the rightful king to camelot

The OUAT Timeline
  • Belle: gives birth, writes a book; relocates to Australia to get away from this shit; Gideon turns 18.
  • Emma & Killian: die another 4 times each; become rightful king and Queen of Camelot; get married; have three children & adopt two.
  • Snow & Charming: celebrate 65th anniversary; go through 6 more sleeping curses & find each other 17 more times.
  • Cruella & James: get married in the Underworld. Everyone attends.
  • Henry: is still 13.
  • Neal: is still 3 months old.

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*slides in* I heard a certain some here has a SATBK AU :D

WHY YES, YES I DO (and i’m tagging @benignmilitancy​ bc they wanted to hear this too). although now that I think about it it’s not so much an AU as much as it is “SatBK if the plot had been better written by being more accurate to Arthurian lore”.

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A Knight for a Swan - Chapter 6

Summary: Killian and Emma’s affection for one another grows as they await the return of Lord Jones and the expected summons from the king.

Notes: The entire chapter if from Killian’s POV, with the line break indicating a change of scene.

EDIT: A BIG thank you to @juliakaze for the incredible artwork she made to accompany my fic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Teen and Up rating  / ~6400 word count / remember that if you like ti, you should reblog it, too ;o)

Also available on ao3 and; previous chapters can be found here:

Ch 1 / Ch 2 / Ch 3 / Ch 4 / Ch 5 

Chapter 6

Killian Jones was a bloody damned fool.

Why he ever thought he could keep his distance from Lady Emma, he’ll never know.

He’d been determined to maintain his resolve when he received her summons. It took him nearly an hour of mental preparation before he trusted his convictions enough to finally make his way to her chambers, as he had already been vacillating with his decision since early that morning when Robin had urged him to seek out her company, hoping it would alleviate the surly temperament he’d unleashed on the men during their training.

He’d prepared himself for her possible ire, or, perhaps, simple bewilderment over his sudden withdrawal. What he hadn’t prepared himself for was the depth of torment his actions had caused her, nor her admission and displayed vulnerability in reaction to his absence. He had meant to minimize her potential heartache with his retraction, only to now realize that, perhaps, his Swan had already began to fall for him, as he had for her.

Unwilling to deny himself the pleasure of her company any longer, and arguing that the damage may well have already been done, Killian vowed, that in case the king did reject his petition, he wouldn’t waste what precious time he and Lady Emma had together. If all that remained of one another after the king’s decree were memories, then he wanted those memories to be filled with affection, not regret.

Though he still had his duties to see to, Killian reserved time each afternoon to escort Lady Emma through the castle. He revelled in all her tales of childhood, and could almost picture her in each setting; the young, golden haired girl, who was adored by her parents, and met no end of trouble from the mischievous influence of a young August, who, apparently, had also been raised in the castle - his father having been the Duke’s Master Craftsman - and was still regarded with fraternal affection by Lady Emma.

Over the course of the week, Killian learned much about his Swan (and the castle) from their strolls through the various galleries and salons, but it was a solitary visit back to one of the galleries the morning after their reconciliation that Killian learned something very valuable.

His Swan had a secret.

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  • Merlin : *in a crowd and can't find Morgana*
  • Merlin: [uses his hands as a microphone] ARTHUR IS THE RIGHTFUL KING OF CAMELOT
  • Morgana: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? Is that you Emrys? Show yourself you despicable lying coward...
  • Merlin : there she is

there was a spot for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot:


Gawain is King Arthur’s nephew and a Knight of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend. He is one of a select number of Round Table members to be referred to as one of the greatest knights, most notably in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. He is almost always portrayed as the son of Arthur’s sister Morgause and King Lot of Orkney and Lothian. He was well known to be the most trustworthy friend of Sir Lancelot. According to some legends, he would have been the true and rightful heir to the throne of Camelot, after the reign of King Arthur. Gawain is often portrayed as a formidable, courteous, and also a compassionate warrior, fiercely loyal to his king and family. He is a friend to young knights, a defender of the poor, and as “the Maidens’ Knight”, a defender of women as well. In some works, his strength waxes and wanes with the sun; in the most common form of this motif, his might triples by noon, but fades as the sun sets. His knowledge of herbs makes him a great healer. Gawain is mortally wounded in battle against Mordred’s armies.

you’ll always follow the voices beneath

title from heather dale’s ‘mordred’s lullaby’. everything recognizable, as always, to eddy and adam. s5 spoilers/speculation.

