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This why it is truly galling to see Ruth Jong Un posing at publicity event (for herself) with a disability charity, riding a disability scooter having the time of her life, while the party SHE represents takes away disabled people’s cars and rights and in some cases their lives!


an incomplete list of the batshit insane things hermione’s done

-prioritized her education over her life

-instantly became ride or die with harry after the troll incedent

-set snape on fire

-brewed an illegal potion for two months in the girls’ bathroom

-turned into a furry

-immediate thought upon encountering a giant murdersnake was ‘better make sure the others find this page on my helpless petrified body bc god knows they won’t figure it out themselves’

-wanted to take finals after like a month in a magical coma

-traveled through time to get even more homework

-figured out lupin was a werewolf and didn’t tell anyone because he was a relatively competent teacher compared to magic ryan seacrest and literal voldemort

-essentially snatched trelawney’s weave gotdamn

-slugged draco malfoy, terrified him and his hulking buddies into running, went back in time to watch it again

-confronted a werewolf and his alleged mass murderer friend because, again, ride or die

-broke time travel laws in order to jailbreak azkaban escapee and his pet hippogriff

-dated an international sports star

-put up with all the vile shit rita skeeter wrote about her

-joined secret order dedicated to fighting voldemort

-put up with harry’s shit

-imprisoned a woman in a jar for months, blackmailed her into doing what she wanted

-formed and organized secret defense class, peer pressured harry into leading it

-permanently disfigured the girl who ratted them out. snitches get stitches.

-manipulated the shit out of umbridge

-basically left her to rot in the forbidden forest

-went to fight death eaters with like six of her mates despite her misgivings (RIDE. OR. DIE.)

-immediately agreed to destroy the dark lord’s soul with her buddies despite not having any idea how (RIDE! OR! DIE!)

-mind wiped her parents and made them go to australia to keep them safe

-essentially singlehandedly kept harry and ron alive and functional for the majority of the deathly hallows

-wore the locket while still managing not to be a shithead

-got the shit tortured out of her by bellatrix lestrange. didn’t go insane.

-fought in the battle of hogwarts. didn’t die.

-was unfailingly loyal and did everything she could to keep harry safe for seven years, even when he was quite frankly being a jackass


Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X



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When Clarke leaves Polis (after Lexa's death) and stops in the same spot where Lexa watched over her(season 2 at the forest scene). What's that suppose to mean? She knew where she was right? It means "I'll protect you now" or "Oh, yes we were here a long time ago", or "we'll this is ironic", the scene was short, she looked at the flame and the tower, but I didn't catch the purpose & meaning of it.

She actually isn’t in the same spot. (x)

You can see the Polis tower in 309, while it’s nowhere to be found in the first gif. I think it was established that Polis is a few hours away from Arkadia, and consequently from TonDC, which is nearby the clearing where Lexa and Clarke were resting in 210. So no, I don’t think Clarke is thinking about that moment. Her mind is in a far darker, sadder place here. This is what I believe she is thinking.

She rides away from Polis, running for her life, her people’s, and well… for Lexa’s. She is still close enough to the city that it’s dangerous for her to stop, but she does anyway. Why? Because she sees the red smoke. Red smoke that literally represents Lexa’s body being burned. She stops because Lexa is dead, and seeing that smoke is yet another proof that Clarke lost her.

And what does she do next? (x)

She hurriedly takes out the Flame and looks at it. Why? To remind herself that Lexa isn’t completely gone. That a part of her is still alive. That shot is particularly telling to me: we see in the background the tower and the smoke, symbol of Lexa’s death, and in the forefront Clarke with the Flame, the one thing left of Lexa. Her body is gone, yes, but her conscience is still in there, which means that her life is tied to Clarke.

And there is so much in the way Clarke looks at the Flame. (x)

There is heartbreak, because this is not enough, this tiny part of Lexa is not even remotely enough. There is doubt, because can this be real? Can Lexa really be in there? There is tiredness, because this is yet another person Clarke loved and lost.

But if this is all she has left of Lexa, she is going to make sure to protect it, her, with everything she has: with her life, as she told Titus.


In an animated short film by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, a lonely widow in historic South Chicago is inspired to start sharing the ride — and sharing her life, too. Featuring original song, “Movin,” written and performed by Lyft driver-turned-recording artist Sir the Baptist, who launched his music career after a connection with a Lyft passenger.

