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Request: Lady

Request: Hey !! Huge fan of your writing! Could you do a dean imagine where he and Sam are investigating this orphanage that’s haunted by something ( you can pick ) and there’s a orphan girl ( the reader ) who’s there and she only comes out of her shell for Dean? And then in the end dean could save her from whatever is haunting the place and it’s just FLUFFFY ( PURELY FATHER DAUGHTER REALTIONSHIP BETWEEN DEAN AND THE READER THO PLZ) THANKS!! :) xo

Word Count: 926

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thank you:)

She’s been running around the halls for weeks, yelling at the naughty children. But then, little Olly, who never knew when to be quiet, was thrown from a second storey window. You’d been the only child in the room when she did it.

That’s when the men came.

Your little orphanage never had more than ten kids. At the moment, there’s seven. You’ve been there for two years, since you were merely a year old. You don’t remember your parents at all, only a soft voice singing ‘you are my sunshine’ after a bad dream.

So, the men. One taller than the other, but both towering over you. You’re sat, absentmindedly colouring in a picture of a teddy bear, being immaculately careful not to cross the lines. She yells at you when you cross the lines.

“Who’s that?” One of the men asks your nurse, Liddy. She looks over at you.

“That’s Y/N, the one who saw the accident. She never speaks, though. She hasn’t said a word for two months.”

“Do you know why?”

“Not a clue. I think she sees things that aren’t there.”

“Can we speak to her?” The other man says. There’s a pause, and Liddy nods.

“Sure. I doubt you’ll get much out of her, though.” She crosses over to you and bends down to your level. “Y/N?” You look up, observing the old woman. “There’s some people here to see you. Play nice, alright?”

You nod silently as the guys sit down, crossing their legs.

“Hi, Y/N, right?” The one with long hair asks. When you nod, he smiles. “I’m Sam. This is my brother, Dean. Can we ask you some questions?”

You look down, nervous, but nod.

“Great.” ‘Dean’ says. “So, Y/N. Did Olly fall?”

You shake your head vehemently. Liddy folds her arms.

“Don’t lie, Y/N.”

You keep shaking your head, again and again. Sam looks up at Liddy.

“You think we could have a moment?” He asks. She regards him suspiciously, but nods.

“Alright. Ten minutes. It’s snack time anyway.”

You watch as Liddy walks away. Then, you turn back to Sam and Dean.

“Y/N.” Dean says, “You said he didn’t fall. What happened? Was he pushed?”

You pause, then shake your head again.

“What happened?” He asks, leaning forward. You don’t want to speak, so you don’t answer. “Come on, you can tell us.” He encourages you with a smile.

“She threw him.” You whisper reluctantly. The men look at each other.

“Who is she?”

“The lady.” You whisper confidentially, “She did it.”

“Which lady? Liddy?”

You shake your head, “She’s big.” You hold your hands out, “Little eyes. Grey hair. Her head, it’s like this.” You top your head right to the side. “She’s scary. She set fire to the sandpit outside.”

“Did she?” Sam asks, “What else does she do?”

You stay quiet, looking nervously at Dean. He nods encouragingly.

“Go ahead.” He nods. You take a breath.

“She yells at the bad kids. She yells at me, too. When I colour out the lines.” You show them the drawing, “She pushed Bee down the stairs.”


“Liddy’s friend.”


They stand up, and you high-five them both, “We’re going to come back soon, okay?” Dean assures you.

“Okay. Will you tell the lady to leave us alone?”

“We’ll make her leave you alone. Don’t worry.” He promises.


It’s nearly a week later when they return. But, before they do, you watch as Liddy is thrown down the stairs, exactly as Bee was, those months ago.

You’re walking around, unable to sleep, when you hear the doors open. You dive to hide behind a bookcase, until you realise who it is.

“Dean!” You cry out, leaping from behind the bookcase. “You came back.”

“Of course we did.” Dean tells you, smiling, “How are you?”

“I-I’m good.” You tell him, “Liddy died.”

“We know, little one.” Dean sympathises, “Don’t worry, that lady’s going away now.”


“Yes.” He promises.

Suddenly, a cold wind sweeps through the room. You shiver.

“It’s cold.” You mumble. The two guys share a glance, and Sam nods, taking off for the stairs.

“No!” You protest, “She doesn’t like grown-ups on the stairs.” You whisper, shyness remembered.

“It’s okay, sweetie, Sam knows what he’s doing.”

You watch while the brothers evade the ghost. You show them into the basement.

“This is where she sleeps.” You mumble. Dean thanks you, and makes you promise to stay where you are.

Then, when they’re downstairs, she appears. She starts screaming at you.

“YOU ARE A BAD GIRL, I WILL THRASH YOU!” She hollers, getting too close to you. The icy cold radiates off of her.

“No!” You wail. She grabs you by the throat.


“No, she won’t be.” A calm voice comes from behind you. “Come on Y/N.”

Dean scoops you up as the woman disappears. You bury your face in his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Y/N. She can’t hurt you now.”

You see her appear again, behind Dean. You yelp, and he spins around, slashing at her with a metal poker. Then, the form of the woman goes up in flames. You cry out, and Dean bounces you gently.

“It’s alright, Y/N. She’s gone now.” He promises. You look at him, eyes wide.

“Forever?” You ask, and he nods.



“What do we do with her?”

“We can’t just leave her, Sammy.”

“I don’t know if we can-“

“I know we can. Come on. Please.”

There’s a sigh.

“Alright. Let’s do this.”