Merlin doesn’t really see the man standing behind Emma and Regina at first. He’s just a man with a long black coat and a red vest and a hook bought at such a high price. Then he steps between the two women and speaks.

“Well, now that the great sorcerer is among us, maybe he will tell us. Can you do what your apprentice said? Can you free Emma from the darkness?”

And Merlin suddenly knows. He knows this man.

And he sees more than just the coat and the accent and the despair and determination in his old, old eyes.

He sees the day the boy’s mother dies, him weeping on her chest, his brother just staring numbly at her cold and empty face with his hand on the boy’s shoulder, his father standing in a corner, about to announce their voyage to anywhere, just to leave this tiny town full of memories and two graves, one so very little and one bigger.

He sees that night the boy awakens, notices his father missing, and weeps into his brother’s shoulder.

He sees the day the boy’s brother, much older brother, becomes a lieutenant. He watches as the boy hugs his brother goodbye, promising to move up through the ranks so quickly he’ll beat even Lieutenant Liam Jones at his pace through the naval ranks.

He sees the morning the young man boards the Jewel of the Realm to sail alongside his brother. The Pegasus sail unfurls and the ship lifts into the air, and he watches as the man laughs.

He watches as the man makes a deal that he knows not how to keep with a tricky demon.

He watches as the man clutches his dying brother, suddenly just a boy again. Just a little boy begging for his brother to come back.

The man, suddenly an older man, never a boy again, burns the sail. He becomes a pirate in the blink of an eye. His ship is the Jolly Roger. Some would call him a villain now.

He watches the pirate drink with Emma Swan, but it’s a night that the man won’t remember. Cannot remember.

He sees the pirate in a tavern where the wife of the coward who will become the Dark One falls in love. She runs with him the next night.

He watches as the pirate meets the Dark One. He sees the Dark One kill the woman he loved. He watches as the Dark One creates the only enemy who will do anything to destroy him. The pirate sails to the only place he can live long enough to find a way to defeat his enemy.

He sees the pirate through the long three hundred years, the three hundred years that brought him the knowledge of the Dark One’s dagger and of a way to find and kill him.

He watches him meet Emma Swan. The woman who is his true love.

He sees as he fails to kill the Dark One. He watches with pride as he realizes that revenge cannot bring him his happy ending.

He sees him fall in love with Emma Swan. He returns to even Neverland for her and her child. He watches as the man, not a villain, not anymore, never again, sees his love across the town line. The man finds Emma in a land he cannot hope to understand.

He confesses his love for Emma Swan to a witch. He lies to protect her and her boy. He follows her to the end of the world or time. Finally, Emma Swan returns his love.

He watches them fall more in love every day. He watches as the Dark One deceives the man and takes his heart prisoner. He watches Emma restore it. He watches as Emma toes the line between the dark and the light and the man brings her back to the light, every time, when no one else can.

He sees the man’s face when Emma sacrifices herself. His face is despair and determination and love, such fierce love.

He watches as the man uses everything he has to try to bring the woman he loves back to the light. Merlin sees that this man, this man and the boy alone can bring her back. They are her true loves. Only they can help her back.

He sees all of this in a moment.

Then he sees the man’s name.

This is Killian Jones.

“Sure,” Merlin replies.

Finally, as Killian’s face softens in relief, the sorcerer sees the last piece of the puzzle.

This is the man who will fix Arthur’s mistakes.

This is the man who will help to destroy the darkness with his final breaths.

This is the man who will do anything to save the woman he loves.

This is the man who will die for Emma Swan.

This is the Once and Future King.

This is the rightful King of Camelot.

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Disclaimer: This lovely one shot belongs to the author MissRosyHolt on I really liked this one shot and thought I’d share it here. To the author: if you would like me to remove this, I completely understand. Just shoot me a message! Thank you for gracing the world with this beautiful one shot. I love it! :)

One-Shot: Royal Prick (Arthur Pendragon x Reader)

Adventure is supposed to be fun. It should be filled with exciting moments, battles, and dangerous moments, but the closest exciting moment that you got was that you had to stand next to the lake and water the horses. Oh, how fun.

Earlier, two days ago you managed to convince the future king of Camelot to take you, along with Merlin, on one of his legendary quest. Of course, in the beginning there was no chance of you ever going, but since he only planned to go with Merlin and no one but the three of you knew about it (partly because you overheard them talk about it), you managed to manipulate him to bring you along. You were expecting excitement, but you only got the desire to fall asleep. Plus, Arthur’s permanent spoiled brat behavior got so much on your nerve that you were thinking of going back to Camelot by yourself. But you didn’t.

