the right way to make jams

American Dickwood
This little dick is hard to see because he’s colored like leaf litter. That’s ok, though, because aside from its name, this woodcock is hardly worth mentioning. It’s got a small fat body, short legs, and a big fat head. The eyes are set way too far back, making this bird look extra stupid. Probably so it can see while it has its weird flexible bill jammed into the ground right up to its face trying to find worms. Color: dirt 

Fact: The American woodcock is colloquially referred to as a “timberdoodle”. People also call it a “bogsucker”, “mudsnipe”, or “Labrador steamer”. Nobody respects this bird.

SHORT FICS REC | -15k words fics, all tropes
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strangers to lovers:

‘Til I Tasted You, 14k
if i had the chance, the things i would do to you, 14k
Hold My Heart, 14k
Hit the Heartbrakes, 13k
Just a Fine and Fancy Ramble, 13k
i think that possibly maybe i’m falling for you, 11k
Right Side of the Wrong Bed, 10k
All the Lines We Cast Will Bring Us Home, 10k
Ever Since, 10k
Nothin’ I Would Rather Do, 9k
there was a reason i collided into you, 9k
Down the Field, 9k
Spin Me Like A Record, 8k
Second Time’s the Charm, 8k
i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam, 8k
Like A Crow on A Wire, 7k
The Way You Make me Feel, It’s Real, 7k
Tesco, 6k
Cake Sword, 6k
Ain’t My Fault, 6k
I made a map of your stars, 5k
You Spin Me Right Round, 4k
Puzzle Pieces, You and Me, 4k
In This Light, 4k
What more can I do?, 4k
my song has not been sung, 2k
Check Please, 2k
cause you cut through all the noise, 1k
Push And Pull Like Magnets Do, 1k   

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Touch Prompts

A little while ago, I encountered this post about humans’ need for touch, and it struck me that the list of ways of filling touch needs would make a good set of prompts.

So here’s the list, slightly modified. Send me a prompt and a character or pairing, and I’ll write a little something.

  1. high fives
  2. hugs
  3. pats on the back
  4. shoulder squeezes
  5. massages
  6. piggy back rides
  7. dancing
  8. holding hands
  9. playing footsie
  10. kisses
  11. cuddling
  12. leaning on a shoulder
  13. stroking hair
  14. sitting on someone’s lap
  15. other (make a suggestion)
Everything: Draco x Reader

Originally posted by strongerbloger

You’d been freezing Draco out for three days now, after several shitty run-ins with him that left you in tears in your dormitory. It wasn’t always easy being the Prince of Slytherin’s best friend, but it certainly didn’t become any easier when he started disappearing for unexplainable stretches of time. He’d be sitting across from you at breakfast, and then the next minute, he’d vanish into thin air.

It was beginning to spark your curiosity, until you rounded a corner on your way to potions on Wednesday morning and laid eyes on Draco making out with Pansy. His hand was right on her hip, jamming her against the brick corridor wall, and her fingers ripped through the platinum blonde locks that haunted your dreams.

It was quite enough of a visual to send any girl back to the Slytherin common room, weeping mascara tears down the sides of both cheeks.

Since then, you zombied through classes and avoided Draco at all costs; although, given that he was your partner in most courses, it wasn’t easy. When spoken to, you answered him in shrugs, sometimes nods, and refused to make eye contact. Every time he brought up one of your inside jokes, you pretended not to hear him. If he laughed, you bit the inside of your cheek and tried not to melt at his smile. It hurt, it hurt, it hurt looking at him - and he had no fucking clue.

It didn’t stop there, though; you also were skipping meals, opting to spend time in the library, where you wouldn’t have to worry about watching Draco cram his tongue down Pansy’s throat.

Blaise had noticed your erratic behavior and asked what was up, but you brushed it off with some halfhearted excuse. “Big tests coming up in herbology, and that’s my worst subject, and, come on, Blaise, you’re being crazy. Don’t worry.” He didn’t buy it, though - kept checking up on you, every twenty minutes, in the library. Each time, he snuck a little food in, too.

And it worked for those few days, hanging out with Blaise and burying your nose in your books. Eventually, though, Draco found you hiding in the library on Saturday morning, after a bulk of your classmates had left to go Hogsmeade. Since Pansy wasn’t in tow, you assumed that’s where she was.

Draco seemed relieved at first, walking over to your table with his typical cocky stride, but the relief quickly dissolved to confusion.

“Oh my lord, love, you haven’t transferred to another school. Blaise assured me that you still attend to Hogwarts, but after having gone so long without seeing you, I was a little skeptical.” Draco set his palms on the edge of the table and leaned in toward you. “Where have you even been recently?”

Hardly glancing up from your herbology textbook, you answered, “Around.”

“Very cryptic,” and he chuckled to himself, as if it was funny. “How come you didn’t go on the trip to Hogsmeade?”

“Afraid you’d be there,” you deadpanned again.

Draco didn’t seem to think you were being serious. “Well, I didn’t go because I didn’t think you were going, and it wouldn’t be any fun without you.”

“Right,” you looked up at him, not blinking. “You would never do anything without telling me.”

“Right,” he nodded, but when he caught your stone-cold expression, the smirk had faded from his lips. “W-what are you talking about?”

“For fuck’s sake, Draco, don’t play dumb. Merlin.”

“Play dumb? What in the name of everything holy am I playing dumb about?”

You looked at him long and hard, trying as best as you could to keep yourself from bursting into tears, before calmly looking away and beginning to collect your things. He kept repeating your name over and over, but it sounded distant; sounded like you were underwater. He didn’t sound like your Draco, he sounded like someone else’s Draco. Pansy’s Draco.

Without uttering another word, you blew past him and sauntered out of the library.

