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RELEASE DATE for Tales of Alethrion Season One will be March 30th! Check out the trailer here! High Fives!

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Vito and Wilhelm from The Reward, an awesome ongoing animated series from Denmark!

You can watch the original short here:

Episode 1:

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EVERYONE LISTEN UP !! it’s URGENT ! This is a fan art of the awesome series “Tales of Alethrion” made by Sun Creature Studio ! They are currently raising money through Kickstarter in order to develop their show independently, and believe me IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They made the first episode already (“The First Hero” 22min, which can be found on their youtube channel) and they need your help in order to make more !!


Epic Wilhelm animation (yes his name is Epic Wilhelm) from the next webisodes of Tales of Alethrion! How’s it going with the production here in Sun Creature? Well! Kenneth Ladekjer and Mikkel Mainz are just finishing up the last animations of the first little episode out of six. Simon Lee is finishing up on the backgrounds and Bo Juhl is putting the edit together before the compositing starts. 

It look great and we can’t wait to show the webisodes on our Sun Creature Studio YouTube Channel - Remember to subscribe :)

Our good friends from Sun Creature studio launched a kickstarter to support their awesome series project : Tales of Alethrion
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Tales of Alethrion is now released on Sun Creature Studio´s Channel! Check it out and be sure to share or support the new Kikcstarter for the rest of this epic animated series!

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Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for waiting, watching and being awesome here on tumblr the whole way through!


The glorious map of Alethrion and a zoom in on where we are at the moment in The Reward - Choose Their Path.


Learn more about the locations in the newest Secrets of the Dungeon #05 on Sun Creature Studio’s YouTube channel.


Map and world by Mikkel Mainz and Design by Karen Bennetsen.

The Journey is the True Reward.


The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - “The First Hero”

Its finally out! and its amazing!