After a few hours away on horseback, you reached the cave which allegedly hid the legendary item that Arthur so much desired. You dismounted the horses and Merlin and you started talking.

Arthur examined the dark and wet cave from the outside for a few seconds longer, and with a quiet sigh he turned towards Merlin and you who were still chatting among each other. The blond prince cleared his throat impatiently, making both of you turn your attention toward him.

“Alright,” Arthur exclaimed, gripping his sword tightly. “Merlin, we’ll go inside. (Name), you wait out here and try not to get yourself in too much trouble.” He told you sternly, knowing that it will agitate you. And it did. Soon enough, your eyebrows knitted together in a frown as your (e/c) eyes narrowed in a glare toward the blonde prince.

“Excuse me?” You scoffed, hands crossed against your chest. Your cheeks were dusted with a pink flush like every other time you got angry. And it happened quite often in Arthur’s presence. “I refuse to stay outside! I am going with the two of you!” You snapped stubbornly, challenging Arthur with a raised brow. He returned the gesture looking as equally annoyed as you were. You were odd, the two of them; always bickering like an old married couple. At least that’s what Merlin thought as he simply stood by and watched the two of the in amusement with a curious look in his blue eyes. After the intense stare down, Arthur rolled his eyes at you and then gestured for you to go inside.

“Alright then; ladies first.” He told you slyly, a smirk on his face as he almost mockingly bowed down. You rolled your eyes at him and with your head raised in the air, you entered the cave. You narrowed your eyes, blinded by the thick darkness and gagged at the awful smell. It reeked inside. You sighed and took a few careful steps inside when you felt something… hairy on your forehead. You froze in your place and looked up, eyes going wide. Not five seconds later, you ran back outside in the speed of light while screaming, the image of terror on your face. You flung yourself into Merlin’s arms and he caught you with surprise. Though, you did miss the way Arthur eyed his servant dangerously as he held you like a fragile flower.

“(Name), what’s wrong?” Merlin asked eyes wide as he stared at the top of your head. You shook your head and buried it deeper into Merlin’s chest.

“S-s-spider!” You choked out, shuddering at the previous image from the cave. Arthur bursted out laughing while clutching his stomach.

“Spider?” He asked, voice mocking. “You wanted to go on a quest with us to find a legendary item and you’re scared of a spider?” He laughed again. You backed away from Merlin, your facial expression a mixture of anger and fright.

“Shut up, Arthur!” You murmured and the blonde prince snorted, making you huff.

“Fine then!” You snapped at him. “Why don’t you go inside first if you’re not scared of anything?”

Arthur rolled his eyes at you and took out his sword, starting forwards.

“Fine.” He said and you huffed

“Fine!” You retorted back.

“Fine!” He huffed and turned toward the cave with an annoyed sigh, sword in his hand.

“Honestly,” He mumbled, entering the dark cave. “A spider. She’s scared of a sp-” But he stopped mid-sentenced when a spider-a huge spider- slowly lowered itself in front of Arthur. It hissed at him, a few droplets of spider spit landing on his face. Arthur, however, made no attempt to move. He couldn’t. He was frozen in place, too shocked to react. The spider hissed once again and crawled toward Arthur and the blond prince lunged for his sword, but too slow. He closed his eyes for the impact and heard a sharp ‘slash’ and 'splatter’

Seconds later, Arthur was splashed with a gooey substance that came from the spider that was now lying slashed in half and dead on the floor. Behind him, you stood with a sword in your hand and a disgusted look on your face.

“Ew…” You gagged at the sight in front of you. Good thing you followed Arthur into the cave otherwise he’d be dead by now. Arthur blinked a few times and swapped the gooey stuff from his face, spitting out the icky feeling in his mouth.

“Told you…” You murmured, scrunching your nose. Arthur scoffed and glared at you, his ocean blue eyes narrowed as he pointed an accusing finger at you.

“This is all your fault.” He said, motioning toward his goo-covered outfit. You scoffed and put a hand on your hip, returning the glare.

“My fault? I saved you! You should be thanking me, you know?” You said. “After all; why didn’t you kill it yourself when it attacked, instead of standing there petrified?” You asked him and the blonde prince laughed sarcastically.

“I am the future king of Camelot; I don’t have to answer to servants.” He said, head held up high. A ping of hurt went through your heart and you frowned at his words, glaring at the ground. That’s right; you were a nobody, a mere servant of the future king of Camelot. You had no right to question him.

