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I’m trying my best to portray skelebros as in character as possible. I’m failing many times, because sometimes I like them extra mushy and lovey dovey with each other, but I love the fact that they are/can be both jerks XD

Because they’re bros, they got used to each other over the years, and I love that they keep pushing each other’s buttons. I do need to remind myself of what their behaviour often is, but I love doing it every single time, because each time i discover something new, and this something turns into comic idea XD

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honest question: what's the point of shipping jalec if it's never gonna happen? are you shipping out of fun or just for the heck of it?

I noticed that at least one of my mutuals got a similar ask so I’m side-eyeing you anon but I’ll answer anyway.

okay so by “never going to happen” I assume you mean that we’ll never get to see jalec be a couple in canon. but to be quite honest I don’t see why I wouldn’t ship jalec just because “it’s never gonna happen” on the show or in the books. the concept of shipping something non-canon isn’t weird to me because I don’t need a ship to be canon to be able to enjoy it. jalec isn’t the only non-canon ship I ship and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

what I love about non-canon ships so much is that you get to explore the relationship on your own and wonder what it would be like if it was canon. plus you get to enjoy all the amazing fics, fan art, fan videos etc. sometimes it’s even better to ship a non-canon ship cause that way you don’t have to worry about canon ruining the ship. like for example would I like to see a jalec kiss on the show? ofc I would! but would I like to see it if it was like the jalec kiss scene written by cc? oh hell no.

the main reason I ship jalec, however, is simply because I think their relationship is the most interesting one on the show and in the books. I’ve read the tmi books and even though jalec’s relationship isn’t nearly as well portrayed in the books as it is on the show, I still became a jalec shipper the minute I started discovering their relationship. I love that they have so much history together and they’ve basically known each other their whole lives. I love how deep their relationship is and that everything about their relationship is so passionate - both good and bad things. I love that they’re parabatai and soulmates and I find the fact that their bond makes them falling in love forbidden so intriguing. I also love how well dom and matt portray them and how much research they’ve done in order to do justice to jace and alec’s relationship.

but yeah I could basically go on and on about their relationship so I’m gonna stop right here lol. the point is that I just really love jace and alec’s relationship and that’s why I ship jalec. simple as that. :)

plus how am I supposed to believe that jalec isn’t at least a little canon with all the material we’re getting? and jalec will never happen? oh but my dude I think it already has a little lol.

Villains are a necessary part of storytelling

I just don’t get all the Lotor hate?? Like yeah he’s the villain and yeah we’re supposed to root for the good guys pur usual, but if shows didn’t have villains there’d be no compelling good vs evil story line. Do y'all not fucking understand that?? What the fuck do you want?? A voltron romcom with no driving plot and a laugh track??

Okay so I’m home and ready to properly flail over the confirmation that Caroline will be on The Originals!

Watch them be really cruel and not even have them interact yet, and then she’ll have to guest star again later, where they’ll finally get to the lovin.

I’m 9 away from 2k followers...

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I’m lacking in excitement and motivation lately.
Sorry Peaches.
Thank you for sticking with me for this long.

Itsanerdlife birthday is in September and I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I joined this fandom!!

happy pride month especially to those who can’t be open offline and to their friends and family due to choice, personal safety, etc. i love all of you and i hope you have a wonderful pride month 🌈🌈🌈


Rewatched Madoka Magica and realized akumas and witches are really similar. Both make contracts believing they’ll become heroes/champions in exchange for a wish, only for it all to go horribly wrong.So I thought I’d try and draw some as witches. and I used some existing witches as inspiration/ref

also bonus pic cuz im too lazy to do them all


when u’re trying to support ur bf but u’re bad at it verbally but still trying

  • Prompto: You really don't have any fears?
  • Noctis: just one
  • Prompto: Oh??
  • Noctis: dying alone
  • Prompto: Noc-
  • Noctis: it's okay i know it won't happen
  • Noctis: ardyn will be there bleeding out next to me
  • Prompto:
  • Prompto: We need to get you help.

The great tragedy of Anakin Skywalker is he never got a chance to be free.

Think about it. He’s born into slavery. He lives 9 years as a true slave. Even if Watto was the “best” owner ever that is still a horrific circumstance to spend your FORMATIVE YEARS. Even if Watto was a saint, there is so much trauma in having no freedom or control over your own body, in knowing the PRICE of your life. Not to mention secondary trauma, which is NO LESS TRAUMATIC, btw.

Then, he’s “freed” by a Jedi. But the Jedi frees him with the implied condition that Anakin be taken in and trained by the Jedi order. As soon as he leaves Tattooine, all choice is stripped from him. The counsel evaluates him and finds him wanting. His entire future is thrown into jeopardy because the man who bought him is dead and the new owners may want to return him. When they finally do induct him into the Jedi Order, it is with suspicion and a lot of conditions (cough, being the Chosen One, cough)

Once again he’s in a situation where he must call the people in charge MASTER.

(But it’s Different, someone might say. Yeah, well, when you’re 9 a cucumber looks like a zucchini, and patterns of thoughts, how the world works, worldview, that doesn’t change just because someone tells you some pretty words)

In the Jedi Order, Anakin loses the autonomy of his choices. He loses the option of getting married and having children (which, btw, is one of the rights traditionally stolen in slave cultures). He loses the right to chose where he goes and what he does EVEN AFTER HE REACHES ADULTHOOD. And, he loses the right to his own emotions.

Even as a slave, emotions are the one thing they can’t truly take from you. They can try to break you, they can punish you, but as long as you can think you can feel, you can hide what you’re feeling. You can be angry, sad, happy, in love even if they don’t want you to. But in the Jedi order, not only are these emotions bad, but it is an entire organization of psychics who vocally criticize and police you out when you’re struggling to “let go” of anger and hate, even or especially hate that is justified!

Then, this Order begins using SENTIENT HUMAN SOLDIERS who have been BRED AND RAISED AND SOLD TO BE AN ARMY. Soldiers who’se MINDS have been stripped to make them more obedient. And the Jedi don’t even hesitate to put them to use. The Jedi Order legitimized slavery. How do you suppose THAT felt for the former slave boy?

So, in the movie, you see a progression as Anakin struggles for power. Because, if he’s the master then HE WON’T BE THE SLAVE.

Lastly, after THREE YEARS OF TRAUMA AND WAR AND SLOWLY SLIPPING TO THE DARK SIDE (don’t tell me it was just Padme’s death that caused him to fall), Anakin fall’s and turns to the only Authority Figure who has treated him with full respect and told him that he is powerful, he is in control – Darth Sidious. Who then ENSLAVES HIM UNTIL THE DAY HE DIES.

Anakin only got 30 minutes of true freedom and he was dying.

And that just kind of kills me.