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As if yall have been right about one single thing so far😂😂

Hm? You meant all the times we could guess when there would be pap pics or fan pics? Or when precisely someone would show somewhere? Or that all the stunts would end? Or that x thing would happen x day, at x hour exactly? Yeah, you’re absolutely right :)


Still feels like a dream, but I marched with @actupny yesterday in NYC Pride with the Resistance group. We built coffins (and that’s @flameofthegrave dressed as the Trump grim reaper) to protest all the ways Trump is gonna fuck up healthcare. I’m the derp with blue hair holding the main banner!

Pride is absolutely a celebration, but it started as protest and its important to remember amongst all the good things what’s at stake for the community and that some things just aren’t over yet. Keep fighting!


The Wedding 

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My friend was in the supermarket

And she was walking past a mom and her teenage son. The mom was yelling at her son and saying things like, “you’re so rude and disgusting! How can you hate gay people?” And her son was frantically interrupting her and trying to explain that that wasn’t what he had meant at all. But, his mom wouldn’t be quiet and he interrupted her and yelled “Mom, I don’t hate gay people, my boyfriend is gay!” And his mom just stood there silently staring at the kid for like ten seconds. What a way to come out