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What’s the difference?? 대답, 답변, 답장, 답안, and more!

Today, we’ll look at some different words that seem very similar in translation. In English, all of these could be translated simply as “answer.” So, why are there so many words that all basically mean the same thing? When would we use one over the other? Let’s check out the differences between them.

The key to their differences lies in the Hanja, or Chinese characters, that form these words. However, since Hanja isn’t totally necessary to learning Korean (though I recommend that you at least give it a try for various reasons~) I’ll just give the simple answer and then get into the Hanja briefly below.


This word for “answer” is pretty much a general word for “answer.” This can be used for an answer to a request, a question, someone’s name being called, a problem or situation, or… pretty much anything! If you find yourself ever unable to remember the other “answer” words, think of this one as your default.

  • 그 질문에 대답하기는 좀 어렵네요. (It’s a bit difficult to answer that question.) 
  • 내가 네 이름을 몇 번 불렀는데 왜 대답 안 했어? (I called your name a few times; why didn’t you answer?)


답변 is used only for answers to questions. It is generally used for spoken answers to spoken questions, but it can be used to refer to written answers to questions also. It feels a bit more formal than 대답. 

  • 어떤 기자가 그 국회의원한테 뇌물 논란에 대해서 질문했는데 끝까지 못 들은 척하고 답변을 안 하더라고요.   (A reporter asked that National Assembly member about the bribery controversy, but the assemblyman pretended not to hear at all and didn’t answer.)
  • 어제 국립국어원 웹사이트에 질문을 올렸는데 방금 답변이 왔네요. (I posted a question to the National Institute of the Korean Language’s website yesterday, and I just got a reply.)


This word is used just for written answers. This could be a letter, an email, a text message, or any other written format. It could be a response to a question, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, replying to a text message a friend sends you telling you to bring the book you borrowed from them last week would be a 답장.

  • 한 달 전에 그에게 편지를 보냈는데 아직 답장이 안 왔어요. (I sent him a letter a month ago but I have not gotten a reply yet [Lit- a reply has not come yet].)
  • 친구에게 메시지를 보낸 줄 알았는데 메시지를 잘 못 보냈다는 답장이 오더라고요. (I thought I sent the message to my friend, but I got a reply saying I sent it to the wrong person [Lit- I sent it wrongly].)


This word is specifically for answers to exam questions. If you aren’t talking about some kind of test, you can’t use this word!

답안을 시험지에다 깨끗하게 표시하세요. (Please mark your answers cleanly on the test sheet.)

수능 답안이 빨리 나오니까 결과가 나오기 전에도 학생들은 대충 얼마나 잘했는지 알 수 있어요. (The KSAT answers come out quickly so students can know even before the scores come out approximately how well they did.)

정답 and 오답

These words refer to the correct and incorrect answers to something, with 정답 being correct and 오답 being incorrect.

  • 이 퍼즐을 풀어보고 너무 힘들면 제가 도와주고 정답을 알려줄게요. (Try to solve this puzzle, and if it’s too hard I’ll help you and tell you the right answer.)
  • 정답은 B면, A하고 C, D는 오답이죠. (If B is the correct answer; then A, C, and D are incorrect answers.)

漢字 (한자)

Okay, back to the Hanja! As I said above, the key to the differences between the above four words lies in their component characters. If we look at the characters, we see that all four of them have one character in common, 대답할 (to answer) 답 答. It is the other character in each of the words that brings out the differences in meaning.

대답–> 對答 (대할 [to face] 대, 대답 [answer] 답) 

답변–> 答辯 (대답 답, 말씀 [speech] 변) 

답장–> 答狀 (대답 답, 문서 [written document] 장)

답안–> 答案 (대답 답, 책상 [desk] 안)

정답–> 正答 (바를 [straight, upright] 정, 대답 답)

오답–> 誤答 (그르칠 [ruin, spoil] 오, 대답 답)

Some of them are a little less obvious than others, but they generally make sense, right?

As always, happy studying~

Tord: I don’t want to “calm down”- 

Tord: I want Proof! And I know it’s here!

Patryk: Uh, Sir, maybe we should just retire this mission… 

Paul: Patryk’s right, Tord. 

