum be like

- trying to out-seduce each other

- slipping his hands into the back pockets of your jeans

- practically ripping your shirt off of you because he can’t wait to play with your knockers

- passionate making out as you stroke him

- licking all the way down his abs

- 69 ing

- riding him so he can play with your knockers some more

- fast fucking 

- angry sex

- makeup sex

- angry makeup sex

- experimenting with blindfolds and handcuffs

- lots of cuddling afterwards

  • Naruto:I have a cape
  • Sasuke:I have a cape
  • Naruto:We both have capes, dattebayo!!!!
  • Sasuke:*does a batman with his cape and pulls it off magnificently*
  • Sakura:(ᇂ∀ᇂ╬) I swear I'm going rip that thing off Sasuke-kun, he's embarrassing the Uchiha clan.
  • Hinata:I wish I could say the same for Naruto-kun, but the next Hokage will be needing it....
Anyone have any books?

i’m looking for a good series to start.


17 year old girl in a dystopian society

teenager finds out they have supernatural blood or ancestors


high school drama

mystery (the genre)

romance (its okay if the book has romance in it, i just don’t wan that to be the genre of the book)

space books

Evermore. do not recommend Evermore. do not read Evermore. literally the worst book I’ve ever read. ask anyone. its a poorly written twilight rip off that is extremely unrealistic and ridiculous.


thank you, and that would be all.

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'Lived long enough to become the villain'

All it took was one little question.
One badly-misworded question from one of those fucking cocky, arrogant Spartan IV’s.

“What’s it like living without your pretty little girlfriend?”

Said IV had his neck snapped and head ripped off.
Of course now there was a major commotion; multiple guards and fellow IV’s had tried to subdue him and drag him down to the brig, but he escaped via Longsword - which was stolen, of course. And now he was here; in the middle of some god-forsaken ruin on a completely random - but fortunately habitable - planet. Maybe he had gone off the deep end. He wasn’t sure. He just needed to get away from everyone.

But a few days into his little ‘vacation,’ he heard it. Whispers. Whispers in the back of his skull, telling him of dark secrets and sweet lies and strengths that could be his if he did what they said. But he ignored them. That, though, got hard; they eventually got harder to resist and more persistent, until eventually their whispers turned into awful screaming.

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Number 23!

Send me a number

23. Anything but this… (I’ll go with Nalu of course XD)


Blood was everywhere, the metallic smell seeming to punch him in the face when he was in control of his own body.

“This is the life of a demon Natsu,” he turned his head towards the voice, seeing Zeref looking down at him.

Turning his attention back to body lying in front of him. Lucy laid there motionless, blonde hair sprawled around her,relieved to see she was at least still breathing.

“No..I-I don’t want this,” he stammered out.

“I’m sorry Natsu you don’t have a choice.”

He crawled over to her, cradling her limp body in his arms.

“You love her don’t you?” Zeref questioned. 

“…More than anything,” he replied, ripping off a piece of his shirt to wrap around her injured arm.

“Odd since demons can’t love, I guess I did get the human emotions right,” Zeref whispered, “I’m so sorry Natsu.”

“If you’re so sorry why the hell did you ever create me?!” he snapped.

“I just wanted my brother back.”

“Well I’m right here are you happy?”

“I-I’m sorry Natsu I just wanted us to be a family again.”

Natsu shook his head, slowly standing up, holding onto Lucy gently as he picked her up.

Standing face to face with the man who was his brother or creator or whatever the hell he was to him, “Zeref I don’t know about you but I don’t think we could ever be a family.”

“We could be Natsu! You can bring your friends and everything and-”

“Stop, just stop.”

“But I…I just want-”

“You don’t know what you want so just shut up! You’re an enemy of Fairy Tail.”

“Natsu you’re my brother I just want you to be happy.”

His grip tightened around Lucy, “Then make sure Lucy stays safe from me next time! Make sure all of my friends stay safe from this demon you made me into!”

“I’m sorry.”

“If you were sorry,” he hesitated, “Than you would have killed me long ago.”

He turned away storming off towards their guild.

This wasn’t the future that future Lucy had died for.

This wasn’t the future his friends deserved!

Anything…anything would be better than having to deal with this monster he had become. 

Even if that meant they would have to live without him from now on.