“You’re right.” You chuckled bitterly. “I’m just a worthless servant. I apologize, my Lord.” You spat, accenting the my Lord part. Arthur snapped his head to look at you, a frown on his face. It felt strange when you called him like that. He didn’t like it, and that’s exactly why he told you that the first time you were assigned to be his second servant. Since then, you always called him by his name. He felt his heart ache and fill with guilt at the sad look on your face, but because he was too proud, he just looked away and cleared his throat.

“Merlin!” Arthur called and Merlin immediately responded.

“Yes, sire?”

“I’ll go inspect the cave ahead and see if there are any more of these creatures lurking around. The two of you stay here and… Keep guard.” He said, moving forward.

“Yes, sire.” Merlin nodded and padded over next to you as the blonde prince disappeared from view. He turned toward you, cheeks puffed.

“Did you see the look on his face when that goo splattered all over him? Ah, priceless!” Merlin started to laugh and you couldn’t help but chuckle at your friend. He was right; Arthur did look ridicules… and… cute with the confused expression of his. Oh how you hated him for that.

“I would give anything to see his baffled face ag- (Name)?” Merlin looked at you, noticing a trail of tears on your cheeks. You sniffed and looked at him, putting on the brightest smile you could manage.

“(Name)…” He frowned.

“S-sorry, Merlin. I’m just a l-little shaken up, that’s all. I’ll b-be back to normal in a second. P-promise.” You stuttered, wiping the tears from your eyes. Merlin frowned and pulled you in for a hug, resting his chin on top of your head. You buried your face into his chest and let your tears fall freely. Merlin hugged you tighter letting out a sad sigh. You loved Merlin, but in a non-romantic way. He was like a brother to you, taking that role when you were assigned to be Arthur’s servant, not willingly though, next to him. Since that day Merlin and you practically became family. You knew about his secret and vowed to keep quiet about it and help him with his destiny. Of course, you didn’t know you were going to fall in love with the snob of a prince that is Arthur. You hated his guts at first, and you still do, but the larger part of you can’t deny the fluttering feeling you get when you see him. It struck you by surprise and Merlin knew all about it.

“Why him out of all the people?” You cried to yourself as Merlin patted your head.

“Oh come on, (Name); he’s not THAT bad.” He tried to persuade you. “Sure, Arthur can be a spoiled prick who cares about no one else but himself, not to mention his childish behavior and manners. And my God; he sure can treat his servants lousily. I mean seriously; would it kill him to say 'thank you’ once in a while or, I don’t know, do at least something on his own. But no, he-”

“Merlin!” You laughed at his rant, moving away from his chest and wiping you tear stained face. Merlin grinned at you sheepishly and ruffled your hair.

“As I was saying; Arthur isn’t that bad no matter if he’s a prick sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” You snorted and Merlin knotted his brows.

“You’re right. He’s always a prick.” He said and you laughed once again. “But beside that, Arthur is a good man and I’m sure he didn’t mean to lash out on you. I know you know that, too. He cares about you even if he doesn’t want to admit it” He said and you sighed.

“I know…” You mumbled grumpily, ignoring his last sentence. “He’s just so… ugh! Sometimes he just gets on my very last nerve!”

“Sometimes?” Merlin mimicked you and you punched him playfully, giggling.

“Now come on, let’s go save him; that idiot’s probably gotten himself into some kind of trouble.” Merlin mumbled, grumpily walking in Arthur’s direction. You chuckled to yourself as you followed behind.

“Doesn’t he always?” You mumbled quietly.

“Touché.” Merlin sighed. The both of you slowly walked through the cave, Merlin suddenly stopping. You bumped into him, glaring at his back.

“Merlin, what-”

“Shhh!” He said, making you stop talking. He turned to look at you with a frown on his face. “Do you hear that sound? It’s like- like-”

“Mumbling…” You finished his sentence, frowning at the sound that spread through the cave. Where could that sound be coming come? Or rather from who?

“(Name)…” Merlin mumbled his voice monotone. You looked in his direction and realization struck you like a lightning bolt.

“Oh no- That idiot!” You growled, running toward the direction of the murmuring. Merlin called after you and tried running in your direction, but you were much faster than him. You took out your sword and held it tight, barely orienting yourself in the thick darkness. You turned left, and then left again, and then right bumping into something… sticky. With an 'oomph!’ you fell on your but, cursing under your breath.

“Ouch…” You mumbled, getting a hold of your sword.


You blinked, once, twice, hearing the mumbling sound only louder.