All through the hallways, Draco chased after you. You guys got down to the dungeons and into the common room, before finally, he grabbed ahold of your shoulder and spun you around. His grip pulsated tingles through your skin; you physically had to keep your feet planted into the ground. “What is going on, Y/N? Tell me.”

“Tell you?” You sneered, a bit too loudly. “Tell you. That’s loaded.”

He did look good, though, out of his usual Hogwarts garb - you couldn’t help but admit it. His Slytherin Quidditch jumper clung tight to his chest; his black sweats hung loose enough around his waist that the band of his boxers was visible. That infamous head of hair was parted messily, probably from having drug his hands through it so much. There was a ruby tint to his pale cheeks.

“Tell me, Y/N.”

“Tell you? Tell me, Draco, why isn’t loving you enough?” Your voice leapt from your throat, too fast for you to think twice before announcing your innermost feelings to all of the Slytherin common room. Thank Merlin that your classmates were at Hogsmeade; otherwise, all starstruck eyes would’ve been fixated on you and Draco. “What the bloody hell else must I do?”

Draco’s eyes grew wide, and the rest of his expression was bewildered at best. “Y/N..Y/N, what d-did y-you just s-say?”

Not once, in sixteen years of friendship, had Draco ever stuttered in front of you. It was strange seeing him in such a vulnerable light; but nevertheless, you refused to let that humanize him. You were furious - you could not let him charm his way out of this one.

“Oh, cut the Quirrell act, Draco,” you hissed, now pacing the floor in front of where Draco stood. “You and I both know damn-well that I’ve loved you for a long time; that you’re my first and only love; and that Jesus, Draco, I will always love you. You and that arrogant smile, matched with the warm laugh. You, you, you. I will always love you, but now, you’re going around the Castle shagging Parkinson, so I guess I just need to move on.”

“Y/N..” Draco tried to counter, but the words weren’t coming to him. His mind was an utter abyss, and by some sheer misfortune, he couldn’t concoct a single coherent thought. So blinded by anger with himself, his mind was a maze without a way out. “Y/N.”

“Save it, Draco, we both know actions speak louder tha-”

And before you knew it, your best friend was pressing his body up against yours, running his fingers through your hair and kissing you as hard as he possibly could, square on the mouth. It was horribly wrong and you were treacherously angry, but with those lips, you forgot all about your coherent emotions. All of a sudden, it was like your heart was pumping out his name.

Your hands moved from your sides to his chest, grabbing ahold of his sweatshirt in both fists. Softly, a moan escaped your mouth, to which Draco replied with a groan of his own. The familiarity and gentleness of voice his damn-near brought you to the ground on both of your knees.

Breathing heavily, you pulled back from the kiss and examined your best friend’s face. In the childhood years leading up to Hogwarts, you and him would always lay out on your backs in the lawn of the Malfoy Manor, laughing wildly and talking about what it would be like to finally go to wizarding school.

“You and me are gonna be Slytherins, I just know it. All of my family was sorted into Slytherin, and I’m gonna be the same way. And father says that your whole family was Slytherin, too. Imagine it, Y/N, you and me: the smartest wizard and witch Hogwarts has ever seen.”

As one would expect, there were discrepancies in his face that had changed with time. Of course, he was a cute boy, but by the time third year rolled around, he became more classifiably hot than classifiably cute. This year in particular had aged him, though; his eyes sunk into their sockets a little bit, and he always looked a little washed-out. You knew about the Dark Mark on his inner arm - you had one to match, too. You’d grown old together, in just sixteen years. And looking at him, that close-up, after having just kissed him, made you shudder.

“Why did you pick Pansy? Why couldn’t you have p-picked me?” Your voice snapped like a twig - unannounced tears began to drip from your eyes.

“Y/N,” his tone was low, patient, and remarkably un-Draco, and he extended his arms to a hugging position. “Please don’t cry. C'mere. ’M here.”

You were furious at yourself for kissing him, furious at yourself for crying, furious at yourself for so desperately wanting to accept his hug. “Fuck off, Draco, I-I shouldn’t have-”

“Y/N,” he closed the distance between you two and reached his hand up to your face, swiping away a tear with his thumb. “I don’t want you to cry because of me.”

“Too late,” you whispered.


“Why Pansy?”

“I don’t want to talk about her, Y/N.”

“But I do, Draco-”

“No, you don’t, Y/N. Forget about her.”

“She’s your fucking girlfriend, Draco.”

His pale, quivering face was pressed so close to yours, you could feel the warmth of his breath against your cheek.

“I don’t want to do this here, Y/N - not in the common room. Let’s go back to the dorm. Your dorm, my dorm, either dorm, just away. Away from here. By ourselves.”

Deep down, you were still red-angry at him, but he was Draco. Irresistible, charming, and so goddamn homey, it disgusted you. You could never ever, in a million eons, turn your back on him - even if he did choose Pansy over you. Best friends didn’t give up on one another.

“Okay.” You murmured.

“Yours or mine?” He mumbled back.


Without skipping a beat, he laced his left hand through your right, then began to guide you up the steps. It wasn’t the first time that you were in his room, but it was the first time, obviously, that you were in his room after having kissed him. It felt a little out of place, but not necessarily uncomfortable. Just different; just new.

“You wanna sit down?” He spoke so softly, you could hardly hear him.

“Yeah.” So you both went to sit down on the edge of Draco’s mattress. You glanced back at his nightstand and looked at the framed photo of you and him from Christmas of the past year, arms linked and smiles broad, standing in front of the grand staircase at your parents’ house. It was a good photo of him. You looked alright, too, but he made the entire thing.

“So, Pansy,” he sighed. “You want the truth?”

