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The things that sucked about season two

Ah yes, the most fun list of them all. Now while there are definitely more than just five things wrong with this season, we’d be here all day if I put more. So we’ll stick with five. All righty, lets go! (Fair warning, this one is a bit longer as far as words go. Just a heads up.)

5. Sanvers: Before you grab your pitchforks, hear me out. It’s not the the relationship itself that I have a problem with, that aspect is fine. It’s more of how they handled it. To clarify, when they announced that Alex was gonna have a girlfriend this season, they treated it like it was the second coming. I mean everyone was so hyped, but when you get down right to it, it’s honestly nothing more than just a regular romance arc. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it at first. I thought Alex coming out was very well handled and well written, Chyler and Floriana have really good chemistry, and their scenes are nice. But I just felt it didn’t add anything significant to the story. And before you say “oh well it gives Alex someone to love and lean on”, we’ll get to that later. So yea, good relationship, just overhyped. Hence it’s the least of the problems I had.

4. James as Guardian: I’m not gonna lie, this one I’m a little biased on. As I said in my previous list, Im an enormous Superman fan. So that means I have a fairly strong image of Jimmy Olson. I’m not trying to piss on Mechad Brooks, he’s not bad, I’ve just never had much of a Jimmy Olson vibe from him. I mean Jimmy is supposed to represent the Everyman, the little guy. He’s cool because even though he’s just this average guy, he’s best friends with Superman, that is really inspiring. And instead we get this mega hunky, Rico Suave type guy who refuses to go by the name Jimmy. Ummm, ok….. Though I will admit, James actually did grow on me through season one. While it wasn’t my image of Jimmy, I did learn to like and respect this version of the character. But once he became Guardian, that’s what finally pushed it for me. Once again, what does it add to the story? I mean once in a while we’ll see him beat up some bad guys, he’ll help out the team every now and then, but that’s pretty much it. And it just came completely out of nowhere too. I mean he all of a sudden knows martial arts and wants to be a hero? No build up, no hints, nothing. Just slam, bam, thank you ma'am, and now I’m a vigilante. And the funny thing is, James has proven that he can be just as much of a hero just by being himself. Heck, I’d say his more heroic moments are when he’s not Guardian. His scene where he brought Marcus out of his trance was easily one the most powerful scenes in the show, and he achieved it just by being himself, no mask needed. It’s just too random, and too pointless if you ask me.

3. Snapper replacing Cat: My biggest problem with this was the fact that they tried to make Snapper a replacement for her, and they just made him annoying. I mean I understand what they’re doing, he’s being a jackass so that Kara can mature as a reporter. I mean the idea itself isn’t horrible, and it is effective to Kara as a character, there is just one little problem with it. They already did all that crap in season one with Cat! It was just repetitive and lazy. Why do mentor figures always have to be giant dickwads? It’s been done a billion times before. Why not have Snapper be a nice guy? It wouldn’t have taken away anything. I speak from personal experience when I say, you can give creative criticism without being douchebag about it. At least when Cat was being a bitch, it was still very clear that she actually cared about Kara and wanted her to grow and succeed. With Snapper, what did we get? “At a girl Danvers” and “I was rooting for you”. Riveting, isn’t it? It just seemed like a wasted opportunity. We could’ve had a new and interesting mentor relationship, and you just threw it away for an overused cliche.

2. Lack of Kara and Alex: Believe me when I tell you, this one came very close to being number one. Kara and Alex’s relationship was easily the best thing about season one. Their relationship was the heart of the whole show. Looking back on season two, I can think of maybe one couch scene that they had (and that’s not an exaggeration, I literally can’t remember there being any more than just one). This is actually one of the problems I had with Alex and Maggie. It seems as though they’re purposely trying to separate Kara and Alex by giving them love interests. I mean having a love interest is ok, if it’s not out of character, and boy oh boy, was she out of character. I mean for starters, there is no way Alex would let Kara be taken to a parallel Earth without her, she would not push Kara to date you know who, and Alex actually ditching Kara on her birthday to go to some stupid concert? Pardon my French, but what the fuck?! What bullshit are you dumbasses playing at? I mean did you forget the entire season of character development you built up for these two? We almost never get any serious interactions with them. The only ones I can think of were when Kara thought about going to Metropolis and when Alex came out. Other than that, nothing. They never had a scene after Jeremiah betrayed them, we never even got a scene after Alex almost fucking drowned! They practically have nothing. In fact, I remember specifically when Alex said she wasn’t slipping away, I actually yelled “bullshit” at my tv screen. Cause that is exactly what she is doing. Did you forget that Alex went into a highly dangerous dream world (cough cough what should have happened in the musical episode) and flew into a space with a decades old spacecraft to save Kara??? Nope, sorry, you are the weakest link. I want them back. I want sister nights, I want couch scenes, and I want them actually communicating like family again. And like I said earlier, this one came very close to being number one. So I’m sure you must be wondering what number one could possibly be. Well to quote Nicolas Cage from ‘Face Off’: “Take one goddamn guess.”