You looked up and your mouth formed an 'o’ in realization. The thing you bumped into was a large, human-sized, cocoon made out of spider web and someone was stuck in it, trying to speak. That someone was defiantly Arthur. You got up from the ground and gripped your sword, gulping. With a steady hand, you slowly started cutting the cocoon up from his head and stopping on his collar.


With a sigh, you stretched open the place where his head was and sure enough Arthur’s piercing ocean blue eyes stared back at your (e/c) eyes.

“What?” You asked him and Arthur took a big breath.

“It’s a trap!” He said and your eyes went wide. You quickly turned around and swished your sword, but it was kicked out of your hand and you were knocked down on the ground. The huge spider above you hissed and lowered itself on the ground, crawling toward you. Although you were scared out of your wits, you growled and decided to fight with every fiber in your body. You stretched out your leg and kicked the spider as hard as you could, making it jump back slightly and hiss in pain. Taking the chance, you threw yourself forward and grabbed your sword.

The spider immediately lunged forward toward you, making a cut on your left arm with the sharp spikes on its leg. You cried out in pain and crawled back into the wall, clutching your wound. You glared at the spider as you tried coming up with a plan to escape. Leaving Arthur behind wasn’t an option. Glancing around you spotted a single, huge rock that had a golden flower on top of it, the moonlight only illuminating that spot. The legendary item Arthur was searching for.

“Get out of here, you idiot!” You heard Arthur say and you snapped your eyes at the cocoon.

“Shut up you royal prick, I’m thinking!” You hissed and shut your eyes. What other option do you have? You could just charge at it and pray for the best. Well, that was the only option you had. With a sigh, you opened your eyes only to find the spider inches away from your face, ready to turn you into a human cocoon.

“Hey! Over here you dumb, hairy, creature!” You heard an oh-so-familiar voice call. You looked behind the large spider, making out Merlin’s form in the dark cave. Despite the situation, you smiled, happy to see him.

“Merlin!” Arthur said and you could hear that he was both panicked and glad to see his servant. “Save (Name) and get her out of here!” He said, and your smile completely vanished. What was that idiot talking about?!

“What?” You shrieked. “No! you-”

“Come on! Come over here you – you stupid spider!” Merlin shouted, throwing a rock at the creature. It seemed to strike a nerve. The spider hissed and turned around, crawling after Merlin who started running away. Oh boy was he clever. Buying you time. You knew that he was going to be alright because he had his magic, and you also knew that you had to be quick.

You got quickly up from your ground and gripped your sword, resuming to cut-open the cocoon Arthur was stuck in.

“Idiot.” You scoffed at him and cut the last bit. He snorted and although you couldn’t see him well, you could have sworn that he rolled his eyes, wiggling his way out of the cocoon.

“Come on; we have to help Merlin and get out of this fowl place.” Arthur said as he started forward, but you went the other way.

“If we risked our lives until now, we sure as hell better get this damn thing.” You said, reaching for the flower. Arthur’s eyes went wide as he turned toward you.

“(Name), don’t-”

But you already grabbed the flower and turned toward him. The whole place suddenly starting to shake and you heard Arthur sigh as he hurriedly walks over toward you.

“You idiot.” Arthur said and grabbed your hand, the flower falling down on the ground. He started running forward and you looked back at the flower, brows knitted.

“Wha- Arthur! You’ve come all this way only to throw away the thing you most wanted?!” You hissed at him and felt his grip on your hand tighten.

“Your life is far more important to me than some fairy tale item! Now for the love of Camelot; run!” He said and you went silent, cheeks heating up at his words. The rest of the way was a blur. You turned so many times you were sure that you were lost. And just when you were ready to give up, Merlin’s voice brought you back.

“Over here!” He called, and you could see the sunlight from the entrance/exit of the cave. You grinned and both Arthur and you sped up. But something always had to go wrong.

You heard a soft hiss and before you knew it, your leg was stuck in something. You slipped out of Arthur’s hand, only meters away from escape and fell to the ground with your leg stuck in spider web. Your eyes went wide and you tried pushing your leg out, but there was no use. If you hadn’t dropped your sword back then, you could have escaped. You were stuck for good.

“(Name)!” Arthur called and you pushed back the tears that were forming in your eyes, gritting your teeth.

“Get out you royal prick and save yourself!” You yelled and dipped your head down. If you were to die at least you’d have comfort in knowing that Arthur got out alive.

“You really are a complete idiot.” You heard a mumble near your ear. You looked up with your eyes wide right into Arthur’s ocean blue eyes.