For the first time all day, a small smile tugged at the corners of your mouth. “That would be nice.”

He reached over and set his palm on your knee. “It’s your own damn fault, if I’m being honest. Remember the quidditch match against Gryffindor last weekend? Remember the party afterward?”

Of course you remembered the match and the party. Draco had won the game for Slytherin after beating Potter in the battle for the snitch, so there was a major blowout in the common room. You and Draco came down from the quidditch pitch to the party together, but Draco ended up getting absolutely wasted on Firewhisky. By the time he started to slur, you dragged him up to his dormitory, and then put a spell on the door, so no one else could enter the room.

“Yeah, I remember. What’s the point?”

Draco exhaled shakily. “That night, I wasn’t as drunk as you thought I was, Y/N. I only had two or three drinks, and we both know that it takes more than that to get me buzzed.”

He was right - usually, it took four or five drinks for the alcohol to really get to Draco. It didn’t make sense, though.

“But you seemed-”

“I was hyper, Y/N. We bloody beat Potter, you know? I was hyperactive and all over the place, and then you come along, as beautiful as always, and you take me upstairs. You put the spell on the door to lock it, and you lay me down in bed, and you help me get undressed so I was down to just my t-shirt and boxers, and you tell me to get some sleep. But then, you tell me you want to stay, to keep up on me, so we lay there together. And I say something stupid, and you begin to giggle in that addictive fucking way that you do-”


“Let me finish,” he cut you off. “So you begin to laugh, and I’m losing my fucking mind, and I tell you that I fucking love you-”


“-I tell you that I fucking love you, and you just laugh some more and tell me that that’s not true - that we could never work, because I’m just drunk and out-of-it, and not in love with you. And then I try to kiss you, but you think it’s funny, so you laugh again and tell me that I need to get some rest. But I don’t want to rest, I want you, I want you. I’ve always wanted you-”


“Merlin, Y/N, let me finish. You spent the next couple hours with me, and as I start to fall asleep, you tell me that you and me could never happen. And then you leave. And then the next morning, I wake up without you, and without any hope of ever getting with you. So I fucking find Pansy and I hookup with her, because I think that’ll erase you from my mind, but it didn’t. Nothing did. Nothing could.” His entire body trembled with each word.

Suddenly, your entire world shifted from shades of green and silver and grey, to an entire spectrometer’s worth of color. All that time, when you watched him with Pansy, you thought back to that night in his dorm. Once you got him into his bed, he didn’t seem as drunk as you first expected, but you never second-guessed it. You never through that Draco Malfoy, of all people, could love you. Draco.

“Draco, I-I love you,” your voice betrayed you once again and crackled. “I just didn’t think your feelings were real - I thought they were fabricated by intoxication. It felt too good to be true. Sometimes, you feel too good to be true.”

“Too good to be true? I’m a cowardly son of a bastard Death Eater, with this godforsaken tattoo on my forearm. And yet, you still hang out with me, still laugh at my jokes, still go to all my quidditch matches and cheer me on. You see past the whole façade. You’re too good to be true. You’re my best fucking friend, Y/N, how could I not love you? You’re my everything. Everything. All my childhood memories, all my Hogwarts moments, and all my mid-afternoon daydreams. You’re everything, bloody hell.” The tears came out again, but this time, not out of sorrow. Mostly guilt, mostly regret, and mostly pure fucking joy. “I’m sorr-”

“Don’t say you’re sorry, Y/N. Just tell me you want me to dump Pansy. Tell me to dump her and be with you, because that’s all I want to hear - that’s all I fucking need to hear. Be with me, oh my god, tell me you want to be with me.”

You couldn’t believe that he was real, and sitting a foot away from you, and rattling off these sentences. “I’ve always wanted to be with you, Draco. I always have, and I always will. You’re everything.”  

And the dark circles under his eyes didn’t seem as dark anymore, and the ache from your chest was lifted. Everything, everything. The stars and the moon, the sun and the parchment.


Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.3K
Warnings: Swearing, fluff

A/N: Reader is blind

Y/E/C: Your Eye Colour

~~Bucky’s POV~~

“Buck!” Steve exclaims as Bucky wanders out of the elevator,

“Hey pal,” Bucky mumbles, his attention being drawn to his surroundings. Bucky had never seen anything like Stark Tower, it was just another prime example of Tony’s endless budget,

“Glad to have you back,” Steve grins at Bucky and pulls him into a tight hug, “How was the flight?”

“Fine,” Bucky finally focuses on his best friend, and is stopped in his tracks when he notices Clint, Nat, Sam, Vision and Tony standing a few feet behind,

“What did T’Challa’s people say?” Tony asks as he tentatively steps forward. Bucky tenses as Tony continues to approach, looking apprehensive,

“Um,” Bucky shakes off the nerves and tries to remember Tony’s question, “They said that I’m still fine. The triggers are still inactive, and I shouldn’t need to go for anymore check ups unless something happens,”

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Everything, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Prom night with your best friend is the perfect night for Lin to get something off his chest.

Words: 2,725

Author’s Note: Prom season is upon us (at least, for any high schoolers out there!) and this is inspired by that (and by my own prom a bit, although none of this happened to me and my group saw Civil War after)! Hope you enjoy this 2.7k fluff fest.

Warnings: Nothing? If there’s anything please tell me.

Askbox | Masterlist

“Good God, Lin.” You mutter as he strutted into the living room, coat tails flapping behind him.

Your parents laughed and clapped at his entrance, snapping as many pictures as they could at the event. It wasn’t the exact image you had had of your prom as a kid, but you certainly weren’t putting up a fight.

Watching your best friend strike a few poses in his rented tux, hair gelled halfway to hell, holding a delicate flower in a plastic container in his hand was so much more than what you had pictured.