[Give Up]  

[Keep looking]

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I've always liked the thought that McCree was mixed. Native American and something else; like me. But being a halfer sucks; left says your not left but right, and right says your not right but left. Anyway :)

yeah i like that too

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I'm not trying to start anything, but aren't Clary & Jace the main characters in the books? I haven't actually read them, but it's my understanding that Magnus & Alec are in the supporting cast. So, even though I care about the storylines involving Malec the most, it still makes sense to me that, as secondary characters, they don't get as much focus as Cl/imon and Cl/ace

Yes, Clary is the main character in the books that’s why the narrative is mostly from her pov. But the thing is, a tv show works differently than the books. Again, I wouldn’t have a problem with Jace and Clary, i.e. Clace, getting more attention than f.e. Malec or Sizzy on the show. Clary is still the heroine on the show, with Jace as her main love interest, true. But that doesn’t turn Malec or Sizzy into supporting characters or whatever. Because as I said, that’s not how a tv show with 7 main characters work and Magnus and Alec are part of the main cast. (as is Luke but I am not going there….)

Anyway, we all know that Clace is endgame. And I think we all would be okay (at least I am since I actually like Clace) if Clace would get a bit more attention than f.e. Malec, just because Clary is the heroine. But the thing is, that C/limon is, while Simon and Clary are both part of the main characters, is just a ship that won’t last. The problem here is that pretty much nobody likes that ship—but more importantly, we are all done with the different and better treatment they are getting in regards to Malec. At the end of the day, Malec is a canon interracial lgbt+ endgame ship that has been a thing for far longer than the straight couple that is C/limon. But how many sensual and intimate scenes have you seen of them (or the other straight couples while we are at it)? And how many of Malec? They get all the attention (that nobody actually asked for because like pretty much nobody wants to see this!) when we all know it won’t last but Malec doesn’t get half of it even though they are dating way longer and are endgame. Do you get my point, Anon? It’s not about if Clary is the heroine in this or not, it is simply about equality here and treating all your characters in the right way they deserve.

Besides, just because Clary and therefore Clace were the biggest part in the books, doesn’t automatically mean that this can’t be changed on the show. Remember “The Vampire Diaries”? Stefan/Elena was supposed to be the endgame ship when the show started. But the fans actually loved Damon/Elena way more, that’s why the showrunners decided at one point to make Damon/Elena the endgame ship. (don’t @ me, I am just using this as a parallel!) I am not saying to break up Clace and Malec for some other ships or that J/imon or C/lizzy will happen at one point and be canon, but I am saying that even though Clace was the main ship in the books, it doesn’t have to be the same on the show and they could change the focus completely on Malec. Because I think we all agree that Malec is way, waaaay more popular than Clace. (again, no judging, just a statement!)

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I actually wish to talk to you more and be friends with you. But I'm quite shy. (/u\) Is it okay to just say hi to you through chat?



Message me, anon.

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PS: when i talk in ALLCAPS pls think of it as me yelling enthusiastically and not like i’m about to lead an army of bloodthirsty orcs to war, pls do not be afraid


Anon asked: Heyy if you are down for Poe (and not one of those writers who is totally sick of him) can I get a reader x Poe fight based off the thing Leia said where Poe’s commitment to the resistance is absolute, she just wonders what it will cost him? And Poe leaves to go on a mission with them still not talking…but he comes back and finds reader in his room curled up in a ball wearing one of his shirts and he just becomes a cuddle ball of sappiness? No smut just fluff. Thank you dear for considering :)

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Anon, don’t worry, I am utter trash for Poe. ;D)

Plot Summary: You and Poe have an argument in which he disregards his own safety and personal life for the sake of his commitment to the resistance. After an ambush from First Order troops, he realizes just why you were so angry for the first place. But will you forgive him? 

Warning: Light Swearing

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“Y/N, please…” Poe reached out to touch you, but you would not have any of it.

“No, Poe! This is too dangerous! You’re flying directly into the First Order just for a supply run!” You cried out, yanking your body away from his touch.

“You know very well that we both chose to commit ourselves to the Resistance! This is just another mission, what are you freaking out about?” Poe backed up, crossing his arms, emotions bubbling up.

“I know that, but you have people who care about you here! This is way too dangerous! Even Communications are wary about this run!” You yelled, tears practically stinging at your face.

Poe opened his mouth to speak, but his comlink buzzed to life.

“Poe, its almost time to set off, get to the hangar.” Snap’s voice sizzled over the speaker, and you looked down, avoiding his gaze.

“Y/N, I…”

“No. You know what, just go. The resistance is always top priority.” You spat out, turning away to hide your face as the first tears slid down your cheeks.