I storyboarded on this beautiful short. Loved working on this! Honored with work with such an amazing crew. 


I can talk for weeks about this episode! Another thought:

The results of the Olitz break-up in S5 lead many Olitzers to rest on misconceptions about it’s demise. Olivia was blamed for everything, and if she’d only given them a chance, she would have been very happy in wedded bliss with Fitz. They greatly believed that Jake and her father’s presence in her life pulled her out of the light to help create the Olitz problems and prevented her return to Fitz. As we know, Shonda has been shedding a hard light on the core of people’s nature and the nature of their relationships. It seems to me that part of the motivation for this is to finally address misconceptions, and this 100th episode did just that. Shonda gave Olitzers all that they have been begging for and complaining about, WHILE staying true to her own intentions for the story.

Shonda presented our Scandal characters at their core being the exact same people shed of Defiance; drastic, external lifestyles didn’t alter that. However, the one important person missing in Olivia’s what if imagination was Jake. Yes, he had a moment with Fitz, BUT, for Olivia’s ride-or-die partner in real life, who has been by her side the entire time, a man she shanked for and boldly faced her father as COMMAND for, for the very first time in her entire life, it was interesting that he was seemingly a blip in his own partners thoughts, nearly nonexistent. In a promo released the day of the episode, where tons of scenes were flashed, it ended with Jake and Olivia talking about standing in the sun, together. We also saw the island scene of them with Olivia wearing her natural hair proud and free! Now, the episode opened up with Olivia caught between idealism - Fitz, and Jake - realism. Fitz says, it’s my way or the highway in choosing Cyrus, but Jake doesn’t give her a rigid ultimatum, he simply provides his OPINION to his partner, which motivates Olivia to think on her own and eventually come to her OWN decision/opinion in choosing Cyrus. Even though we are witnessing the struggle between the men on the decision of Mellie or Cyrus in the WH or how to remove the power players, the underlying decision of Olitz and Olake is THERE! Shonda put this there purposely. She is always speaking on this struggle since it’s a great metaphor in highlighting the struggle between Olivia’s own two sides of idealism and realism, power and normal. Olitz and Olake reflect Olivia’s own personal journey. And, here we are at the decision episode.

So, how does this underlying decision transfer into Olivia’s thoughts after both men leave the office, when Jake is seemingly a blip in it? So little a blip, that you might as well say he was not there at all, not even interacting for a Nano second with Olivia in some random but telling path cross or something. WELL, I believe Shonda DID have Jake all up and through there in hidden, most subtle ways, functioning under the radar of Olitzers who would find a way to blame Jake for any negativity expressed between Olitz, missing Shonda’s point in wanting us to focus on Olivia and Fitz’s OWN problems. Not problems caused by outsiders or other external factors, but their OWN internal problems. But, if we can watch closely with an open and unbiased eye, we can see Jake is subtly there. Shonda has to find a way to isolate Olitz in allowing people to see the truth of the fantasy allowed to run its course, but also stay true to her desire to speak on Olivia’s internal struggle, mirrored through Olitz and Olake. You can’t have anyone else who is questionable around the uber fantasy play out, giving viewers the opportunity to attach blame when they see things don’t work out as expected between the love birds. Scandal media history has faithfully shown, it will happen since Olitz is simply too much soul-mates in love not to be fabulous, lol!!! At least, not to experience a very happy marriage filled with being IN LOVE. 

So, how does Shonda accomplish all this?  1. Give the uber fantasy, bells, whistles and all in a wedding mirroring Fitz’s uber romantic proposal. 2. Put Olivia in a beautiful, traditional, princess wedding gown, the likes of which many have witnessed in photo shopped images of Oliva in wedding gowns on social media. 3. DON’T bring in any nay sayers to the union, and DON’T delay the dream! They rushed to the dream: Fitz is married, looses presidency, divorced, BAM, at Olivia’s door in no time ready to marry her, they have sex, wedding bells are ringing. Give it to them, and give it to them now! 4. Briefly, and realistically, show her father by being at the wedding, unhappy, to eventually slither out the door, never to be in Olivia’s presence again. Eli is not an issue. 5. Mellie has nothing to say until the wedding is already underway. She’s miserable, kicked to the side, can’t believe he did it, it’s over. 6. Jake is NOWHERE in plain sight. That’s it. It’s smooth Olitz sailing from her on. As one Olitzer tweeted, it was so wonderful, everything they always wanted, in the beginning. 