1. Mon-El: …………Where do I begin? Let’s start with the basics. He’s annoying, he’s a terrible love interest for Kara, he’s a pathetic excuse for a superhero, he has some of the weakest character development I’ve ever seen, he takes up way too much screen time, and he’s about as charming as road kill. But why stop there? He’s also immature, and he never takes responsibility for anything. I mean, he actually had the opportunity to go back to his home planet and make the lives of his people better and thereby preventing the impending invasion of earth that would no doubt kill hundreds of humans and Daxamites alike, and what does he do? Decides to be selfish and stay on Earth where he continued to be a annoying burden. But even that’s not all. I actually described the things Mon-El has said and done to a few of my friends, and I asked them what they would do if they were in Kara’s shoes. They all unanimously agreed that they would kick his ass to the curb. Kara and Mon-El are not a good couple, at all. Their romance is awkward, cringeworthy, and a little disturbing. A relationship should be built on trust, honesty, mutual respect, and compassion. This relationship has consisted of nothing but lies, arguing, straight up vocal abuse, and more arguing. I still, for the life of me, cannot see why they are a couple. I don’t know about you guys, but if my significant other lied to me about their identity since the moment I met them, it would take more than one musical episode later for me to forgive them. And he’s always making up excuses instead of just owning up to his mistakes and actually learning. And btw, using the “he’s not human” excuse is not valid. In case you forgot, Kara and J'onn are aliens too. While yes, they’ve been on earth longer, they stretched his fish out of water storyline way longer than it needed. But for me personally, there is one thing above all that makes his whole characterization one of the most insulting comic to live action adaptations I’ve ever seen. It’s that they took a fun, goodhearted, enjoyable character, and turned him into this unpleasant, unsympathetic, unlikeable asshole. As far as I can tell, him and his comic book counterpart have two things in common, the name and planet of origin. Other than that, they literally have nothing in common. For those who don’t know, Mon-El is not the prince of Daxam in the comics. He’s literally just a regular guy. He’s an explorer from Daxam who crashed on Earth, losing his memories in the process, where he met Young Clark Kent. Given that they shared the same powers (Daxamites have all Kryptonian abilities, not just strength and speed) they figured he must be from Krypton. Hence Mon-El decided to give himself that name (his real name is Lar Gand). But when exposed to lead, he obtained lead poisoning, gaining his memory back in the process, and Clark put him in the Phantom Zone to save him. He was then released by the Legion of Superheroes in the thirty first century, they cured him of his lead poisoning, and he joined them. Now tell me, does that backstory sound even remotely close to the one in Supergirl? No, not even close. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I would’ve much rather had the comic book version of Mon-El than whatever Supergirl did. And to top it all off, we see the biggest part of this seasons recurring theme, it was just wasted potential. Honest to God, I mean this when I say, Chris Wood would’ve made a good Mon-El had they stuck to the proper storyline. And bless his heart, it’s clear Chris is trying his best, but it’s still just not working. We could’ve had a fun storyline. I mean Supergirl acting as a mentor figure to a young superhero, a superhero who has never been in live action form that has all of Superman’s powers. It had serious potential, it really did. But instead it was wasted and botched up in place for a stupid romance that should’ve never even been an idea in the first place. All of this is why Mon-El is easily the worst thing about season two.



