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I really wish people would stfu about Taylor weight gain. My mum was watching the snow performance with me and the first thing she said was " wow she's really gained a lot of weight " and then later a co worker said "she looks like she gained 40 lbs". Like shut up , we can see that she's gained weight, there's no need to comment on it. She gained a few pounds, it happens. And besides she really needed to gain weight, her entire rib cage was visible before, there were times when she looked ill.

It’s so inappropriate to comment on other people’s bodies like that. And especially when they make a big deal about it. Weight gain OR loss, it’s not out business. I also worry about the young/ impressionable fans who may overhear these conversations about tays weight. Because they imply that someone’s weight / appearance is more important than anything else. Taylor is extremely talented and super successful, yet all her value is being placed on her body.

And as someone who has struggled with eating disorders in the past, and is still trying to find my worth in something other than my body , it’s slightly triggering and discouraging to see someone with as many amazing qualities as Taylor , be reduced to only their body.

[Maiden Voyage]

“I certainly wasn’t expecting this…” 

Ginya thought as the ground came up to meet her.  She slid across the carpet in the dimly lit room.  Old musty pillows cushioned her fall but just a little.  It would all have been very romantic.  Pillows on the floor, plush carpeting, sheer draperies that fell from ceiling to floor and mood lighting for days. 

The giant Eredar, however,  not very romantic.

Ginny’s side burned furiously with felfire from a wayward attack.  Every time she moved, pain twisted her stomach into a fit of nausea.  The wound encompassed her hip to just below her rib cage.  Blood slid down her face from a cut on her forehead from the less than graceful landing.  Her entire body was one big bruise. 

But Vinarei had asked for help. 

That’s why she had come along.  Ginya hadn’t asked questions, nor wondered why.  She didn’t know the stories and adventures that her fellow comrades had known or had.  She had simply said, “Count me in.” 

That’s how it had always been for Ginya.  No matter where in the world of Azeroth she was or what find she’d been working on or what ruins she was in.  Vinarei was one of her dearest friends and as such, she’d drop everything to help her. 

But Loa Damn, that woman owed her a beer….and one long explanation.

The roar of one of the demonic assailants drew her away from her thoughts.  Looking toward it, she saw Atticus pinned beneath a flailing monster.  Ginya sneered.  She had just met these people, she’d be damned if she didn’t at least make them friends before burying them. 

Reaching behind her, the Monk pulled one of her blades from its sheath on her back.  Her blades were long, a hilt fit perfectly in her palm while the blade extended from her fingertips to her shoulder.  Using one as a makeshift crutch, she got to her feet.  The second, she flew in a powerful arch to slice the neck of the Eredar from ear to ear.  Saving Atticus to fight another day. 

Suddenly!  A bolt of fire and shadow hit her square between her shoulder blades.  The Monk cried out as she was flung forward off of her feet.  Her blade discarded, pain erupted from her skin and to her very core.  She could hear  Bwonsamdi’s  chuckle. 

Not today, Bwonsamdi.

Wait…no… it wasn’t the chuckle of the Lord of the Dead.  It was almost rhythmic, graceful, like velvet over bare skin… but an ice cube down her spine.  What the hell? An Elf?

Oh man! Vin owed her much…much more than a beer. 

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She's probably going to lose a ton of weight touring too, like she normally does. But regardless its nice to see Taylor looking so happy and healthy, she's actually glowing. She really did need to put on some weight, even if it was normal for her to be that slim, it doesn't mean it's healthy. I'm not sure if I should say this , but I met Taylor at kiss jingle bell in 2014 , and when I hugged her I could feel every bone in her back, and her rib cage was poking into my torso. it scared me.

Yeah , but it’s completely normal for a women’s weight to fluctuate. Intentional or not. It’s just how our hormones are. It’s normal and healthy for a women’s weight to fluctuate. But I’m happy to see that Taylor is taking care of herself. She looks so happy and healthy this era.
And god I can’t imagine how worrying that must’ve been for you. I remember seeing the 2014 AMA pics and worrying. She was probably so stressed in 2014. The big risk with switching to pop ( despite her labels wishes) , and if 1989 hasn’t done well, it would’ve all been on her, also her mom was diagnosed with cancer around that time too. It’s understandable that her body would start to show signs of the stress. I don’t think I was intentional. I think it just happened.

But she seems to be in a good place now. Happy, healthy, and dominating the charts. So that’s great.

R E A D Y F O R I T: is a more of a warning than a question. a sign of things to come. a simple warning shot before the gunfight. to let you know that something is about to happen. telling you to prepare yourself. it’s just the beginning in the over all story. 