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Ways of Mourning

Ever since I watched the Korean version of Requiem and Owari, I keep wondering what the turtles will go through personally during season 5… particularly, how will each of them mourn?

They each have very different personality types, and I can imagine each of them mourning a different way.


I’m reminded of the play Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire. I’m gonna give a summary here, so bear with me. This has a point. The play is about a husband (Howie) and wife (Becca) mourning the loss of their young son Danny, and they struggle to mourn together because their ways of mourning are not only different, but far from complimentary. Becca can’t handle seeing her son’s fingerprints on the door jams, or his toys lying around. Howie, on the other hand, spends his time watching old home movies of their boy. She can’t stand how he’s making her relive the memories, and he can’t stand that she’s packing up the things in Danny’s room.

My point being, some people mourn by reliving, others mourn by looking forward. Some need to cherish the memories, and others can’t bear to remember right away. Neither way of grieving is wrong, but to a grieving person, seeing someone mourn in the opposite way they do can cause a lot of tension.


Back to the turtles.

We’ve already seen how Leo handles separation from their Father. We saw it on the Ulixes. He spent hours talking to hologram Splinter, and it gave him the strength to keep going. He was kind of like Howie in the play.

Mikey was supportive of Leo’s coping mechanism, but Raph and Donnie were more like Becca. They’d rather stick to the task at hand (in their case, stopping the Triceratons), and they thought what Leo was doing was pointless and harmful because it wouldn’t bring Splinter back as focusing on the mission would, and they thought he’d be more worn emotionally afterwards.
Raph: “Maybe it’s not healthy talking to a hologram of Splinter all the time. I mean I miss him too, but…”
Mikey: “Leo just needs him right now more than ever. He’ll be okay.”

I can see Leo mourning by looking at the few photographs they probably have, and meditating, and maybe even spending time in Splinter’s room.


Donnie I think would be more like Becca and do everything he can to not think about what happened. We’ve seen how he copes with stress.

He works in his lab. He starts new projects. We’ve seen him fall asleep at his desk and we all pretty much have the headcanon that this poor boo stays up much longer than what’s good for him.

I can see him overworking himself – maybe even to the point that it does become a little unhealthy, in his case. Hopefully not, but still I think he’d be the sort to believe that the best remedy for a broken heart is busy hands.


Raph is in the Becca category, too, but in a slightly different way. He’s the sort to bottle things up – maybe confide in a pet, but otherwise, he keeps his feelings bottled up until he explodes. Sure, he has a short fuse, so it doesn’t really take all that long for him to explode… but that would only make this situation more difficult for him.

Raph’s always kind of felt singled out or alone. We’ve seen his, “Why are you always picking on me?” or “Why do you always take their side?” sort of mindset. This little complex he has is bound to be so much worse now that he was the only one out of his brothers on that rooftop when Splinter was killed.

Raph didn’t even know his brothers were already down on the street below. I can imagine him screaming at his brothers, “YOU WEREN’T THERE! YOU DIDN’T SEE IT HAPPEN! HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH?” But for the most part, I imagine him not wanting to talk about it. Maybe he’d open up to April, because she was there, too, but he’d be reluctant. Talking about it would be extremely painful for him, and being prompted to talk could cause an explosion.


And then there’s Mikey… poor baby Mikey. He’d be the sort who needed to talk to someone about it to verbally process. We’ve seen him in past episodes be really open about how he feels.

The Invasion: “I miss Master Splinter…”
The Ever-Burning Fire: “I miss Earth! I’m tired of space! I miss Master Splinter…”

And I can see him needing to talk about how much he misses Master Splinter now, too… especially now.


But these different styles of mourning may clash terribly. With Leo and Mikey in the Howie camp, and Raph and Donnie in the Becca camp, there’re bound to be some misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the book, not the film), there was a scene where Cho Chang asked Harry questions about Cedric’s death, because she needed to talk about it. But Harry was there when it happened, still having nightmares about it, and didn’t want to talk about it, so he found Cho’s weeping and questioning annoying to say the least. That could be Raph and Mikey. Sure, Raph’s been there for Mikey missing Splinter in the past, but this is different, and it’s worse.

Maybe Mikey would try to talk to Donnie, and Donnie would get annoyed because he’s working in his lab to forget everything, not talk through it.

Leo would probably berate Donnie for behavior that (to Leo) would look like not dealing with his grief, while Donnie would counter and say it’s better than refusing to move forward and continually being sad, because if Donnie were to try Leo’s way of mourning, that’s how it’d be for him.

And Leo might try to encourage Raph to talk, but Raph would shrug it off and want to be left alone… maybe criticize Leo for his mourning style. Eventually though, Raph would explode.

I can see Donnie and Raph kind of having a respect for each other’s space and ways of grieving. They might offer gestures of condolence, but otherwise leave each other alone.

Leo and Mikey might be the ones to comfort each other, since Leo needs to revisit memories and Mikey needs to talk. Maybe they’ll meditate together and even share a vision of Splinter, since they’re the two more spiritual ones.

One thing’s for certain though… the turtles are going to go through some changes, and have some fights, and now there’s no Splinter to mediate. Now there’s only Leo… and will his brothers respect him in his new position as leader of the Hamato Clan, not just their team?

At The Beep (Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader)

Summary: A love story told through single sided voicemails.


Mi sol: my sun

Te amare por siempre, mi sol: I love you so much, my sun.

Este es mi último adiós: This is my final goodbye.

Hasta la próxima: Until next time.

Espero verte pronto: I’ll see you soon I hope.

pollito: little chicken (used as term of endearment to call someone cute)

Espero que sueñes conmigo: I hope you dream of me.

