the rex complex


my name is Oed

sum cal me Rex

plese heer my tale

its quite complex

thered cum a time

the oracle saw

id wed my mum

and kil my pa

to thwart this fate

to thebes i fled

i met a man

and struk him ded

in thebes a sphinx

did ask of me

which beast’s legs count

for tu then three?

twas man i sed

the sphinx then died

i won the thron

and royl bride

then ther was plag

becus the man

whod kild the king

was on the lam

find him i sed

dont let him flee

but all this time

i serch for me.

hunting-for-beasts  asked:

For the ABCD headcanon thing: Captain Rex plz

A. Captain Rex has an inferiority complex because of not becoming a Commander, and thus, he felt as though he had to follow orders to the letter and essentially have a stick up his ass to gain the respect of his men. 

B. Rex is a natural blond but dyes his eyebrows brown/tattooed them on to look more intimidating

C. He had a really bad fight with Cody shortly before RoTS over the the chips. Cody didn’t believe him, and the two ended the fight no longer on speaking terms. However, because Cody and Rex shared such a strong bond before that, Cody didn’t report Rex or breathe a word about his chip theory to another soul. 

After the events of O66, Cody realized Rex was right and wanted to apologize to him, but heard the report that he died on Mandalore. He went into a lot of grief over that and became very jaded and cynical.

(Potential continuation to the headcanon in the event that Rebels doesn’t cover it!): Cody eventually either retires or deserts from the Empire. Nobody looks for him or misses him because he doesn’t join the rebellion, but eventually, somehow, Rex finds him. Rex has complicated feelings toward Cody: he knows that Cody now knows he’s wrong, and he misses Cody very much, but he also said some Strong Words during that fight and he still hurts from them. There’s a very tearful apology and reunion, and honestly, Rex forgives him, because Ahsoka’s no longer in his life, and he needs someone, and both of them know that they’ll work through the things they said. Cody joins the rebellion and either dies of natural causes before Rex or dies in battle. 

D. Rex and Sabine had talks about the GAR and what it means to be a Mandalorian, and Rex also loves how well Sabine shoots, so they sometimes practice together and he gives her some tips. He really cares for her and loves her kind of like an uncle. 

send me some characters to headcanon up!

one of my favorite things about generator rex is that they always drop these small line that reveals so much about the characters. 

Like when Six says “ the people we pull in can too easily get caught up in our cross fire” that is a HUGE inside to his character! It tells us exactly why is he so stoic and reserved all the time! He isn’t this way because he is afraid of people hurting him he’s afraid of hurting the people he loves.  He knows that his job is extremely dangerous and Six is actually very selfless  I think it would just kill him if anyone he cares about got hurt because of him.

Or Six and Holiday’s conversation in a family holiday when six says “If you can’t help her-” and holiday says “that’s the point! I can’t!” it’s honestly one of the first times we ever she her admitting her flaws. Not because she believes she doesn’t have any but because she believes she can’t. Holiday only ever let’s people see the best version of herself. But back to the quote she doesn’t actually have a ton of confidence in her abilities. She stands by her ideas and her world view with totally and complete confidence but when in comes to her abilities it’s different. She doesn’t actually believe that she could ever find the cure. It also shows in how nearly blindly she just excepts Caser onto the team. If she had complete and totally confidence in her abilities she wouldn’t have taken a risk like that. She also just absolutely hates feeling helpless. The times when we see her being the most aggressive and angry are the times when she has the least control. This is why A Family Holiday is such a hard episode for her it’s her biggest fear and her biggest flaw just out in the open.

And rex in promises promises when he says “I’m joking because if I don’t I’m going to remember how scared I am right now.” And how often does he joke? And many of the times we see him making jokes the most is when he is in the most danger. The scene that comes to mind in in The Forgotten when NoFace in giving threat after threat and how does he respond? With a insane amount of jokes. Obviously every times he jokes he isn’t scared because Rex is a bit overconfident and sometimes he also jokes when he believe he has complete control over the situation. But it’s his way of not focusing on the fear. He’s what 15?16?17? and he has so much weight on his shoulders. The only way he can really deal with all that is by completely ignoring it.

