the ring two


Eva Bloom ♡
Thank you to all content creators, especially jinglestartk for the jeans and m-i-l-k-sims for the incredible skin.

Appearance : skin | eyelashes | hair 
           Attire : top | jeans | blazer | shoes | nose-ring
     Pose two : pose

Hey, how’s it going? My name is Shelby, 19, and I’m currently living in Birmingham, Alabama, a city that is more diverse than you’d think considering it’s location and rep. I like stuff like literature (English major here with a focus on postmodernism), writing, playing bass guitar (I’m in a band that covers 90s alternative rock), playing tenors/quads in my college drumline, longboarding, and smoking copious amounts of marijuana and Winston cigarettes. I got a nose ring and two tattoos. I’m ethnically Jewish, but practice Buddhism. Chat me up if you want. Looking for interesting queer gals in the Bham-ATL area, but I also go up to Shandaken, New York a couple times a year, so wouldn’t mind dating any Albany-area chicks. Seems like I’m putting a lot here, but trust me…this is surface level.

My good friend Jessie just received her custom Chyrsoprase and Sterling Ray ring. I have two more made, one with Turquoise (size 4 ½) and one Tigers Eye (size 8) - both can be sized larger if needed.

They currently are unlisted and just being offered at art markets when I do them, but feel free to contact me through DM here or at if you are interested.

So I met a guy three weeks ago and we became friends. He’s super chill, easy going, just became a father.

Fast forward to this week when I learn he’s a two time World Series champion and has the two rings to prove it.

What even is my life.


“I think don’’t think I have a favorite moment. I sort of think of it all as one movie and I feel like seeing this film is really rewarding because it’s the closure. You really see all these characters sort of flourish and you see the story complete. It’’s very rewarding.”

Liv Tyler on her favorite scene from the LOTR Trilogy