the riders jacket

Who wants to hop in?


i wanna know what benny looked like as a tribal !!!! :’D (if you talk with benny at caesar’s tent he tells you his secret backstory)

PS.: of course i drew the picture too but i couldn’t find a way too work it into this short scene so here’s that as a bonus:

(also: benny has lots of pictures of his and his chairman family before and after their boot rider days in his jacket, at least in my headcanon)

ampora rotation

Cronus(ancestors troll) -> Orphaner Dualscar (beta troll) -> Eridan (alpha troll) -> Cronus


 *just re-design.  u_u

 -explain: [1] [2]

 *HS rotation finally complete!













Clothes of Cronus, was designed rider jacket.

He has no accessories. 


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Can you do top 10 for taetae please?

Kim Taehyung’s Top 10 Twitter Pictures 2015

1. When Taehyung pulled off Puma model even when he wasn’t trying to.

2. When TRB had nothing on Kim Taehyung being your resident muffin.

3. When you’re going through your punk/emo phase but you’re still hot.

4. When Tae’s eyes were an ocean you could swim in ft. his arms i cry ngl

5. That time Taehyung looked like your homeboy next door but x100 cuter.

6. Taehyung pulls out the smoldering sexy stare at the camera and no one is okay.

7. When ARMY couldn’t decide which was cuter, the adorable cinnamon roll fluff ball or the puppy.

8. Officer Kim Taehyung. Nuff said.

9. Airplane wishes ft. Kim Taehyung’s neck veins.

10. Rider leather jacket and earrings and I’m not okay mission ABORT

[BONUS] : And of course, lets not forget this Holy Grail in Kim Taehyung’s Twitter pictures career which cannot be left without mention.

Yoongi ver.  Namjoon ver.  Hoseok ver  Jungkook ver. Jimin ver.


Kind Of Squarzi

Today’s outfit is sort-of inspired by Alessandro Squarzi (the founder of Fortela) who’s image you would have no doubt seen all over the internet (usually for an article showing stylish older men).

I’ve noticed that he likes wearing white jeans, a vest and a double-rider or M-65 jacket. It’s a great look that is easy to put together and relaxed. I’ve taken my cues from that but changed it a little - the jacket is a light overshirt and the jeans are faded blue not white. The chukkas are crepe-soled which makes them very comfortable to walk on and this shade of suede actually looks really good with dark denim.

Jacket - Engineered Garments

Vest - Man 1924

Shirt - River Island

Jeans - Orslow 107 Two Year Wash

Socks - Anonymous Ism

Shoes - Trenery