I was scared of the idea of the Ring video getting uploaded to Youtube for about five seconds before I thought of it going viral and about a million people watching it and poor overworked Samara rushing from phone to phone trying to do her thing and eventually going corporate and hiring an entire office full of phone operators who field calls like it’s been seven days where are you and Samara crawls out of a laptop, kind of out of breath, looks back at what the other tab was and looks back at the dude she’s meant to be killing like really. You got the call seven days ago why are you watching that

Maybe Samara invests in a more business appropriate wardrobe, or maybe her staff all wear long white dresses and bitch about the ridiculous work dress code. I keep tripping over it, says one, and another’s like well at least she hasn’t got us all wearing our hair long and full of pondweed.