the riders jacket


i wanna know what benny looked like as a tribal !!!! :’D (if you talk with benny at caesar’s tent he tells you his secret backstory)

PS.: of course i drew the picture too but i couldn’t find a way too work it into this short scene so here’s that as a bonus:

(also: benny has lots of pictures of his and his chairman family before and after their boot rider days in his jacket, at least in my headcanon)

Who wants to hop in?

ampora rotation

Cronus(ancestors troll) -> Orphaner Dualscar (beta troll) -> Eridan (alpha troll) -> Cronus


 *just re-design.  u_u

 -explain: [1] [2]

 *HS rotation finally complete!













Clothes of Cronus, was designed rider jacket.

He has no accessories.