the riddler art

The  all squad is going out incognito tonight!

(I really wanted to animate some people walking!)

Btw, you’re more than 1000 people to follow this blog and my animation! This makes me so happy to see so many people enjoying my work! Thank you so much :D

say hello to new Ed~

BTW if You have a trouble with save this as a gif or something, please visit deviantart (also barnowlsoul). (i don’t know what’s wrong with it…) /sorry!


You know that Selina likes you when she steals from you… ;P

@myinnermostapocalypse  and @blueiceegirl
I hope you like it :D

I tried another style for this one, more rough and traditional :) (even if takes me sooooo long to do this x) )

Anyway, see you soon ;)


+300 followers! this is for Yoouuu!!! :DD

yep… my another messy animation. sorry about these lil grey things below but i couldn’t resist mwahahah

oh and this is an optimized version so if you’d like to see it in original size visit deviantart (also barnowlsoul)


Snape and Nygma get ready to duel

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drop the bass and dance like Kristen Kringle on my gif! *ba dum tss* #i know it’s not funny…

under my last post are so many “fuck”, “shit” and tears (but it’s awesome, i love You, Guys)… so i decided i’ll make something more possitive *stupid laugh*

/and… omfg… 3x15… TODAY!!!! i’m dying/

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