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source-Fletcher Wildlife Garden

The Fletcher Wildlife Garden (FWG) was initiated in 1990 on a 6 hectare site on the Central Experimental Farm located in the middle of Ottawa, close to downtown. It is adjacent to the Dominion Arboretum and close to the Rideau Canal. our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to create or restore natural landscapes on their urban or rural property for the benefit of wildlife and the environment.


On Carleton’s tenth birthday, the school received a gift unlike any other—the power to grant degrees. With the College’s official academic authority secured, the campus, the school, and the student body began to change. As Carleton gained academic respectability, it also gained some resources.

In 1951, Carleton’s library moves from its spot at the top of the main Glebe Campus building at First Avenue to its new premises just south on the same block. The Second Avenue building was a small one-storey structure with windows placed high up on its walls, and a connection to the main building by a passageway. Designed to house 50,000 volumes and 200 seats, the new library gives Carleton an accessible and visible space for scholarship and a sense of vitality. 

As Carleton adds resources like the library building, the school starts making big decisions—including the purchase of a large plot of land that’s squeezed between the Rideau River and the Canal. By the end of the decade, Carleton College was officially declared Carleton University, and the big move to the new Rideau River Campus was already underway.

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CN’s Super Continental arriving as seen from under train shed at old Ottawa Ontario Union Station, June 18, 1956. by Jon Archibald
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From under train shed at old Ottawa Ontario CN CP Union Station, John McIntosh blue-border Kodak Ektachrome of CNR Canadian National Railways railway railroad Super Continental passenger train diesel locomotive GMD EMD F-unit FP-9 Rideau canal. These tracks into the shed are now replaced by Colonel By Drive, and the station since 1966 has been used as a government conference centre with much of its waiting area and concourse intact. It is however closed to the general public, hence a good place I suppose for behind-closed-doors, back-room political shenanigans :) The Rideau Canal is some say the world’s longest skating rink in winter, and a focal point of the annual “Winterlude”, where “beavertails” (sugar-coated fried pastries) can be had in quantity. President Obama had one on his first international visit (traditionally to Canada for recently-inaugurated Presidents as a kind of warm-up visit to other more major world centres) in 2009. This slide was almost completely washed out in a pink cast, but the Epson V750 software saved what it could with one or two clicks.

“Brass Point Bridge”

The Milky Way and some fog at Brass Point Bridge.

“A long and narrow steel bridge with wooden decking which incorporates a wooden swing bridge (an unequal arm, center bearing timber swing bridge, one of only four remaining on the Rideau) at the west end. The swing bridge is operated by Parks Canada. This long (148 m / 485 ft) bridge was originally built in 1887. The wooden spans were replaced with steel spans in 1903 and new cribbing was installed in 1978.
This is the only remaining bridge of this type (multi-span with a swing bridge) on the Rideau Canal. There used to be similar bridges at places such as Rideau Ferry, Becketts Landing, Kars and Manotick - those have all been replaced by high level bridges."  - Ken W Watson,

JJ in the winter enjoys going to Ottawa to skate the Rideau Canal and tries to inspire more people to love figure skating by doing small routines on the ice as he skates along. He loves the way the children’s eyes light up while they watch him. He often has to stop skating to take a breather because he’s laughing too much and having too much fun.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s lock on the Corktown Footbridge over the Rideau Canal(aka lover’s bridge or w/e its called) in Ottawa, Ontario.


Congratulations to Mark & Marissa, who got engaged yesterday on the pedestrian foot bridge over the canal!

Mark called me on Friday, asking me if I’d be available to photograph his proposal… they drove all the way in from Montreal! She had absolutely no idea.

I had to hide in the bushes… so I’m really sorry to all the people jogging and biking on the canal who thought I was a huge creeper with a huge zoom lens hiding in the bushes. I had to do what I had to do.

Ottawa, Canada
June 27, 2015