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The Most Special Snowflake

I don’t know why this popped into my head right now but like many moons ago when I was in first year of my BSN, there was this guy who liked me.
We got along okay, had similar music taste and sarcastic humour, blah blah.
And then, while studying together, he drops this bombshell:

“Do you ever think God makes some people more special than others? Because I feel like he made me more special than everyone else’”


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I think I found out what was wrong. So I’ve been using a powered HDMI splitter to connect my Directv box to my capture device because you can’t connect it directly because there is copy protection. It looks like the splitter isn’t working at all on any other tv I plug it into too so it must’ve just failed, buying a new one on amazon right now and hopefully I’ll be able to get it all working and record again. 

Gymternet Positivity Challenge- Day 6: Pick a few of your gymternet friends and post something positive about them or why you like them.

@sparklesandchalk Rachel is one of the kindest and most genuine people I know! I always look forward to talking NCAA gym with her, or snapchatting each other! She’s one of the only people on the gymternet that actually knows what I look like, lol. She’s the best and even though she’s going through a bit of a rough spot right now, she never fails to stay positive and awesome!

@omgsamchap Sam is the first person I go to for two things: gym gossip, and recipes. He always has something witty to say, and I love that he is unapologetically honest. (Also, his potatoes recipe is the bomb so you guys need to try it!!)

@kylarossisaboss I don’t know if this person wants her name all over the internet so I’ll just call her L. L is one of my newer gymternet friends, and I couldn’t be happier that she decided to message me one day last year! She’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever come acrross on this website, and I love how she almost ALWAYS re-blogs my original content and always leaves something in the tags. 

@hyperbemily Emily (name twin!) is one of the first people I followed on Tumblr! We get along really well and I like how we usually share the same gym opinions! She’s super funny and I’m really happy she’s still on Tumblr after all these years!

im sending this bc i keep seeing the “freedom of speech” argument come up, but i read this online article by a professor for the NY Times that basically explained that what people say is “radical leftists taking away others’ right to speak” by protesting speakers like Richard Spencer is the antithesis of restricting freedom of speech. The whole point of rejecting people like him and their speeches is to protect the rights of others… specifically the marginalized groups that those speakers dehumanize through their views

i.e. Richard Spencer is a white supremacist. When he engages in a discourse on race, his expressed views and by extension his very presence in that discourse deny and invalidate the identities of nonwhite groups - his participation alone in that debate involves denying the rights of another group of people

basically: “free speech advocates failed to acknowledge that requiring of someone in public debate to defend their human worth conflicts with the community’s obligation to assure all of its members equal access to public speech.” (this is also apparently the same reasoning Yale gave in 1963 when they allowed student protests to stop a speaker)

(sorry if this is kind of unwarranted i just read the article thinking it explained the concept really well and that it would be an interesting resource for anyone who follows your blog)

Teacher picked on me for being autistic, I got her fired.

When I was in 4th grade, i had a teacher named Mrs. Seeles (Like Seals). She was regarded as one of the kindest teachers in our school, to everyone. Everyone but me. I had quite a few learning disabilities that made much of her class confusing and hard to keep up with, especially with the way she taught. She would go over one thing and then have a test on it the next day to see if we learned it, which i always did bad on. 

Now, I was no means a perfect student. But I did my work without complaining, I did homework like i should. My best friend at the time, Jack, would attest to this, as he liked to copy things off my work because he was a sneaky kid. We sat next to each other so it wasnt very hard to get answers from one another. We were both boys so it got a little excitable sometimes and rowdy (not to mention we like-liked each other)

Mrs. Seeles didnt like our friendship in the least, and would always snap at us, more specifically me because i was seen as an easy target. I would never speak up against it or try to do anything, unlike Jack who would demand that we werent doing anything wrong. So she decided to focus in on me instead.

Whenever I passed in class work or homework, she wouldnt grade it. I would get bad reports home saying how I wasnt doing what I was supposed to be doing. All in all, my parents believed her more over me because they never trusted me to begin with. So Jack and I plotted. 