“Come on!” He said, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you. You looked down toward your leg and saw that he had cut a part of the web with his blade and you tried pushing your leg as well.

“It’s going to collapse!” You heard Merlin yell from outside. With another push, you felt your leg being pulled out of the web right as both of you stumbled out of the cave and the whole thing collapsed. You fell on the ground, Arthur’s hands still wrapped around your waist tightly, breathing heavily and faces flushed.

“That was close!” Merlin said, kicking one of the rocks that closed the entrance of the cave. “I was so close to the entrance that I could have died.” He laughed.

“Merlin, shut up!” Both Arthur and you said as you turned to glare at him. Merlin’s face went blank as he rolled his eyes and leaned on the wall, mumbling something. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, processing everything that happened when you felt something shuffle. Arthur leaned toward you and crashed his lips against yours, leaving you baffled. You blinked and then when you processed what was happening, closed your eyes and kissed back.

He then placed a kiss on your nose, resting his forehead against yours.

“You complete and utter idiot. Never do that again.” He mumbled and the corners of your lips raised up.

“I can’t promise you anything, you royal prick.” You mumbled and Arthur chuckled silently and leaned in for another kiss.

“Is anybody even worried about me? I got scratched by one of those nasty spiders and almost died!” Merlin spoke up, ruining the moment.

“MERLIN!” Both Arthur and you yelled at the same time.
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Meanwhile in Storybrooke.

Belle: May I have your attention?

Citizens: ..?

Camelot people: ???

Belle: I am Rumplestitlskin’s wife. Belle.

Camelot people: That horrible beast… has a wife?

Belle: Oi!

Citizens: They have a really rocky relationship. Trust us.

Belle: I am going to ignore the last statement. So, recently, my husband was made a hero by the dark one (don’t ask) and he pulled Excalibur from the stone.

Camelot people: *gasp*

Belle: Legend says that the one who is able to pull the sword from the stone, is destined to become rightful King of Camelot. So.

Camelot people: What about Arthur?

Belle: He’s in the prison. So. By now I am rightful Queen of Camelot, while my husband is away in Underworld.

Camelot people: *gasp* *murmur*

Belle: Sadly, Guinevere is put under some kind of mind-controlling spell. When I will free her, I will pass the reigning right to her, don’t worry. But until then…

Camelot people:

Belle: Until then I am your Queen Belle. And my first order is to built a campus for those poor homeless people. Also give them food. And spare clothing. 

Camelot people: Long live Queen Belel! Finally someone’ve thought ‘bout us!

Belle: That’s not all. While the Mayor is away, this town is now in the hands of anarchy. My husband is also the landlord, thus I have rights in Storybrooke too. Merida, you will be the Sheriff. Dwarfs, local security. Ashley, Aurora, take the children from the nunnery, it’s not suitable place for them.

Dr. Whale, check the wounded people. Archie, check mentally scarred people.

Citizens: Should we also adress you ‘Queen Belle’?

Belle: As you wish.

Citizens&Camelot people: Long live Queen Belle!

Gloatfest 2k15

Warning: The following post is not very nice–but considering what I and the OUAT fandom in general have had to put up with from a certain fringe element of Hook stans/Rumple haters, I feel the need to indulge. Please scroll along past if you don’t feel like being a catty bitch. 

To be fair, I haven’t watched last night’s ep and am unlikely to do so, but from what I am told or understand from what I’ve read, basically a major defense the CY bonnacon brigade made for Hook is kaput, their theories of glory were wrong, and 90% of the baseless accusations they made about Rumbelle are now CANON for CY. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

  • “Killybunny Cuddlekins neverest killed anyone except those two guards to Belle’s cell!”

He not only killed at least three people as a pirate, but kept trophies of the murders. (And the fact that he killed anyone in his pirating implies that there may have been more.) This puts his murder/attempted murder count above Rumple’s, I believe (three+ piracy victims, two guards, Rufio [?], Cora, Team Princess, Belle x4, Blackbeard and thus Eric, Ursula, and of course his complicity in Cora’s massacre of the village).


  • “Ewww, gross, sick–Rumple kept Killy’s hand as a trophy.”

We already knew that Killy kept Ursula’s voice for a trophy, but just in case people thought that was for future magical use: no, he keeps ACTUAL nonmagical murder trinkets, and wears them ALL THE TIME like a necklace of ears.

  • “Killy’s name on Excalibur means he’s the rightful king of Camelot and CY are destined twu wuv through the ages!”


  • “Rumple is so manipulative of Belle!”