(Sorry this was so random haha so many headcanons now XD)

No but imagine Kat in containment

like at this point, i don’t need a slowburn just give me a one night stand idgaf i just need them to rip each others clothes off thats it.

Two Books With Two-Panel Pages

I was recently lent a bunch of Frank Miller’s Daredevil work I had not read. The early stuff, predating Ronin, that introduces the Elektra character, I pretty much can’t read. Maybe it’s because of the slickness of the paper of the collections, the brightness of the colors overwhelming the drawing, or maybe they’re just not very good. It’s the early work of a man who is by no means my favorite guy, working in an idiom that easily overwhelms the individual, at a time whose rhythms feel slow compared to what I am accustomed to. The later Elektra Lives Again, on the other hand, is the work of a man who has made what are essentially his masterpieces, pushing himself to experiment: No longer just ripping off Lone Wolf And Cub for an audience of American teenagers who wouldn’t know the deal, but instead trying to compete with artists worldwide, including Europeans, with some cultural cachet and an adult audience, working in the album format.

Elektra Lives Again is a book, printed oversize, designed to be on glossy paper, with painted coloring by Lynn Varley. I’m not sure if it is meant to be “in continuity” or not, or if it’s meant to be some weird dream sequence thing. The title, as marketing pitch, is at odds with the tone of the book itself, which seems more about haunting and hallucination. Albeit with fight sequences featuring ninjas.

This is the book’s main action sequence. It is not particularly exciting, really, at least not enough to violate the weird tone the rest of the book strives for. The two-panel page feels dreamy: The proportions of each panel are rectangular in a way that recalls a painting more than a movie screen. They are designed to be contemplated, taken in as a diptych, more than moved through as quickly as possible.

It is these two-panel pages that remind me of the other good comic I’ve nly recently read for the first time, Anke Feuchtenberger and Katrin De Vries’ W The Whore. That’s a cryptic book, the translation of a work known in German as Der Heur H. Feuchtenberger’s pages are not painted, but beautifully printed black and white, that are able to capture the delicate lines and shading of graphite pencil. The entirety of the book uses the two-panel page. Elektra, as a name, is charged with sexual significance, and is maybe as shocking to a student of Greek tragedy, coming across the name in a comic book, attached to a lady-ninja, as the word Whore is, presented in the context of this weird European-art-comic that functions, in its storytelling, like a children’s book.

The alphabet book style nomenclature might explain the weirdly naive and baffled W The Whore better than the assumption that prostitute is her profession might. She at no point takes money in exchange for sex, and her relationship to sex and gender both feels more like she is simply complicit in something that degrades her, but she does not know the terms of it: Nothing as worldly as the femme fatales that populate a Frank Miller comic. The name is like a Kafka-esque decision to induce a sense of inherent shame.

Feuchtenberger’s pages I’m excerpting here feel incredibly powerful to me. Sensitive and strange. The space described seems like a small village, some place of myth. As the name W The Whore seems only obliquely related to the character it names, in another sequence, a building called The Place Of Births is named, only to be described as having a door too small to fit through. The book achieves this weird strange weight like nothing else. The sense of time’s passage, from panel to panel, feels vague, in favor of the sense of some sort of eternal moment, each a thing to contemplate, alienated from what comes before and what follows the same way as the characters are distant from each other. The names they are called mean nothing to what they are. The emotion of desire is the word given to the act of sex itself. The comic functions within this disjunct between words and the images which come closer to being the thing itself. The act of sex, that would define desire, is elided completely, to remain incomprehensible. Two panels on each page, like two people in a landscape, are inherently disconnected, and cannot be bridged. The space is huge and alive.

I will laugh in your face and tell you that I never had feelings for you, that you were nothing to me.

I will put the photographs of us on the walls of my room just so I can rip them off.

I will drink till I’m numb and I will kiss every pretty boy I meet.

I will smile when I see you and wave to you and then turn around like I never even loved you, like your skin was never soft underneath my fingertips and my lips.

I will smoke two packs of cigarettes a day until I burn every single cell in my body that still screams your name.

I will act like it doesn’t hurt.

I will pretend that I got over you.

I probably never will.

—  if you leave

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Any horse that freaks out, rips off, and drags a gate around is not fit for a therapy horse. Nor is any owner who ties said horse - to said gate - BY ITS BRIDLE going to remain on my property. Jess/BO made the right decision.

