the ridell bros

Highlights from the Elders React: Rammstein

*Doom making out with the lady during Du Hast* “Get in the back! There’s more room back there!!!”

“Must be one of them foreign bands.”

“There was some sort of sex thing going on in the beginning.  BIG DEAL.”

*during sonne* “W-what is this????”

“He’s rubbing the apple in kind of a suggestive way.”

“Heavy metal meets… opera… or something” *awkward laugh*

*monotone voice* “that’s radical”

*during mann gegen mann* “Nudity?!?! NUDITY!!!!”

Surprised “oh my” during mgm and then a slightly turned on “oh my”

“although they have nice bodies”

“that’s a tad unusual”

*after mgm* “oh i liked that!! That was very rock n roll!!! I don’t mind looking at naked guys”


*during Benzin live* “Can we make it more extreme???? Oh yeah!!! Let’s light each other on fire!”

*beginning of Pussy* oooooooooooooohhhh.  We’ve got some bdsm going on!!!”

“I’m liking this better than the all oiled men”

“Good clean fun!!!!”