Me haces tan feliz: You make me so happy.

chulo: cutie

Tengo que irme, Te veo dentro de poco. Adios! : Gotta go, see you in a bit. Bye!

Mi querido: my dear

Madre: mother

mi hiji: my daughter

familia: family

cariño: sweetie

Eres mi sol: You are my sun

Feliz Navidad: Happy (Merry) Christmas

Hola mi sol: Hello my sun

Hasta pronto te amo: See you soon I love you

Mi amor: my love

Te amo con cada fibra en mi cuerpo.: I love you with every fiber in my body

Buenos días, mi amor: Good morning my love

Despiertate!: Wake up!

Warnings: character death, miscarriage, alcohol, swearing

Word Count: 2,782

Notes: This is my first fic so I got a bit carried away… also, I’m not fluent in Spanish, I don’t know anything about it really. I just thought it would be a cool idea to have the reader and Lin converse in Spanish so I apologize if I have made any mistakes. Please let me know so I can change them! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to message me anytime : )

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Rainy Day Saviour // Lee Dongmin (Cha Eunwoo) High-school!AU

Originally posted by 1aeyong

Pairing: Dongmin x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, High-school!AU

Summary//Request: Upon seeing you getting bullied after school for being short, Dongmin can’t help but step in and defend you - despite both of you not really knowing anything about each other.

|| WARNING: This scenario contains mentions of being bullied and made fun of for being short. ||

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The Book of Mormon AU Absolutely No One Wanted

Note: Idk anything and the day I do research is the day I storm heaven and devour God. 

  • The Zimmermanns are Mormons. They move down from Canada to Mormon city stronghold of your choice for vague reasons.
  • That afternoon a young, well-dressed man comes to their door with a tin of cookies and a smile.
  • “Hi! I’m Eric Bittle and I live down the street. Just wanted to make a good impression before you go to church! You probably won’t see much of me after.” 
  • Of course it’s Jack who answers the door and receives the cookies, and he’s so awkward and stunned by literally the cutest ray of sunshine in all of Mormon Stronghold that he doesn’t think to ask what Bittle means. “Um, thank you.” And then he closes the door.
  • The Zimmermanns are greeted warmly by the community that weekend, so warmly they get several warnings to stay the heck away from that Bittle fellow.
  • Several elders have been by Bittle’s house to give him literature and invite him to the church. He’s always very polite, friendly even, but he’s really… gay unsettling.
  • On top of that, the inside of his house is kinda unconventional. Like, there’s a lot of dribbly candles. Black pillar candles. Candles shaped like skulls. There’s incense everywhere, and herbs drying upside down by the windows. There are animal bones, picked clean by scavengers and bleached by the sun, apparently somehow acquired and resting in a curio cabinet. Bittle keeps strange dolls, terrible faceless things that smell like rosemary and earth, in cupboards and drawers. And there’s a rabbit, a fat brown fluffy thing with floppy ears, that he talks to like it understands.
  • They think Bittle might be a witch. And almost definitely gay. And a bad influence besides.
  • But he’s also very friendly and bakes more sweets than he could possibly eat, which created something of a conundrum. The elders fought each other to be the ones to visit him nearly weekly, but the church as a whole disapproved of any of their members being within a hundred feet of Bittle’s front door. 

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In Paul’s song Little Lamb Dragonfly, the lamb reference originates from another ‘in-joke’, specifically John’s tendency, during jams with the Beatles, to imitate a  bleating lamb during the song “Mailman, Bring me no more blues” while also changing the lyric to make it about a lamb. Possibly recognising that this reference directed the sentiments his way, John later borrowed part of the melody in his 1980 Woman, so suggesting he saw the song as a positive part of their conversation. In Little Lamb Dragonfly Paul was pining for his former band mate; stating how much he missed him, was concerned about never seeing him again and accepting there had been right and wrong on all sides. It is perhaps this vulnerable tone that led to the delay in its release, as in 1971 Paul wasn’t yet ready to share those feelings with John.
—  Lennon vs McCartney - Adam Thomas

Title: In Too Deep (Part 5 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter and the Reader break curfew to go up to the roof, when Natasha finds them to save them from punishment.

Word Count: 2011

A/N: OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I’ve worked on it all week because I want it to be perfect! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, I love this series so much omg! Song.





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Study Buddy- 1

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Son Hyunwoo

word count: 2038

Son Hyunwoo. Really he’s always been attractive. Always the type to keep to himself. And from what you could tell he was very hardworking. Despite being captain of the swim team, making it to meets and practice he still managed to get to class every morning and for that you did admire him. However, seeing him come into the tutoring lab weeks ago wasn’t something you’d ever imagine.

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The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horroscopes 4/12~18/2017
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Witch Tips

Retrogrades can be a boner, but you don’t have to be!

Let’s take a minute to break down Retrogrades: in predictive astrology (aka your horoscope), we’re looking at what the planets moving through the sky are doing. When a planet goes Retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards, and so it Moonwalks over the terrain it just passed through. The math and mechanics aside, what happens during a Rx is that we have the opportunity to review and reassess our attitudes, ideas, and plans. On the 15th Venus finally goes direct, which basically means that it returns to moving forward normally. The good news is that we will no longer get hammered with lessons of what we value, but the bad news is kinda the same. Take a minute at some point over the next few weeks to look back at the themes that were at play in your life between March 4 - April 15th ‘cause mark my words: that stuff matters, and it’ll come back for you (the next one kicks in on October 5th 2018)!