So when you couldn’t get to me by way of my work ethic, you found something else. That’s okay.

I have never said I’m a perfect owner. I make mistakes- that happens to be the biggest mistake I’ve made and I very much regret it. West spooked, like horses sometimes do. As much of a saint as my horse is, he’s not bombproof. There was a bobcat in the area, caught on trail cameras, and I tied him facing a wooded lot. I’ll let you connect the dots. Was it made worse because I’d tied him to a gate? Yes. I admit that I made a mistake and I own up to that fact. I’ve never tried to hide what happened.

Again, I’d be happy to discuss the details of what happened if you would come off of anon. It seems to me like you’re only trying to cause trouble, and I won’t have any part in it.

☆ forgiveness ☆

i never understood my mothers ability to forgive and to relate with kindness with those beloved to her who betrayed her deeply, when all i would have wanted was to rip their heads off.
only yesterday did i come to fully understand her - from deep within my heart, emotions and up to my mind i experienced and knew how this arises naturally within us. not as a token forgiving we do in order to be rewarded by life or be a good person, but as a true forgiving that arises from the core of your being.
forgiving the ones who thoughtlessly, unempathetically rip your heart out and tear it to bits… its something that happens when you fully accept things as they are without blaming anyone. you realize they did what felt right to them and had no intent of hurting you, you on the other hand chose to feel hurt and hold on to the pain to fulfill some beliefs you attained in your childhood. beliefs of your being undeserving of love, of your unworthiness, of your unlovableness, of deserving punishment for being alive, for being who you are, for not being what they wanted you to be, etc. …
consciousness and acceptance allow us to pierce through the veil of the illusion and see the patterns of the matrix we chose to embody and live. knowing, understanding allows us to free ourselves from repeating the cycles of our lives, our ancestors or karma. we can step away from them by accepting, forgiving them and ourselves and deciding to move towards happiness by being love.
forgiveness, when it arises from within and is not a figment of our minds or spiritualized egos, is the doorway to freedom from unconscious repetition and the cycle of pain towards more love and compassion for self and others.

may we keep finding our path to forgiveness, freedom, ease and peace! 🙏

image: A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando kneeling before Kim Hunter


Ex-Pharaohs Getting The Chickenpox: A List

Thanks to rileyhayns, this has gotten out of hand between me and kohakuhime

So here is our list:

>Ex-Pharaohs who get a body but have a very weak immune system so they catch the chickenpox.

>Ex-Pharaohs who are forced to have ovenmitts taped over their hands because they will not stop scratching.

> Ex-Pharaohs with ovenmitted hands pouting in oatmeal baths.

> Ex-Pharaohs under heavy, heavy doses of Benadryl and sleeping for hours just to tolerate all that itching.

>Ex-Pharaohs needing calomine lotion.

>Ex-Pharaohs pouting immensely because they can’t see their boyfriend who has never had the chickenpox in their entire life and therefore cannot be around them.

>Ex-Pharaohs calling said boyfriend on the phone and begging them to bust them out of captivity because I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS.

>Ex-Pharaohs needing constant surveillance because they keep trying to rip off the tape with their teeth because they need to scratch.

>Ex-Pharaohs literally breaking down the door to the Game Shop after two weeks because the chickenpox are gone and FREEDOM SWEET SWEET FREEDOM THANK RA.

I hope you’re happy with yourself, rileyhayns


This is my Night Terror OC Mysophobia, fear of germs.

In Night Terror 3 they are a doctor who is hoping to make themself immune system strong by injecting it with viruses. They’ll try to insert the viruses into you or use their syringes for self defense. You cannot reform them.

In Night Terror 1 the viruses come together to form a very dangerous super virus that is very contagious. They can even hurt if you breathe the same air as them, so you have to wear a doctor’s mask that they’ll try to rip off. Touching them can also make you sick and can make nearby plants wilt. They can be reformed.

In Night Terror 3 if they were not reformed in the first game then they get even worse. They start to grow unwanted limbs and organs. They become unbearable to be even near. Their body in burning up. If you don’t reform them they will die but if you do reform them you’ll have to take off the extra limbs and organs.

After you reform them they are very timid. They cover up as much of their skin as they can and have a thing over their mouth so that when they breathe they don’t make the air around them toxic. They are also very nice and try their best to forget their past. Their name is Argo.

Gender: Agender

Sexuality: Demisexual