Killy literally attempted suicide to get Emma’s attention. I don’t mean to treat this as a joke, because it is the most unhealthy and downright dangerous thing that Once has ever romanticized–and the competition for that is fierce. 

  • “Rumple took Belle’s agency in the AU!”

Emma deliberately turned Killy into the thing he hates most.

  • “Rumple accepted the DO darkness for selfish reasons!”

Rumple accepted the darkness for the very same reason Emma did: to save the life of his loved one. And Emma did it the minute her boo was threatened, just as Rumple did for Bae. Emma’s “resistance” wasn’t just because she was so strong but because she had no motive to embrace the DO. (Which, by the way, was my point quite a while back.) The only difference between Rumple and Emma is that Rumple didn’t magically steal Bae’s agency.

  • “Killy is such a changed and reformed man, not for Emma, but because he regrets his past!”

So changed and reformed that neither he nor anyone else even NOTICED when he became the Dark One.


  • “Robert Carlyle is a mediocre B-list actor!”

The movie Robert starred in (and directed) is the best Scottish film of the year.

Double bonus:

I defy anyone with the slightest understanding of drama to tell me now that the climax of this story was not originally intended to be Rumple fighting the DO in his son’s body. (With the corollary that yes, Swanfire was Emma’s planned endgame–unless Kitsowitz were smart enough to realize that a betrayal like that should end a couple forever, and they’re not.)


If I’m wrong about any of these, please let me know–and if you have any gloats of your own, please chime in. :-)

Renewed Shall Be Blade That Was Broken: Chapter 1

In the course of trying to save Emma, Killian draws the sword from the stone and sort of accidentally becomes king of Camelot. Killian has to adjust to his new position, which Emma embraces wholeheartedly because she wants a new crisis rather than truly having to deal with the aftermath of the Dark Swan arc. Mostly humor and adventure and romance with a bit of hurt/comfort in the form of rebuilding relationships hurt by the Dark Swan. 

(Spoiler warning: I am starting the story right after watching 5.04, but I use whatever spoilers fit with the story, including certain set pictures.) (A&E own OUaT. @qqueenofhades and @killians-dimples own this post that inspired this story.) (Cross-posted on AO3)

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Chapter 1: The Startled King

Killian drew the sword, Emma helped reforge it, and together they put an end to the Dark One once and for all. But there are still the echoes, the things she did under its influence and Emma doesn’t want to face the town just yet.

Her first instinct was to run but she realized she didn’t want to. Not unless Killian was running with her. So they wander instead, down the beach. Not to the docks, people would expect them there. They just wander out, arm in arm, away from Storybrooke, away from all the people she will have to face sooner or later.

“I love you,” Killian says after a long stretch of silence.

“After everything I did? To the town, to my parents, to Henry, to you. Killian, I…” she takes a deep breath, fighting back tears. “I don’t deserve it.”

“Don’t say things like that Love,” he says, stopping and turning to face her. “I’m not saying the last few months haven’t been difficult, not because of anything the Dark Swan did, but because I missed you. I don’t begrudge a chance to help you find your way back to the light after a few months of darkness. It’s just my way of thanking you for doing the same for me after three hundred years. Undoubtedly yours was the far more difficult task.”

She stares at him silently, reading his sincerity in his face. He takes her hand in his, twining their fingers together.

“Emma, I love you. Nothing you, or the Dark One, or anyone else can ever do will change that. And I promised myself that if I ever got a chance to tell you, the real you, I wasn’t going to let it pass me by.”

Emma blinks back tears and leans in to kiss him. It is slow and sweet and full of all the longing and loneliness of three months apart and all the relief of knowing that has come to an end. After a long time she pulls back, staring at him. “I meant it,” she says finally “I didn’t just say it because I thought I wouldn’t get another chance.” She gives a teary laugh. “I mean, no, I didn’t think I would, and that did give me the push to actually say what I had been trying to get the nerve to say for weeks. I love you.”

Killian smiles. “And no curses are going to get between us,” he says seriously.

Emma snorts. “Have you met my family? Curses get in the way of love every other week, we just don’t let them stop us.”

“They do appear to have to find each other fairly frequently,” Killian agreed with a grin.

“Finding people is easy,” Emma says. “What you did was much harder. You helped me find myself.”

“Aye. And I always will. It’s no more than you did for me when I was still a villain Love.”

“How did you do it?” Emma asks as they turn and walk further down the shore arm in arm. “Come back from the darkness?”

“I had help,” he points out with a smile.

“I don’t just mean coming back from the darkness though. I mean, how do I deal with the town? With my family?”