Being only in 4th grade, it wasnt the best plan, but it worked. I would do my work, then Jack would write the exact same things as I did. We did this for months. I would recieve bad grades while Jack excelled in his. We got the papers back. We stored them away.

Near the halfway part of the semesters, We both brought this up to our parents. We called each other on the home phones and explained what had been going on. How Jack would copy my work and Pass it in just like I did, but I never got the credit. We showed them the papers, which were exactly identical. Mine were marked wrong, Jacks were marked right.

My parents were furious. Because of that teacher their child was failing the 4th grade. They threw a fit over at the school board council, gave them complete hell. Within the week, Mrs. Seeles was packed up and leaving the school.

The new teacher that replaced her was wonderful. I went from failing to As in weeks. 

Fun Fact: I actually stopped doing a lot of my homework because of Mrs. Seeles because why do it if it wont be graded? That problem developed heavily into my mind and its been a problem ever since. hope your happy. Graduating from High School this year, going into Theatrical Arts College.


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Magic Kaito Chapter 36 [English Translation]

Happy KaiAo day!

  • The danger divides two destinies
  • And Thief’s choice is…

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“The gap between rich and poor exists even among the gods” 

A little Yaboku watercolour doodle throwback

Chapter 50 Eremin Meta/ Theory/Headcanon

So, first, I’ve got to say that I’m really, really, really busy. I’ve got a graduation thesis to finish until next week, so I really can’t do much over here. Btw, I’m so glad Eremin Month and Ex0’s comeback will be after I’m done with that damn thesis, but anyway, let’s get to the topic.

First, I’ve got to say that I didn’t watch the last three or four episodes of Season 2 (I really don’t remember where I stopped, that’s how crazy I am over everything I have to do). In any case, I knew that the chapter 50 episode would come out one of these weeks, and I checked the Eremin tag because, well, I wanted a sneak-peak of how bad it would be. Well, from what I’ve seen, it was bad indeed.

So, I grabbed my volume 12 and went to look again at the scene, just to soothe myself a little (or to scream over how baffling this whole thing is, whichever you prefer), and I noticed something. starts talking and Ere.n looks at Armi.n, we all know it. But then, says the following:

Ere.n is looking at her, alright? Look how cute this Ere//Mika moment is. We can’t deny that it is touching, though I can’t look at it with shipper eyes. Anyway, then, in the next page, we have this:

I don’t think it’s too clear in this image, but in my printed version is it clear enough to me. I’ll point it out: says she’s thankful for Eren being with her and she says “Thank you for teaching me how to live”, as you can see above. Then, Ere.n is looking at her, but in the last panel we have here, you can see that he tilts his body AND face towards Ar.min, while’s back is facing Ar.min, which means Ere,n isn’t looking at her. I’m not here to belittle’s and Ere;n’s relationship. What I wanted to say is: Ere.n hears what says and looks at Ar.min. My shipper goggles say it’s not coincidence. Let’s see why:

From what we’ve seen, Isa.yama has emphasized time and time again that it was Ar.min who has shown Ere.n a new perspective of life, and, from there, Ere.n has a goal in life, he’s not living meaninglessly. Ar.min was responsible for that, and it is explicitly said in the manga more than once. I’ll just throw here one of these moments, so people who don’t pay enough attention won’t say I’m delusional (and because I’m never tired of this scene):

So, what does this all mean? Well, after said that Ere.n taught her how to live, he looks at Ar.min. Coincidence? My shipper goggles say no. What I take from this is: Ere.n looks at Ar.min because, in his case, Ar.min is the one he’s thankful for teaching him how to live, and he doesn’t want to lose that. But this is just a theory to make me feel better about that damn anime, my headcanon. If anyone agrees, great; If not, it’s okay, but if you come to throw shit at me, well, I don’t have time to discuss, but if I had, I have an arsenal of receipts to throw at anyone who comes saying eremin isn’t all that.

Hope we can all overcome this and that Isa;yama proves us again, as he always does, how important they are to each other.