He reached out his hand to touch you, but shook his head, turning and leaving the room.

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So… you're a star? How does that work?

🌟 C: i didn’t realize not all humans are as understanding as evan.

🌟 C: i’m exactly what i say i am - a star. it’s not hard to understand? i come from space, now i’m on earth. i’m a star in a human body.

🌟 C: …you guys know what i mean, right?

INTP and Guess Work

ISFJ: How the FUCK did you pull that off!?

INTP: Two words. Educated guessing.

ISFJ: Educated my ass! The you haven’t even gone to college!

INTP: No. But I read. A lot. And I have a lot of questions that I need answers too, those answers always give me more questions. I have a bit of knowledge about a lot of things and this allows me to make generally accurate guesses.

ISFJ: Ok, so how did you answer number 10?

INTP: The one asking for the dates of whatever it was?….. ya I didn’t know that one. I just picked the one that sounded right.


INTP: *shrug* I mean, it’d be cool if I guessed right but it’s one question out of like 40, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I picked B though, if you picked C then I’m sure one of us got it right.

Send me a "✏️" if you want my muse to draw your muse

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@official-marinette​ You are right. Miraculous Hell is a beautiful place.

And I am not alone. I have all of you with me.

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We are all in this hell together——

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To everyone self conscious of not having dated, regardless of age, don't be. I didn't start dating until I was 20, bc let me tell you that yes having that intimacy and a partner is great, but if you're not at a point in your life where you're ready for it, it can also be really really bad. It's good to get to know yourself and your own boundaries before you start dating, it helps make you more confident so when you do start dating you don't just fall for anyone, you'll find the right one for you

p r e a c h

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Can you do an INTP and ESTP interaction? Thank you! <3

INTPs are plotting. Wild ESTP friend appears.

INTP 2: We were discussing this cool idea. Tell ESTP!

INTP 1: Yeah, so I was thinking-

ESTP: No, I’m gonna stop you right there. You both need to stop over-analysing everything. The answers are right in front of us.

INTPs: What’s it?

ESTP: C h a o s.

INTP 2: …

INTP 1: …
INTP 1: I like that answer.

INTP 2: It’s a good answer.

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92 and 99 please :D

Yay, thanks for asking!

92. have you ever been drunk?

Ohhh my…. yes.

Gotta say that the first time I got drunk it wasn’t because my curiosity or friends influence…. the one who got me drunk was one of my cousins. She’s a distant relative but my mom insisted at that time it was the perfect moment for me hang with her and her friend to go buy a present for a babyshower, and we did that. I thought that we were going to auntie’s home after buying but instead we ended up in a bar.

I tried to drink only one beer in the entire afternoon but whenever my cousin saw that my bottle had less than a half she called the waiter and asked for more. Words like “Come on dummy, it’s my gift for you so drink” were her excuse to make me drink, her friend encouraged that too so I couldn’t say no to both of them. At the eight beer I couldn’t get a hold on myself, I wasn’t used to drink beer (I hated it at that time).

I remember half of the trip back home and nothing more. My mom told me the next morning that when we arrived I went up straight to the bed and I didn’t move, so my brother (he was eight at that time) worried a lot thinking that I was dead, lmao.

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99. what is your zodiac sign

Scorpio c:

Again, thank you! Have a nice day!

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But why, Harry? /Why?/ Could it be that perhaps, deep down in you, you have liked what he has done to you? Or worse, could it be that you actually /love/ him? Why else would he haunt you like that, if not because your heart is in his hands?

Harry paled so much he looked phantom-like. “I…I…” It was because Llewellyn ingrained himself into Harry’s mind so deeply…right? That’s what the therapists had told him. That’s what he’d believed all these years. But there always had been that underlying…well fear was the best way to describe it. A fear that he had liked it. But…no. No! No, he hadn’t liked it…at least not after the fact. Not once he realised what had happened, what he’d been…turned in to. Harry had loved Llewellyn at the time, of course he had, because that’s what Lewie, fuck, Llewellyn had made him think and feel and believe. 

“It’s because…he’s still here because…because…”

“I didn’t like it! I didn’t. And I don’t love him; I never have.” As for his heart…well he didn’t even want to think about that. “Because he kept me like a pet, like a child, for five months! That doesn’t just go away. H-He’s always gggoing to be here. Oh god…he’s always going to be here.”