So, where is Jake’s hidden presence? In 3 major places: 1. Olivia’s natural hair (which many of you talked about). 2. Marcus 3. The fact that Olivia did not want to travel like a rock star and live in some “huge and expensive” (as she put it) Vermont like home somewhere on Mt. Olympus, depending on Fitz’s money. Fitz wanted to blow off work and play in the upper crust sandbox, but Olivia wanted to go to work! Money is no object, Fitz informed her, but Olivia wanted normal living, working, earning, and making things happen for herself. She did not want to be a kept wife riding her husband’s riches. Jake left Olivia’s apartment to establish his own base in S4 since he told Liv he will not be a kept man. She liked her own, modest apartment. Olivia wanted NORMAL; what is considered mediocre to Fitz’s way of life. The scene when Abby shows up to Olivia’s cheap looking office area; you can tell Abby looks down on it a bit, but Olivia didn’t mind it at all. 4. The OLAKE SEXY/TANGO scene slightly adjusted for Olitz! It was flipped for Fitz to show up in finding Olivia at her door when it was Jake at the door, Olivia displays the same brush off attitude she gave to Jake - playing hard to get. She acts as if she doesn’t care, and you think that Jake is going to leave on the elevator the way Olivia let the elevator doors close on her, but at the VERY last surprising minute, Olivia flips in rushing to both men! Fitz even lifted Olivia up with her legs wrapped around Fitz’s waste, just like with Jake, ending with the door pound of Olivia’s back against it! It was a nod to JAKE and Olake! Another nod to Jake was Olivia wearing a leather jacket, just like Jake! I remember looking like, wow… Olivia in a leather Jacket. It felt odd but I liked it! But, I now realize it was a nod to Jake.

Elaborating just a bit on #1, the natural hair. We all know Olivia only wore that with Jake. There was one time she was in the shower with Fitz when her hair naturally wet and hanging due to the water, but I noticed that, when Cyrus burst into the room to find her and Fitz the next day still in bed, it was all straightened out. She put that flatiron to it before going to bed with Fitz since I don’t believe she felt comfortable with her hair dry, a bit puffier, and not hanging with Fitz. How many women has been with their boyfriend overnight, and you make sure your face and hair are on point while in the bed with him! I can see her doing her hair in private while Fitz is in bed waiting or watching television, whatever. But, with Jake, she has no problem wearing it natural and free. The natural has always been associated with Olake.  Lastly, to elaborate a bit on #2, Marcus. Marcus represented Jake in being a partner next to her that she seems most equal to, compatible with. They even had Marcus dance with Olivia! They seemed so compatible and happy around one another that Fitz accused her with sleeping with Marcus. Fitz felt threatened by Marcus just like he felt threatened by Jake in real time. Abby even looks at them questionably when she finds them dancing together; she came to discuss Olivia being a better wife to Fitz. Abby admitted that Fitz was a disaster, but because he is her husband, she believes Liv should try. I felt the Jake qualities within him so much. Liv even did that giddy jumping up and down like when she saw that Jake was about to dance with her. I remember thinking before likening him to Jake that, if Liv weren’t married, I can see her and Marcus getting together. Jake was by her side the whole time in the AT, quietly, as usual. Had Jake played in Marcus’s position, he’d have just been allocated some of the blame for the poor marriage. With Marcus put in the equal partnership-like role, people won’t associate them as harboring romantic feelings, since Marcus and Liv have none of that vibe in real time. He loves Mellie.

to my darling @somanyfandomssolittletime on the occasion of her birth, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! things kind of caught me off-guard the last two weeks so I wrote this bit in a hurry, but it’s quick and it’s dirty and it involves biceps and hockey ass

See, this was why they didn’t work out together. It wasn’t enough that they’re sweaty and their muscles burned, but now there was that and they were rolling around on the mats and she was pretty sure she would never be able to walk into the training facility with a straight face ever again.

