the richmond house

This week’s Author of the Week is vivilove - @vivilove-jonsa!

If you haven’t yet delved into one of Vivilove’s gorgeous stories then where the hell have you been? She is PROLIFIC with her fluff, smut, angst and humour!

Somehow, Vivilove is able to transport you from the wild west, to the Napoleonic wars, to canon, to a vampire Jon’s thoughts, to a horny teenager’s modern bedroom as you read through fic after fic!

Vivilove is more than successful in managing to make me smile, laugh, sob my heart out cry and get turned on blush at the smut!

Do yourselves a favour and go check out her stuff HERE

As always, some excerts from our Author of the Week’s work below the cut….

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Haunted Curb Appeal by Bill Dickinson
Via Flickr:
Neglected Victorian - Richmond VA #RVA


Victorian Christmas by Bill Dickinson
Via Flickr:
2002 Princess Anne Ave Charle Brauer House - Church Hill Richmond, VA