It’s just a really amazing and realistic way of showing people’s flaws. Just because they aren’t being plastered on a giant neon sign doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It’s how most people deal with their flaws in real life I’ve found. No one will ever tell you “I have an extreme fear of the people i love getting hurt because of me” or “I don’t think I’m as great as I want you to believe I am” or “I’m so completely terrified but I want to be seen as strong so I’m trying to hide it.” Because we don’t really want people to see the real us we want them to see the person we wish we were. 

The Meaning of a Fundamental Complex

“Someday you will murder your father and be with your mother, he said.”

“My father told me there was nothing I could do to escape this fate. That prophecy is like a timing device buried inside my genes, and nothing can ever change”

Kafka on the shore

Kaneki is acting without full knowledge, or even motivation to fight Arima at the moment, but still carries on regardless as if compelled by some bigger force than him, some greater fate. 

What is his fate then? To kill his father and marry his mother of course. 

As I was on the move, I passed close by
     a spot where three roads meet, and in that place
     I met a herald and a horse-drawn carriage,
     with a man inside, just as you described.
     The guide there tried to force me off the road—
     and the old man, too, got personally involved.
     In my rage, I lashed out at the driver,
     who was shoving me aside. The old man,                                           

     seeing me walking past him in the carriage,
     kept his eye on me, and with his double whip
     struck me on the head, right here on top.
     Well, I retaliated in good measure—                                                        
     with the staff I held I hit him a quick blow
     and knocked him from his carriage to the road.
     He lay there on his back. Then I killed them all.
     If that stranger was somehow linked to Laius,
     who is now more unfortunate than me?
     What man could be more hateful to the gods?    

Oedipus the King [800]     

Though, surpassing Arima does not seem to be like something Kaneki even wants to do even when Akira prophesizes it for him.

But, not only has Kaneki repeated this pattern before. He killed Yamori, and then wanted to mate with his ghoul mother Rize. Even this scene itself with acknowledgement of Arima as his father is filled with repeating imagery.

The focus has shifted from the Oedipus Complex itself, into it’s repetition. Kaneki even acknowledges itself in this passage.

An expression repeated again and again throughout the work, because behind it the author suffers from some fundamental complex. An Oedipus Complex is what motivates Kaneki to repeat the same actions again and again, and if Arima is to be believed he’s attempted this fight against him a lot. 

Original translation: “645 times I have fatally founded you, 645 times I have spared you.”

So what is different this occasion? What is going to stop him from just falling again on the 646th attempt, or just repeating what we saw happen at the end of Tokyo Ghoul. 

Kaneki’s narration speaks true in a lot of regards to him, except with the word ‘author’ Kaneki himself is an avid reader but never an author. Kaneki is also, rarely ever in control even of his own fate. 

Eto on the other hand is an author. One who also, hates her father and conspired to kill him while at the same time honoring her mother. Suffering from the same Oedipus Complex that Kaneki does. She also, attempts to solve the riddle of the sphinx. 

She has engineered this situation, and also given him her kagune to help his succeed. What does she want out of this situation, though?

If-and now this is a big If-Arima is the one eyed king, then by killing Arima Kaneki would fill out Eto’s request. Not only that, he would complete the story of Oedipus he has left half finished until now. After all, Oedipus only became king because he killed his father before him. Normally, sons succeed their fathers as kings when they die anyway. 

Therefore if Eto’s goal is to make Kaneki into a suitable One Eyed King to lead ghouls to revolution, the same kind of Nameless character from her novel, then killing Arima is the right pathway. Not only that but his current Kakuja powered up by Eto’s addition to his Kagune takes a suspiciously similar shape. 

Jurassic Gnosticism

Jurassic World, the theme park, is a land of illusions and deception, filled with Starbucks and ultimately devoid of truth. It is exemplified and ruled over by the demiurge (the Indominus rex), the false god. At first, humanity (velociraptors) are deceived by its hollow promises of salvation, but it leads them only into sin and ruin. Only the return of the divine source, the true ruler of creation (T-Rex) can defeat the demiurge and free them from this false realm (the theme park), delivering them to the true, spiritual world (post-humanity Isla Nublar).