the right leg

My everyday workout🕊

Calf raises (60secs)
Curtsy lunges (60secs)
Single left leg calf raises (60secs)
Side lunges (60secs)
Left lunge knee hops (60secs)
Single right left calf raises (60secs)
Bottom leg lift left (60secs)
Bottom leg lift right (60secs)
Lunges knee hops right (60secs)
Side leg circles right (60secs)
Side leg circles left (60secs)
Backward lunge with frontkick right (60secs)
Backward lunge with frontkick left (60secs)

With that workout you gonna burn 185 cals
(This is real i have that workout from the 7-Minute app if you do all of them it says you’ve bruned 185 cals. Go check it out yourselves guys it has more good workouts)

Cursed Child interval time!

I’ve fallen in love with AntoB again! He’s playing a slightly different Scorpius today (I will elaborate this later)! ALSO when Myrtle does her iconic leg swinging on the sink when she says the lines ‘I do like brave boys’, Scorpius imitates the exact same movement with his skinny little right leg hanging off the top of the sink. I have never laughed so hard in my life 😂 Bless this boy.

Bing and Larry did want kids but they never got the chance to due to work and overall the thought of how stressful and life changing it all is
But there have been times where they talk ab what they’d name there kids, and how many they’d want to have
Fuck there was this one time Bing tried to make a child in the lab out of organic material (ppg style) and it just ended with the experiment exploding, getting over the walls, and bing ending up with a chemical burn running up his right leg

If it makes you feel any better, when Odell was playing with Sonny on that bed, all I was thinking about was wrapping my legs right around that torso as he stroked me into the fifth element. We’re going to hell together, sis. 

You know how the potential Greek Hero for Overwatch got leaked? Here’s my designs for him; named Alexanderos, call name for Overwatch Adonis. Boyfriend to Doomfist. @mmephisto named him, and helped with concepts, and indulged doomfist/greekman

  • The protrusion on his back follows down his entire spine, it can go in or “flatten” so he can lie down comfortably. It is a replacement spine.
  • Left leg, right shoulder/collarbone, and a piece of his left jaw has also been replaced by robotics. 
  • He lorge. He big. 

Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

we have a problem


the right foot in louis’s latest ig photo is bigger than the left one

but it might be a perspective problem, right? okay. then let’s fix the perspective of the ground.

the right foot is still bigger

could it still be perspective? if so, why did the elevated ground make the right foot 2 sizes bigger, but make the ankle SMALLER? 

as well as the logo?

why is the right foot bigger, when adjusting the perspective made both the ankle and the logo smaller? what is making the right foot so big while everything else is the same size?

and speaking of perspective,

the right leg is coming from a much lower angle than the left one. you can see what when you adjust the perspective to make it come from a higher angle like the left foot.

BUT it COULD mean louis’s right hip is just shifted to the side, making the right leg come at a further angle from being extended. but then WHY IS THE RIGHT FOOT MORE FORWARD THAN THE LEFT ONE?
unless the right foot is coming from a completely different body.
which might explain the contrasting conditions of the shoes. left being more wrinkly and bent at the toes, right being more smooth and flat. and notice also how the laces are tied differently.
and if all that isn’t enough to convince you that the feet are coming from two different people, maybe the different skin tones will.
left is more yellow. right is more pink.  and to prove it isn’t a brightness thing, here is the comparison of the skin tones of both legs with the right leg darkened.
if anything, it emphasized the changes even more.  and if THAT wasn’t enough. there is significantly less leg hair on what little skin we can see on the right leg.
while left leg has long thick straight hairs, the right leg has much finer, sparse leg hair that… isn’t so straight. so either louis has a longer, skinnier leg with a bigger foot, warmer skin tone and finer leg hair. or the right foot belongs to someone else. i wonder who.


On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me

(a) six foot tall russian

five volleyballsfour seijou darlings, three ugly sweaters, two stupid volleybirbs & the greatest brotp

((pls click thru bc bonus is hard to read otherwise ))

They should be around during the next Steven birthday party.


If it hasn’t been already, I propose KELPIE Mabel for the Monster Falls AU :vc

For any woman who decided to stop shaving, or wishes to stop, and is afraid of public embarrassment, shaming, being called out, judged, and degraded for it, here’s a list of good comebacks for anyone who makes inappropriate comment!

  • do you tell that to men
  • you should start telling that to men
  • you want to tell me men and women aren’t equal? we have to shave and they don’t? (watch them try to wiggle out of that one lol)
  • i’ll start doing it when all men start doing it, every single one
  • you know what is disgusting, when men do this same thing, leave their hair as it is, I hate it, and yet you don’t see me harassing them
  • why can men walk around like this then?
  • wake up women shaving is capitalistic propaganda
  • women only started shaving in 1915, when razor companies figured they could get more money if they shame women for their leg and armpit hair
  • do you think I’m going to give my money to razor companies? to rich old men?? for what purpose? so they wouldn’t shame me? get out of my face
  • entire population of women was literally bullied into shaving and now you’re trying to bully me into it? good job
  • what would i gain from shaving my legs tho
  • not shaving legs already helped me locate the mysgonist congrats its u
  • did you ever feel the wind blowing through your leg hair ur missing out
  • it’s a new trend its called being good enough as you are
  • it’s a new trend its called who the fuck would i have to shave my legs for
  • it’s a new trend its called protecting your skin from infections
  • you just laugh, but i’m the one saving money
  • I decided to educate men they might not be aware that every single woman grows hair all over her body you’re welcome you’re smarter now
  • it’s special unicorn hair only certain women should grow it u should try it
  • do you really think if you shame me enough you can control me
  • shaving trend ended last week didn’t you hear? this must be embarrassing for you 
  • don’t be jealous, i know my leg hair is pretty but i’m sure yours could be too if you tried harder
  • add more!

“Every single thing he does is a compensation for his disease, and him struggling all the time to prove himself. He is struggling with being crippled and not being the picture of someone who could lead an entire army, the fact that they won’t see his brilliant mind. It’s the most annoying thing, when you’ve got the answers, but you’re not heard.”
                                             ––Alex Høgh Andersen