As you probably know, Mercury is Retrograde from April 9th- May3rd. This is a great time for journaling and therapy but not so much for processing your relationship with the bae or for signing contracts. The reason for this is that you’re less likely to understand what the other person is saying or to be properly understood. If you have to do any of that stuff, don’t worry, the world won’t end! Here are three simple Pro Tips to making Mercury Rx work:

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1. Be patient

2. Reiterate what you’ve understood in efforts to make sure it’s right

3. Triple check documents

If your phone or computer breaks down during this period, you’re dealing with some of the inevitable irritations of the transit. Refer to Pro Tip #1, and move along, lover.

This week will start off with a bang as Uranus sits on top of the Sun from the 12th-14th. Expect to feel irritable, inspired, and ready for change. If you’ve been keeping secrets, they may just get a spectacular reveal, so be careful of what you say around these days. Uranus wants you to grow beyond your limitations, and the Sun just wants recognition. You may have to be prepared to do what’s right for you, other people’s judgments be damned. Uranus comes with the potential to help break you free, so don’t hold back! Be prepared, though: this transit paired with the Mercury Rx may have you feeling extra jumpy and anxious. Grab your lavender to calm your nervous system, and whatever grounding stone you vibe with. This week I’m all about the Black Tourmaline (my go-to fav), as it’s an excellent tool for grounding and getting rid of psychic crud. Meditate, listen to death metal, or take extra naps – whatever it takes to clear the mental clutter and get to the good stuff.



March 21-April 19

If you can manage your impulses at the start of the week, you can make some meaningful changes to the stuck parts of your life, Aries. It’s tempting to decide that your life can only be variations of how it’s always been, but luckily it’s not so! If you’re willing to look beyond your fears and assumptions, you’ll find that there are lots of options you haven’t even considered. Explore, innovate, and experiment without making any hard decision.


April 20-May 20

If you feel restless at the start of the week, don’t freak out – it’s your chance to heed the call. You’re not in control, and TBH, you’re not supposed to be. Reflect on the motives that you followed through on, that brought you to this place. You don’t have to follow your fears while you seek to maintain your security, Taurus. Take inspired risks to create the conditions that feed your soul, even if they require a passage into discomfort. Knowing the answers does not absolve you of the process, my love.


May 21-June 21

Its easy to chat with people, but it’s a whole other thing to show up and be real with them. You need help; whether you need a hand, some TLC, or just someone to listen to your craziest ideas, asking people to be there for you when you need it is vulnerable. Take the risk of being let down over the safe route of living in your own head, Twin Star. This week, you’ll get further by sharing yourself with others, and letting them into your world.



June 22-July 22

Sometimes it’s easy to take on other people’s feels without even realizing it, but it’s never a good idea. Be on the lookout for themes of co-dependency this week, Moonchild. The good news is that you’ll have the chance to practice being more embodied and independent, but the bad news is that you have to be, or you’ll feel hecka off. Investigate interpersonal dynamics without obsessing on what others are thinking or feeling. Let your healthy boundaries reveal the true state of your relationships.


July 23-Aug. 22

No matter how itchy you are to get things moving, this week the best action for you is internal. The people around you need a chance to catch up, so even if you feel like you’re moving slowly, take a moment to pause and consider how your actions are impacting those around you. Analysis without heart is just hot air; investment without vision is just spinning your wheels. Get embodied with your desires for yourself, and watch things start to shift around you, Leo.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

When you give too much attention to a thing it gets harder to see it clearly. It’s like standing too close to a painting; you lose sight of what the whole piece is about because you can only see the brush strokes. Take a step back, Virgo. allow yourself to be uncomfortable with what you don’t know so that you can make connections based on what you do. This week can bring you some long-awaited answers, but you need to be receptive in order to hear them.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Stress and fear have their roles to play in life; having good instincts about dangers can keep you safe and wisely direct your actions. That said, there’s only so far that your stresses can take you, Libra. Obsessing on potential consequences can be way worse than actually dealing with them. This week it’s time to make a call: either heed your fears or let them go. You’re ready to make a call, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Have confidence in your ability to cope with the consequences, whatever they may be.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week is a good time to take a break. If you can carve out some time for yourself to recline into retrospection, you’ll be so much better for it. If your plans have been reactionary, you’re unlikely to be happy with the results of them, even if they’re technically successful. Lay foundations that are inspired by deep truths instead of habit or convenience, Scorpio. You’re on the road to a deeper sense of happiness, but it will only be achieved with caring consideration.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

FOMOS is no joke; that persistent feeling that you’re missing out can make it really hard to settle on a choice, even when you totally know what you want. This week your what-ifs are colliding with your actual potential, and it can go either way. You can (theoretically) have it all, but you probably can’t have it all, all at once. Align yourself with what’s best for you right now, and don’t worry, it doesn’t have to mean that you’ll never get all the other things that you want, Puppy.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Being helpful is kinda your jam, but that doesn’t mean that people always want your particular brand of tough-love assistance. More than that, once you’ve offered a hand, the receiver of it is not obliged to agree with your prescription for betterment, Cappy. Stop trying to support people that aren’t asking for it; if you can accept that everyone is different, it’s much easier to let others grow at their own pace. Once that’s settled, you can stop avoiding your own feelings and tend to your happiness for a while.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The thing about what’s technically true with you, is that you are not a technical being; you’re an emo creature, and emotions have a funny way of slowing things down. It’s time to take a step back, my love. While you can theoretically handle the events of your life just fine, this week your tender heart could use some space to work through your feels. You’re not running out of time, and there’s nowhere you have to be that will be improved by you getting there out of whack.


