the reward: tales of alethrion



RELEASE DATE for Tales of Alethrion Season One will be March 30th! Check out the trailer here! High Fives!

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EVERYONE LISTEN UP !! it’s URGENT ! This is a fan art of the awesome series “Tales of Alethrion” made by Sun Creature Studio ! They are currently raising money through Kickstarter in order to develop their show independently, and believe me IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They made the first episode already (“The First Hero” 22min, which can be found on their youtube channel) and they need your help in order to make more !!



First Webisode of Tales of Alethrion is out!

Mikkel Mainz will do a YouTube LIVE Q&A in half an hour, Watch the webisode and come and join the LIVE event! 

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Our good friends from Sun Creature studio launched a kickstarter to support their awesome series project : Tales of Alethrion
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Kickstarter :
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The Full episode of Travelling Deity is out! Amerath continues on her own adventure after the break-up with Alethrion in “The First Hero”. She meets Ruden, a strange creature, supposed to stop the evil growing inside of her ex - it didn’t go as planned. Enjoy the full chapter!

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The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - “The First Hero”

Its finally out! and its amazing!


Hey stranger, have you heard of the awesome short film The Reward? No? Um, then have you heard of The First Hero, maybe? If you haven’t, those are links, click them and watch them and feel many emotions.

Now, the creators of those awesome two shorts have only 42 hours left for their kickstarter, so they can create a WHOLE SERIES IN THE WORLD OF THOSE TWO SHORTS!!! But sadly, they only have enough for one episode, which is already cool, BUT WE COULD HAVE SO MUCH MORE.

So, like, uh, PLEASE HELP OR SHARE OR WHATEVER, THAT’D BE VERY NICE OF YOU, thank you bye i love you

Vito and Wilhelm from The Reward, an awesome ongoing animated series from Denmark!

You can watch the original short here:

Episode 1:

Please consider donating to their kickstarter (for the rest of season one) if you enjoyed these!