She’d been minding her own business and focusing on her bench dips, and her husband had been doing sprints on the treadmill. And apparently he was out to prove something, because after he’d finished that, Killian had sauntered – there was really no other way to describe it – past her field of vision to the rack of dumbbells, where he proceeded to do the most unfair thing in the world:

Set himself up right where she could see him doing his one-arm dumbbell row reps.

He knew what that did to her, that fucking perfect ass of his on display and his biceps bulging and the quiet grunts of effort as he kept his posture straight.

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate just how precious Lotte is?

I mean besides being a meek and soft-spoken girl, she seems like the kind of person who doesn’t expect too much from her life and other people. Maybe it’s because of the bullying she experienced as a child, but it feels like she’s content with just being… there. Letting life pull her along for the ride, or something like that. That’s probably why she doesn’t always object to Akko’s crazy schemes, right?

Then comes episode 10 where she’s suddenly thrust into a grand party with Akko and Sucy, and thanks to the latter, a bunch of male suitors are completely smitten before her feet. She’s like “I’m not that interesting at all” but the guys are bombarding her with question after question about herself. Probably for the first time in a long while - perhaps ever - people are showing an active interest in Lotte as a person. They actually want to learn more about things that make Lotte an interesting person, even if she denies being one. She is desirable, just like the heroine in those stories she loves so much.

Then the magic runs out, and suddenly the fairy tale is over. The boys walk away, confused and disinterested, almost as if they regret ever showing any interest in Lotte.

“Of course this would happen,” she tells herself.

She chuckles and acts like it’s fine.

As if this is normal.

Lotte Jansson is just a “boring and average girl” after all.  How dare she expected anything more. Life isn’t a fairy tale like in the books.

But even if was a fairy tale, for bit, just a bit, she wanted to believe it was real. For another moment longer, she wanted believe that she was the princess of the story.

i live on the third floor of the house and ive always called it the tower and lemme tell you the fact that “evermore” exists and i can now run around up stairs and gazing out the windows like im watching the love of my life ride away on a horse to save her dad while it’s just me again and my melancholy heart just really ascended my life to new heights

Non importa se dovrai camminare da solo per un po’.
È molto meglio camminare da soli nella direzione giusta, che camminare a fianco di qualcuno nella direzione sbagliata.
Zarya with a smol s/o headcanons

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- Forest

• If you’re shorter than her then she’ll hecking hug you a lot bc you fit perfectly in her strong arms.
• She’ll probably call you cute nickname names related to your height (Ex: мой маленький which means “My small one”)
• If you’re insecure about your height, oh boy get ready to be picked up bridal style and getting attacked with kISSES ALL OVER YOUR FACE
• She’ll protect you with her life™
• 100% will let you ride on her shoulders
• Will sometimes not bend down to give you the smooches when you want them just to tease you
• If someone is flirting with you she’ll stand at her full height next to you and glare them down hardcore.
• she’ll probably probably bENCH PRESS YOU LORD SAVE ME NOW
• Always the big spoon (will be the small spoon if you ask. She’ll giggle when you try to hug her bc you’re so small, what a cutie you are)

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On the subject of problems with the BATB costumes, I feel like not enough people are bothered by Belle tucking her blue skirt into her waistband. Did that bother you at all? It was hardly a tight or movement-restricting skirt and, even worse, it showed her bloomers. Did the costume makers forget that bloomers were underwear? Belle was going around with her underwear on display!

Sorry for the delayed reply here. And AGREED. 

The bloomer thing would make sense when she was out and about, on her own riding, living her own life. But leaving home with her skirt tucked up and bloomers on display would be like leaving your apartment in London with your thong on display. Sure, you CAN do it, but… weeeeiiirrrrd. If you were at the seaside, however, fewer would react. Time and place!

Especialy, as you say, her skirt isn’t restrictive at all. It’s short, it’s quite wide, it’s soft, and with no stiffened paniers or underwear. She doesn’t really… well, NEED the skirt to be tucked up?

That said, i like her blue dress. I like that it’s quite alive, with a basic look you can add or remove lots of details from to vary the total. Feels like an actual historical attire. I also like the fact that she wears bloomers. I just don’t think there’s a point to leaving the house, going into the village, with them on display like that. You wouldn’t do that today, you wouldn’t do that back then.