“So glad I got to know you. The times that we had I’ll keep like a photograph. I’ll hold you in my heart forever, I’ll always remember you…”

Innocent Child

Being Jason Todd’s wife and the the batfamily doesn’t know Jason is married to you - a nice, sweet “innocent” girl actions. @flamingtacomoose

I honestly love making Jaybird writings whenever I can and I am stoked to do this…. I’ll never say ‘stoked’ again. Sorry.


Its short because it was a late school night…. Sorry

“I don’t like it.” You huffed as you slumped your shoulders to your husband who was on the edge of the bed looking at you in the doorway of the bathroom in the third dress you changed into. “Y/N you look like gold. Lets go.” He said running his hands on the seem of the dress softly kissing your forhead. You sighed knowing that you two were going to be late if you changed again. “Im sorry Jay. Its not everyday you meet your husband’s billion dollar playboy father,  I guess I don’t to disappoint” He chuckled and laced his hands in yours and lightly swung them bowing down a little to your level “Babe, you will be fine. you have absouletly nothing, NOTHING to worry about. They will love you. Now.” He opens the door and lead his hand out insinuating you to go out. “Let’s go before were late.” You weakly smiled at Jason and walked out. The car ride was nothing but nerve wracking for you. Your heart was flipping your chest and you fidget with your hands until Jason caught them reassuring you he was there with a smile, you smiled back.  You two reached the front door and you clentched his hand a bit harder, He knocked on the door and was greeted with the beloved butler and friend Alfred with a silver plater in his hand. “Master Todd, How grand of you to show up in non tarnished attire.” He said as he led the two of you in and took your jacket. “Nice to see you too Alfred, Alfred this is Y/N my…” He froze and looked you slightly blushing and smiled “Wife.” He finished. Your face as nothing short of a teeth beaming smile. “Ah. Welcome Ms.Todd to our always expanding family. “Thank you for the warm welcoming” You smiled. “Well, you two must be hungry, See the rest are currently in the dinning room.” He walked the two of you there and you closely behind your husband. The table was full of there brothers along with Bruce and the end with a warm smile. Dick was the first one to stand and greet you. He caught your hand and kissed it with a white smile. “You must be the mystery girl Jaybird here talked so much about, I’m Dick” Jason Punched him in the shoulder “Chill out rico suave.” He said. You were still smiling from the fact that Jason talks about you to his family. “Y/N” You reply to Dick. He let lose of your hand and a gust of air hit your back and you turn to see little Damian, Arms folded and his brows knitted looking at you. “What did Todd do to convince you to marry him? Drugs? Money? Benef-” Before he could finish Tim’s hand covers his mouth. “You have to excuse him, he dosen’t have a off switch. I’m Tim. And this here is Damian.” He said and Dami got out of Tim’s knot. You laughed “It’s okay, I have siblings too, I don’t really mind.” You smiled. “Boys. Let the girl sit down, Please make yourself comfortable.” Bruce said before sitting back down and the boys all sat down and Jason pulled your seat out for you, you two connected eyes before he pushed you in and he pecked your cheek and you blushed a bit. He sat next to you and the boys were all looking at you two. “I can’t believe you two got married without even telling me” Bruce said as Alfred served the food to them “Well um.. I was gonna.. But uh” Jason stammers “I can’t believe that you got married period.” Damian added “Damian I swear to god say another smart ass thing again and I will drop you.” Jason spat. Damian rolled his eyes. “Is that why you couldn’t finish the job last mission with the ally attack. It was grade school simple. I break some bones and you just shoot” Damian said “ What?! Jay you said you didn’t hurt anyone like that anymore.” You said looking at your husband who was red in the face from being exposed by Damian with a smug look on his face. “HA! Wow. She really is innocent.” Dick Laughed as you looked at Jason furious.

Thanks guys I hope you liked it and I’m still taking request so keep em coming.

Throwback Thursday Movie Review

Batman & Robin

I remember when I first saw Batman & Robin, it was opening night back in June of 1997, the theater was pack and the crowd was really in to it. I don’t think I fully realized back then how terrible this film really was.

