the ringling brothers

quillypen  asked:

This is a scary time to be a reporter, thanks so much for all you do. For a lighter question: What's the silliest thing you ever had to report on seriously?

Karen: My silliest assignments were during my internship summer at the San Antonio Light – a newspaper that no longer exists. They entered me in a cow-milking contest (I was terrible), a hot-air balloon race (I was just a passenger) and got me a gig as a clown when Ringling Brothers came to town.


In class a guy said

“America is about to become the greatest circus on Earth. The Ringling Brothers are shutting down because they can’t compete.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like Dark Carnival foreshadowing from a guy that doesn’t know what Homestuck is……….
(Holy shit we are in the Alpha kids timeline)

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Martin Joe Laurello was a man with a biological rarity. He could turn his head 180 degrees. To accomplish this feat, he reportedly practiced rotating his head for three years. He was also born with a slightly bent spine, so that might have also aided him in pulling off his act of flexibility.  He performed with groups such as Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the Ringling Brothers.
Animal activists finally have something to applaud at Ringling Bros. circus: Its closure
The final performances will be in May.

Animals are not entertainment, they are living, breathing, sentient beings who deserve way more respect and reverence than they are given. We are very happy to hear that, “the saddest show on earth” is officially coming to an end.


Ringling Circus Staff Punches Horse in the Neck Repeatedly

Not only are exotic animals mishandled at the circus, so are our domesticated horse friends. If their ridding their shows of elephants made you think they were now an ethical company, think again. They still have a lot more ways to go.

You can only imagine what more severe punishment is like for these horses farther behind the scenes.

callout post for @syntheticapparation

• the only person i know who’s sassier than me
• kills me on a regular basis with her selfies
• keeps insisting i come over even tho we’re in different time zones
• drove me to kroger once and we almost died in an intersection (i blame her)
• fashion ICON but also wears a skirt with sleeves
• sends me cute asks
• forces me to skype her for hours and hours on a school night !
• my love
• smells nice and let me nap in her bed when I had jet lag
• has been eating ramen and veggie food for weeks
• fellow chick-fil-a sauce hoarder
• hasn’t seen a movie with me since 2014
• lives in a circus world fit for the ringling brothers