Feb. 19-March 20

It’s all a matter of perspective really; what you think of now as an ending, you may one day perceive as a beginning. Instead of lamenting what is, look for the positive potential in what you’re being called to do, Pisces. This week you get to let go of something that’s been weighing you down, and this is a very good thing. Don’t waste your energy worrying about what comes next when you can simply create it. Be the change you wish to see in your life.


just for tonight [ jeremy heere x reader ]

Summary : Jeremy Heere is a socially ostracized teen boy at a Halloween party. After a meeting with his high school bully, Rich, he decides to get a supercomputer implanted in his brain to make him cooler. His friend, (Y/N), who is completely opposed to the idea lets their feelings spill when they take Jeremy onto the dance floor. An emotionally-charged kiss that never should have happened may end up being the best thing that happened to either of them.

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Faking it (Grayson) Part 4/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,222
Warnings: None.
A/N: Your continuous support just baffles me, I love you guys so so much. Hope you like part 4! xx

Faking It masterlist here.

“Ethan?” You whispered in confusion, squinting at the tall figure standing behind you. He stepped forward a bit, the snow scrunching under his boot as he came into the light, the moonlight reflecting on his face.

“Hi, sorry,” he hesitated before walking forward so he stood right in front of you. “I heard the door close and saw you walk away through the windows. Thought I’d see what was up. Also, I brought you this.”

He tossed something into your lap and you looked down, sighing in appreciation as you saw that it was one of his many beanies and a pair of gloves that were too big on you. But when you pulled the hat and gloves on, you were happy that they did their job to protect you from the sweltering cold.

You patted the seat beside you, pushing the snow off of the bench in the process and Ethan sat without any complaint. The only sign of discomfort you got from him was the slight wrinkle of his nose he gave you as the cold seeped through his sweatpants.

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20 w luke please??? Thanks x

20: Of course you’re dating the person you told me not to worry about.

You know when you go the extra mile for something just to realize it’s probably not nearly as exciting to other people as it is to you yeah that’s how I feel like this is gonna be lmao but I hope someone likes it.

Word Count: 1624

“Ashton, turn that shit off,” Luke calls from the front counter, laughing despite his aggressive request.

A-Ha’s “Take On Me” blasts over the music store’s sound system, so loud it almost drowns out Ashton’s voice from the storage room when he shouts back, “You can’t kill the 80s, Luke!”

“I can kill you,” Luke lightheartedly threatens, unlocking his phone in search of a pastime. Business is slow this afternoon. Not that it’s particularly booming any other day, but usually someone who still believes in records would’ve come in and shopped around by now.

The next song selection doesn’t veer from the decade, but the genre is one that Luke can at least tolerate. Ashton comes out of the storage room bearing what looks to be a heavy box and heaves it onto the counter, dust literally exploding off of it.

“What’s that?” Luke asks.

Ashton peels apart the flaps and peeks inside. “Old VHS tapes,” he says, digging one out. It’s a copy of The Breakfast Club in its original cardboard sleeve. “Boss wants us to start selling them again.”

“Oh, great,” Luke mocks excitement, knowing they’re never going to get rid of them. He takes The Breakfast Club from Ashton’s hand and reads the back of the case.

As Ashton begins unloading the movies, the store’s entrance brings forth the first customer of the day. He glances up in the middle of his task, a strange noise getting caught in his throat when he realizes who’s just walked in.

“Don’t look now,” he mumbles to Luke.

But Luke, of course, does look now.

“Oh, great,” he repeats even lower, disappointed by a sight he’s been trying to avoid.

Your body freezes when you see Luke behind the counter, unaware that he would be working today. Your initial instinct is to turn right back around and leave before someone causes a scene, but the boy whose fingers are woven between yours doesn’t quite get the memo. Cameron, someone you’ve just recently become official with, knows about your history with Luke but doesn’t feel like there’s anything to be ashamed of since he’s the one who won.

With a red face you’re led to the counter, overly conscious of the glare that Luke hasn’t stopped burning into you. In your fist you ball and release the extra material of your sweater’s long sleeve, using the repetition to calm yourself down.

Cameron acknowledges both Luke and Ashton as if this isn’t the most awkward situation that’s ever happened. You notice that he talks mostly to Luke as he describes what he’s looking for, an obvious effort to make him squirm.

But Luke knows better than to lose his temper while he’s under surveillance at work. The punk is here for a cajon, and although instruments aren’t something they sell much of, they do have a dwindling stock somewhere in a separate section of the building.

“Ashton’s a drummer,” Luke bluntly points out, “He can help you with that.”

“Absolutely!” Ashton says with exaggerated enthusiasm, ready to part from the tension. He walks around the counter and gestures for Cameron to follow him.  

Cameron tries to, but when you stay put and slide your hand out of his, he’s taken aback.

“You go ahead,” you insist. “I was gonna look for that Pink Floyd album, remember?”

He’s hesitant to leave you in the same room with the boy you dated prior to him, but with a little more encouragement from Ashton, it’s done. The last thing you hear from the pair before they disappear into another room is Ashton for some reason asking Cameron if he likes 80s music.

Now that they’re gone, you have enough courage to face Luke fully. He’s taken up the position of leaning his elbows on the counter, his hands folded in front of him, his knuckles looking pale and cold.

“Hi,” you say timidly.  

He doesn’t respond even though he’s looking right at you.

“I didn’t know you’d be… You don’t usually work Saturdays.”

“Schedule changed.”

You rub your arm apologetically. “I should’ve called ahead or something.”

“No one does that.”

He apparently doesn’t want to make this easy. You can’t say you blame him.

“So… we never really talked about me and Cameron,” you feel mean having to say those words to Luke of all people. Me and Cameron.

“What’s there to talk about?” He straightens up, trying hard to sound as if he doesn’t care.

“Well I imagine you’d be kind of angry..”

“Angry?” Luke exerts a laugh that’s barely a laugh at all. “I’m not angry, Y/n; I’m not even surprised. Of course you’re dating the person you told me not to worry about.”

