the richmond house

Hello Frienderitos! (Friend Doritos)

This month my buddy Evan and I are headed out to the east and south of this fine country of ours for a MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC TOUR. I have shows, and Evan will be consuming a lot of art and hopefully making/selling some as well. We are also poor, and really trying to do this trip on the cheap.

If you or anyone you know is around the following cities and wants to see great live music, buy some zines, or host two clean, friendly, quiet, respectful ppl for a night or two, we would be forever in your debt. Please let me know!

You will also get on the guest list for any of the shows I play! 

4/23 Cleveland
4/24 Ithaca 
4/25 Providence
4/27 Philadelphia
5/01 Richmond
5/03 Asheville
5/04 Atlanta
5/05 New Orleans 
5/06 New Orleans
5/07 Austin
5/08 Austin

PM me if you’re interested!! 

Also this is us:


Victorian Christmas by Bill Dickinson
Via Flickr:
2002 Princess Anne Ave Charle Brauer House - Church Hill Richmond, VA


Haunted Curb Appeal by Bill Dickinson
Via Flickr:
Neglected Victorian - Richmond VA #RVA

Art Abroad

It’s a wonderful time to be an art student right now. Or an art appreciator, or just a regular person because the world of art is alive and abundant right now, brimming with bravery and brilliance. With some of the most retrospective exhibitions across the globe gracing the walls (and sometimes the floors, ceilings and windows) from Australia to America, there’s never been a better time to embrace art wherever you are, whatever you’re into. Here’s Lucca’s museum guide to getting inspired. 

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