I’m trying really hard to think of anything good to say about the movie and I’m currently drawing a blank. So let’s quickly list all the things that sucked about this fiasco. First of all there’s George Clooney … I understand Warner Bros. wanted a popular Hollywood star that would appeal to the women and make a rico suave (see 90′s urban dictionary) Bruce Wayne, but here’s the problem … he sucked as Batman. No raspy voice, and more importantly no toughness or physical presence. It didn’t help that his costume’s muscle structure was lacking next to his young ward Dick Grayson, aka Robin (see photo below). Did the costume designers even notice the major faux pas? I guess they were too busy perfecting the Bat-nipples to notice. I mean, Robin looks like he could kick Batman’s butt. On the plus side of the wardrobe, Batgirl’s outfit was pleasing to look at. 

Speaking of Batgirl/Barbra Wilson??? Alicia Silverstone, who was another hot actress at the time, was flat out awful as Batgirl. A poorly written script was the main downfall with both of the main female roles. Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy was equally hard to digest. And what’s the deal Uma? You get paid millions to be in a huge budgeted film and you can’t dye your hair red? That’s fine Ms Thurman, just put on that ridiculous looking wig. SMH 

Let’s move on to the fact there were too many characters or as they say, too many chefs in the kitchen. Batman and Robin okay, Mr. Freeze alright, Poison Ivy hmmm, Batgirl maybe … Bane? (record scratches abruptly) Hold it! So, much for the more the merrier.

I can remember being so pumped when Arnold Schwarzenegger was announced as the main villain for Batman and Robin. Let’s face it … this was the Terminator!  Unfortunately after two hours of hearing him deliver cheesy one-liners in a futuristic looking garbage can, I was left shaking my head in disappointment.  Ummm, and why was Bane in this? Do I go on? I could.

Horrible Batman ✅

Too many characters ✅

Wait! What’s Robin driving? 

Poor script (and props) ✅ 

Ridiculous costumes! ✅

The few things I can say positively about this film: 

🔴  Chris O'Donnell did another fine job as Dick Grayson/Robin, and the inclusion of Michael Gough and Pat Hingle were nice. 

🔴  Elliot Goldenthal’s score was enjoyable. 

🔴  The surreal shots  of Gotham City were nice. 

🔴   In a weird way, this piece of garbage helped bring Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy into fruition.


(I couldn’t bring myself to give this an F, because Joel Schumacher has apologized for this mess of a film and it did make the TDK Trilogy possible.)


Sakamoto Ryōma (Sakamoto Ryouma) CGs - Hakuōki: Shinkai - Hana no Shō (薄桜鬼 真改 華ノ章 - 通常版) (2016) 

Post 2 of 4, by request.

Link to Part 1

The Rico Suave trophy for this route is perfect hahahaha. (*´▽`*)

Also, the last moments between Sakamoto and Shintaro broke my heart. That whole arc broke my heart, tbh.

El Diablo- Footage

I was taking the short route to my destination when an old man leered at me from a dark alley. Ugh, how cliched. “What’s in that purse of yours, gorgeous?”

Ignoring him, I kept walking, my head held high. “Hey, I’m talkin’ to you!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a short but intimidating man with tattoos on every inch of his body walking towards us, and mentally sighed. 

“Why you little-”

“She ain’t biting the bait, pal. Back off.”

I was about to turn to him, and tell him off, but oldie beat me to it. “What’s it to you, anyways? Punk.”

That seemed to hit a nerve with him, as he lunged forward and socked the man in the alley. I screeched and stepped forward to stop him, but they were really going at it- punches being thrown everywhere, and I could have sworn I saw a golden tooth landing on the grimy pavement.

Having given him a black eye the size of a small orange, Tattoos backed off, and turned to me with a satisfied expression. “Want me to walk you home, miss?”

“No, I don’t. Just like I didn’t need your help with that guy.”

Eyeing me up and down, he nodded to himself. “That’s it, miss, we’re walking together. Dressed like that, you could get… This ain’t Metropolis, lady.”

“You imbecile, this skirt is short on purpose.”


“I’m an actress, and that’s my co-star you just beat the shit out of. We were shooting, for Christ’s sake.”

He turned beet red, and started to stammer an apology, but I beat him to it, already bored. “Beat it, Baddie. We’ll patch him up, no worries.”