“Don’t say it like I’ve planned this all along,” you fight back, offense setting in. “We broke up and it just happened.”

“Happened pretty fast don’t you think?” he asks bitterly. Now quieter, he says, “Tell me the truth. Did you sleep with him while we were together?”

“No!” you emphasize a point that you’re tired of trying to make. “I never even thought of him like that when I was with you.”

“Sure,” Luke mutters.

You sigh. You don’t want Luke to hate you, but what else are you supposed to do if he won’t believe blatant honesty?

“Can you just show me where you keep the Pink Floyd albums?” You cross your arms in defeat.

“Haven’t you been here enough times?”

“Haven’t you heard of Yelp?” It’s a spiteful low blow, but he started it.

Fed up with this confrontation, Luke begrudgingly leads the way to the rock aisle. Your love for this type of music is what crossed your path with his in the first place, your cute self wandering into his shop over a year ago on the hunt for Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation, a title and day that branded themselves into the region of Luke’s brain responsible for long-term memories.

On the way to the bin labeled “P”, Luke decides to show off his expertise by suggesting some other albums that might interest you. He stops before the “B” bin and scans its content for Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet, handing the flat square to you and recommending Song 2. You read the back, discovering it to be none other than the crowd favorite “You Give Love a Bad Name”.

You roll your eyes, but aren’t given the chance to respond when another album is shoved into your arms, this one from the Guns N’ Roses department, along with high appraisal of Song 8. You flip the case to find the track list, cringing at the print “Back Off Bitch” following the advocated number.

The trend continues, Luke expressing his disdain for you via songs recorded by your favorite artists, adding albums that contain Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and Nazareth’s “Miss Misery” to the pile of vinyl in your hands before finally making it to the destination. You’re sure Luke could find a way to slip in one last insult with a band that starts with “P”, but he seems to have burned up all of his fuel.

You set everything you’re holding in between two bins, freeing your hands for your own mission. The Pink Floyd album you desire is easy to find; you tuck it under your arm for safe keeping but don’t go to check out just yet. Luke watches as you continue to skim the container, flipping the covers one by one, making your way toward the front. His brows furrow when he sees you pull out something by Pearl Jam, recognizing the artwork from his copy at home.

You don’t stop there, though. Your fingers dance their way through the bins to the left and right, following the alphabetical pattern accordingly. Two more records, one from Oasis and one from Queen, are plucked from their brothers and sisters and combined with the one from Pearl Jam. You rearrange the order as you stack them on top of one another, making all the sides line up neatly when you deliver the trilogy to Luke. He looks at them, puzzled, awaiting instruction.

“Four, eight, the, nine,” you say the way you would any other sentence, like the punchline to the old ‘Why was six afraid of seven?’ joke.

Ashton and Cameron have reappeared to the main floor, carrying with them a wooden box that is for some reason considered musical. With one last indefinable glance at Luke, you take your Pink Floyd album and join them at the counter to add it to the grand purchase.

Luke remains where he is, casting down at the items in hand, repeating four, eight, the, nine in his head out of fear that he might forget the sequence. He works up the courage to flip the top record over, bracing himself for whatever comeback you angrily repaid him with.

He reads the title of the fourth song down the list of Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, but it doesn’t make sense standing on its own. He goes on to the next, Pearl Jam’s Riot Act, and finds the eighth song on that list, but it still doesn’t complete the thought. Last but not least is the ninth song on Queen’s A Night at the Opera, and to both his relief and expense, that’s when it all finally comes together.

Luke’s wide eyes shoot up, desperate to find you only to be devastated with the realization that you’ve already left the store. That you’ve already left with Cameron. He tightens his grip around the album covers, suddenly feeling a powerful urge to break them in half or smash them against the ground.

(4) Don’t Look Back in Anger, (8) You Are, the, (9) Love of My Life

Writing Prompts


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Could you possibly do an image where the turtles react to their S/O dancing and I then in middle of the song they do a dab or some popular dance move? Thank you!


When he sees you pulling the Moon Walk in the middle of the lair he just stops what he’s doing and watches, chuckling and smiling to himself at how friggin’ adorable you are being right now.  He might take a sneak pic, but then go on his way and let you continue your jam-out session.

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Hoo boy, the Shuffle really gets him worked up, and not like hot-and-bothered kinda worked up, like, he wants to dance too!  Maybe a little jig or a a twirl with you, but then he’d go on his way.  You make it look easy and fun!  It’s surprising to him.  He definitely records it if he can, but other than that he just laughs and watches you.

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When he sees you start pulling the Single Ladies moves he definitely grabs a camera.  It is the most adorable thing he’s ever seen, apart from you of course, but he can’t help but chuckle and gush at how cute you are.  It’s rare to see you jam out this freely in the lair; he can hear his brothers chuckling in the background as well and tell them to hush so they won’t disturb you.  

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Oh boy, when you did the Gungnam Style he immediately joins you, no question about it.  If he gets the chance to boogie with you he won’t let it slide. PARTAAAYYYY

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Baby Mine, Part II

The Muse wants more baby Evelyn and she shall have it.  Unedited and fluff filled.

Baby Mine, Part II

Rating - G

“How is she?” Emma calls over her shoulder, hands raised and magic sparking white along her fingertips.  Killian stands behind her, baby girl in the crook of one arm, his hooked arm held at the ready.  

“The lass is fast asleep,” he chuckles behind Emma and she rolls her eyes.  She’d never been one to sleep through much as a child, always on the ready for any danger to her small self, but Evie, oh no…it’s like she’d inherited her grandparents sleeping curse - she can sleep through anything.  Including giant trolls like the one currently harassing Storybrooke.

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