E N D G A M E: is for the lovers who, despite the odds, believe they can make it through this crazy game called life. it’s wanting to break your reputation of bad endings and make this be the one that lasts forever. it’s adrenaline rushes and planning your whole life out with someone. 

I D I D S O M E T H I N G B A D: is for all the witches they were unsuccessful at burning. it’s lit fireworks crackling in your rib-cage and fiddling with the laces of your warn out combat boots and already ripped fishnets and applying perfectly winged eyeliner without trying and bright red lipstick to match the blood of your enemies.

D O N T B L A M E M E: is for the passionate, reckless, fearless lovers. the ones who fall in love without hesitation and without permission. they dive in head first without looking back. they don’t care if it makes them seem crazy because they would rather be crazily, passionately in love than live an indifferent and emotionless life. it’s for when you find that one person you would risk everything for. 

D E L I C A T E: is for the doubt that takes residence in your head and in your heart when you finally get the courage to dust yourself off and fall for someone new after you got your heart broken. it’s terrifying and temporary and fragile and beautiful because it’s fleeting. it can never last forever, or so you have been led to believe. it’s for the cautious dreamers. the damaged lovers who have been left for dead too many times to count. 

L O O K W H A T Y O U M A D E M E D O: is for the defeating moment when you finally take the blame just to ease the heat. it’s for when every one thinks that they finally buried you but like a phoenix, you rise from the ashes reborn. it’s taking a lighter and burning every thing to the ground. it’s finding out just how good revenge can feel. 

S O I T G O E S: is nights at bars and restaurants and films and parties and weekends that you know can’t possibly last forever. it’s silk dresses and high heels and smudged lipstick and scratches on your lovers back. it’s cashmere jumpers and messy hair and dark circles beneath your eyes because lately life has been so freeing, sleeping seems like a waste of time. 

G O R G E O U S: is for the endless summer nights and repeatedly making eye contact with the stranger across the bar. it’s starry eyes, rosy cheeks, and quiet seduction. it’s drinks in blues and pinks and tiny cocktail umbrellas and having so many you quit counting. it’s finding someone so physically flawless you can’t help but hate them, simply because you can’t have them. 

G E T A W A Y C A R: is for all of the lovers on the run from all of their past mistakes and rebounds. it’s for when they find someone with similar baggage and decide to find distraction in each other. it’s for seeking a fresh new start. it’s secretly kissing in diner booths, holding hands under the table, and kissing each other with recklessness on your lips. it’s knowing that this is temporary, but that’s what you love about it.

K I N G O F M Y H E A R T: for the boys and girls who make a key to their heart and give it to each other. it’s the truth and vulnerability one must have to be able to do that. it’s for the five am rooftop conversations. it’s getting dressed up just to dance with each other around the living room. 

D A N C I N G W I T H O U R H A N D S T I E D: it’s nights spent dancing with each other around the house. it’s lips that taste like safety, and that’s something you haven’t had in so long you’ve forgotten what it taste like. It’s the drop of your stomach just before you jump. This is for the desperate but hopeful lovers. 

D R E S S: is his drink in your hair, on your lips, in your hands. it’s crumpled bed sheets. it’s when the sun rises in the morning and your eyes meet the same sleeping lover beside you. it’s lace bra-lets and knee-high boots. 

W H Y W E C A N T H A V E N I C E T H I N G S: is for when the hurt and betrayed turn into the unforgiving and unafraid. it’s when your mouth is filled with unforgiving teeth. it’s reaching a point of anger, you can’t help but burst into laughter. you can’t help but joke about the whole thing. it’s shards of broken glass and anger to the point of apathy. 

C A L L I T W H A T Y O U W A N T: is for the lovers who find comfort and validation in one another. they don’t have anything to prove. it’s hand written lovers and blankets under covers. grinning from ear to ear alone in your room. the promise of something bigger than this. a taste of forever. it’s cups of tea in the morning and wine at night. it’s the kind of love that could inspire classic romance novels. 

N E W Y E A R S D A Y: is for when every one else has gone home and you are the only two remaining. when the party is over, but the best part of the night has yet to come. it’s time standing still when it’s just you two. it’s air kissed curls and deep two in the morning conversations on kitchen counters. it’s wanting to stay forevermore. 

;the touch of silk (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader, sugar daddy! yoongi, vampire! yoongi
genre/warnings: smut, romance, blood mentions, but nothing too crazy, dirty talk, dom! Yoongi
words: 14,221

:: summary— in a world where vampires coexist with the living, there are many humans looking for a cheap thrill…you’re ashamed to admit you’re curious too, putting to good use a dating app you find…but Min Yoongi is nothing like you imagined a vampire to be…

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