“Hey, (Name)!” My director shouted, “Ask the nice man if we can use that footage. It’s so realistic.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose in irritation. “Directors and their reel, I swear,” I muttered. “You don’t have to agree if you’re not comfortable, Mister…”

He seemed to be contemplating something, then he stretched his hand forward. “Chato. Pleasure to meet you.”

I laughed, “This has the been the most terrible first meeting ever, don’t give me that ‘Pleasure’ bullshit.”

A small grin formed on his lips. “It’s been a while since I did something like this.”

“Like what?”

“Maybe we can redo that whole first meeting jazz. Go somewhere nice.”

“Hey, Rico Suave, let’s take it real easy, okay?” He just stood their quietly, trying to look like he didn’t care, like he wasn’t embarrassed and a little bit upset by my rejection.

My director, having seen an opportunity for profit, stepped in, “A 30-minute coffee break wouldn’t hurt, would it, (Name)?”

I shot a faint grin Chato’s way, and he shoved his hands in his pockets, trying resolutely not to blush. 

“Let’s go, hotshot.”

Day Five “Decisions” (Drake x MC)

[A little note: I enjoyed writing this a lot mostly because it was my poor attempt at writing a somewhat Most Wanted crossover with my MC from The Royal Romance. In any case, I hope it’s enjoyable! This is what I do instead of sleeping on the bus ride back]

[Summary: MC (Robyn) feels more alone in the entire world than she ever has before. An unlikely person will help her realize it’s more important to face her fears, than run from them]

[Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four]

There were nearly four hours to burn until her next ride out of Los Angeles. She had stuck to the downtown part of the city for a better half of an hour; thinking she needed a distraction to keep herself awake but it wasn’t long before walking the streets of L.A. were no longer providing her that same excitement she had once craved.

The city came alive at night; with street performers and the constant shifting in between crowds rushing to get to their next destinations – it was a little too close to her New Yorker lifestyle than she had prepared for. It overwhelmed her senses, caused her to stumble and bump into shoulders that hastily wanted to pass by. It seemed after spending as many months as she did in the quiet simplicity of Cordonia and it’s comforting countryside – returning to any major city filled her with anxiety.  

She quickened her pace in between crowds of people, until finally giving up entirely.  Her heels swiftly swept trudged past uneven sidewalks, until her eyes in their frequent skimming located a bar as solace from the rest of the noisy world. A little disorientated, she muttered apologies when she pushed past bystanders until she could cross the street.

Thankfully, the bar she spotted hadn’t been particularly crowded as she ducked inside. She uttered a quick sigh of relief before slinking onto a barstool. She could barely hear the bustling street corners anymore from inside her, and her shoulders relaxed immensely as she waited expectantly for the bartender.

She hadn’t given the bartender her usual winsome smile when she caught his attention. Her mind was elsewhere. The word had been on her tongue – whiskey and it nearly fell from her lips until she remembered him. Then she shoved all thoughts of that snarky man aside and opted for a dirty martini instead.

Her eyes watched the crowd for awhile as she waited for her drink. Originally, she stepped inside here because there hadn’t been a lot of people, but now she realized her mistake as she watched the influx mingle. There were mostly large groups, and every so often she caught sight of hand-holding and kissing,

Her stomach sunk and she heaved a miserable sigh. There was nothing like other people’s public display of affection to show how lonely a person truly felt.

She glanced at her phone on a whim as it begun vibrating. The screen had been continually flickering on and off all day and she had stared at it in dismay more than once at the several missed calls from Liam. She found it odd that he was trying so hard to contact her. He was the crowned prince of Cordonia after all and she was quite certain he had more pressing things to worry about than being concerned about the welfare of a New York waitress. Ex-waitress, she corrected herself.

She hadn’t exactly thought they would have held her job for her the moment she got back.

Nevertheless, it stung a little the more she lingered on Liam. The coronation was still fresh inside her head, and while she had never intended to marry him; she hadn’t seen becoming quite spectacle for scandals either. She also hadn’t stuck around long enough for answers either.

Every time guilt and regret wormed its ugly root inside her head, she reminded herself that she left for them as much as she did for herself. Even if Liam had been a good friend to her, she couldn’t exactly waltz back inside his or his best friend’s life anytime soon.

This was easier, she decided. Ignoring everyone that had been apart of that life was the easier decision. Painful, but easier.

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