“Aye, there you have the advantage on me Love. I had an uphill battle to convince people I had changed. All you have to do is show that that you’re the same woman, the same mother, daughter, Savior they know and love.”

“How do I do that?” she asks.

“Just be yourself Emma. Your parents and Henry will just be relieved to have you back. You know they will.  Belle has been known to willfully ignoremuch worse things than anything the Dark Swan ever did to her. As for Rumplestiltskin and Regina, well, I think both of them have a vested interest in believing that people should get a second chance after turning away from their inner darkness, an interest I will certainly remind them of if they forget.”

“And what about everybody else?”

“They’ll tolerate you because you’re connected to the royal family of sheriffs. Then they’ll get used to having you around. Then they’ll start relying on you, just like old times. At least that’s how it worked with me.”

They walk until they reach the town line painted carefully by the dwarves, even out here away from the road.

“Hail to the king!” a voice shouts as they near town.

Killian has his new sword out of the scabbard and raised even before the answering voices reply “Long live the king!”

He is half expecting to find the Knights of the Round Table flanking King Arthur but they aren’t. They are kneeling but Arthur is nowhere to be seen. He looks around trying to figure it out. Emma starts laughing, like it is just the funniest thing in the world. It’s good to see her laugh like this, especially after everything, and he finds himself chuckling along with her even without getting the joke.

“What?” he asks finally.

“My… life…” she chokes out through her laughter. “Apparently… wasn’t weird enough. Do you know how Arthur became king?”

Killian shakes his head.

“By pulling the sword, that sword, from the stone.” She bursts out in another fit of laughter.

Killian actually drops the sword in surprise. “Please tell me you’re joking Love,” he says, picking it up again.

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Emma’s gonna have to choose love over power and give up the darkness. We know that. Not exactly how or why, but she will.

If he IS rightful king of Camelot (he’s definitely at least the rightful wielder of Excalibur) then who wants to bet $500 that Killian gives up the power/chance to be a king for the chance to be with his true love.

Emma will make the choice that Rumple never could. Killian will make the choice that Arthur never could.

That’s how you defeat the darkness and the lies. Together.

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Bonus: The Rightful King of Camelot

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Wait, that’s not just a legend? Anyone could come in, take the sword out, and rule Camelot? Even a girl?

Oh it’s a legend but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. The inscription on Excalibur reads, and I quote, : “Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone, is right wise King born of all Camelot”, and since it does say King people are pretty sure it’s a boy, sorry to burst your bubble! If it makes you feel better, though, I’m pretty sure that it’s magic is dormant, if it had any magic at all. No one’s been able to budge it, not with cranes or anything, it’s probably just stuck now.

anonymous asked:

I hope Killian's name isn't on Excalibur for the sole purpose of Emma controlling him. Not exactly the epicness we were all imagining.

i am here for ANY version of this story A&E want to present us.

Look, twice Rumple attempted to wipe Belle’s memories and have a happy ending with her.  Why should people be surprised if Dark Swan wants to tether her love to the same blade her own soul is tethered to so that they can be together for eternity? 

JMO has said, and the show has confirmed - Dark One’s can be selfish.

I know a lot of people want Emma to be the un-Dark One and for her actions, and plan, to be purely protective in nature.  But we’ve been told that Dark Ones often make wrong choices for the “right reasons”.

The emma we’ve seen in Storybrooke IS The Dark One.  She is the villain of this season.  We all know she will overcome it.  But it would destroy the entire nature, and gravity, of the Dark One Curse that has been presented on this show for the last 4 seasons if Emma Swan comes along and effortlessly navigates her way through it without fucking up at least a little bit.  

As Rumple said - you’ll always end up losing the ones you love the most. Emma may try to avoid that by ETERNALLY BONDING her soul with Killian’s.  That sounds fairly EPIC to me.

Is it heroic? No. But I was never sold on the “Hook is the Rightful King of Camelot” theories. So I guess I’m not bummed that that doesn’t look to be happening.  

And I’m finding the current story line for Captain Swan to be pretty amazing - darkness and all. I’ve said it before and will say it again - if the writers want to throw a little Dark Captain Swan our way before I WON’T complain ;)

So basically, if we’ve got this right, Emma Swan (the Savior/Princess) was destined to find True Love with Killian Jones, Ultimate Hero/Rightful King of Camelot, and their love would then join together in the mythical sword Excalibur to destroy the ultimate evil/darkness.

Literally just fuck me with a cactus and throw me in a shallow grave. I’m done.