the ring's to give a sense of scale

Ryou knew about Memory World before it Happened

You can tell by looking at Chapter 282.

This picture is not relevant, I just included because, lol, look at dat face.

Anyway, compared to everybody else, look how sad Ryou looks.

And if you miss it the first time…

here it is again

and again

and again.

No one else looks sad because the whole thing is a surprise to them.  Ryou, it would seem, already has at least some idea.

And the Spirit of the Ring keeps giving him these looks as if he was expecting his host to react this way.

Anyways, he’s already on the verge of crying so when Bobasa (or “that fatass”) separated him from his friends, the poor kid just broke down.

Ryou’s final performance for the sake of the Spirit of the Ring.

So I think that Ryou wasn’t rejected because he had the Spirit inside him but because the Scales must have sensed Ryou’s intentions to aid the Spirit in the Shadow TRPG.

You can also get a hint of Ryou’s betrayal when Atem looks to the sky and thinks of his friends.

Bakura’s been included every time before but this time he’s left out.  Hell, even Duke’s there and he sucks.

After everything is said and done and the Pharaoh’s gone, everyone else seems rather melancholy.  Except for Ryou, who looks quite relieved that his role is done. 

The specifics of Ryou’s role I think are left up to the reader.  :3

(Personally, I think he’s happy that the souls of Kul Elna, including Bakura, have finally been able to find peace.)

And one more time:

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