the right to life is self avident

I will never stop being an avid supporter of the right to life. Everyone has a right to life, and self defense. Everyone. No one has a right to take another’s life just because they feel like it, unless threatened bodily by that other life.

I will ALWAYS be against you pro-abortionists in wanting women to not have to have consequences to sex. I will ALWAYS voice my feelings on it. I will ALWAYS want to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is who I am.

None of your blabbering, insults, disagreements, or reasons will change that, ever. It is a foundational belief that is part of who I am. I was taught to believe in indiscriminate human equality and the right to life as the most important.

I will ALWAYS stand my ground on this, and nothing anyone does or says can change that. Not ever.

I would die for my future children, and be glad for it. But I am of a rare breed in that I find life so precious.

You who believe the unborn’s lives are not worth living based on how a woman “feels” at the time, or how that life came to be; I feel deeply sorry for you. You may never truly know what a selfless, self-sacrificing love is, because it is all about you.

Women are not precious creatures that should always get their way, and it sickens me that women are so favored more than men in the United States in almost every situation. Women today are a shameful embarrassment to the badass women of the past who did not whine and complain and bitch and act like children, but risked their lives, and used their strength, wisdom, and patience to change the world.

Your selfish, all about what my vagina wants attitude is a pile of shit on their legacy.