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How far have you come in your studies? :)

I’m a 2nd year in med school and in board-study block right now, meaning I basically need to lock myself in the library and review 2 years of material in 5 weeks so I can take an 8-hour exam that will determine the entire course of my future career. Thanks for asking :B


60 Second Book Review: Bill Peet: An Autobiography

You know that old expression, “If it looks like a fish and swims like a fish, it probably is a fish”? Bill Peet: An Autobiography blows this ol’ axiom all to hell. Here’s how:

It’s written like a children’s book. It’s illustrated like a children’s book. The first ¼ of the book detailing Peet’s poor, provincial childhood would easily appeal to a child reader.

But the rest of the book?

  • The final ¾ of the book that chronicle Peet’s employment at the Walt Disney Studios?
  • The chapter charting Peet’s near-nervous breakdown after drawing page after page of Donald Duck in-betweens? (“NO MORE DUCKS!!! NO MORE LOUSY DUCKS!”)
  • The huge chunk in the middle where Peet pulls away the curtain on working with Walt Disney, giving an illuminating, evenhanded, warts-and-all report on the boss’ affable genius and casual cruelty?
  • The final portion of the book where Peet breaks down what it was like to write 101 Dalmatians and The Sword and the Stone (a dream come true!) at the same time Walt was losing interest in the animated features (wait, what?!)?

That stuff will bore the average kid to tears.

But the nerdy, cartoon-crazy kids?

They’ll LOVE it.

Their Disney-phile parents?

They’ll savor every doodle and detail.

Animation aficionados who happen to pick it up on a lucky lark whilst browsing the kids’ section of their local bookstore, hopelessly hunting for the ‘perfect present’ for a niece yet to be born?

It will BLOW THEIR MINDS. It will provide them with dozens of new anecdotes about the golden age of the greatest American animation studio – written and illustrated by someone who was actually there!

Over the years, I’ve read A LOT of books about Disney. I have multiple bookshelves stacked double-deep with the good ones. I’ve thrown away, donated, and re-sold countless more. Bill Peet: An Autobiography is easily one of the most uniquely presented (it’s a kids’ book!) and fascinatingly detailed (it’s NOT a kids’ book!) Disney tomes I’ve ever read.

If you’re interested in Disney films, Disney history or animation as an artform and/or career, you really ought to add Bill Peet: An Autobiography to your must-read pile.

Amazon link for ‘Bill Peet’:

Blindspot pre-2x19 ficlet

Had the sudden urge a couple of nights ago to sit down and write some Jeller– so here, have some more kiss-speculation lol. (Because you can never have too much Jeller kissing, right??)


The delivery guy was early.

As his knock echoed through the apartment, Jane shared a surprised glance with Roman, then slipped eagerly from the couch, wincing slightly at the pain that radiated through her battered muscles, a sharp reminder of the mistreatment they’d received during her little treasure hunt today.

A hunt that they most certainly hadn’t won; but which was a success all the same, their targets now safely behind bars and a very powerful weapon out of reach of the wrong hands.  

The hunt had also given her one other thing; something infinitely more precious, a prize that was as beautiful as it was dangerous.


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You bash DMC a great deal. Every DMC fan I know does in fact. Why do game journalists choose that reboot as their hill to die on?

They all gave it huge praise in pre-release reviews, then it not only bombed, but bombed so bad it looks like Capcom might actually undo the reboot and make DMC5

Game Journalists are, in general, firmly convinced of their own relevance. Remember, most game journalists do not make a living wage. Only a handful, even at sites like Polygon or Kotaku or Waypoint (which are the three that pay the absolute most) make a real full time salary. Many do not like their chosen industry and only work in it because they lack connections or education to get other jobs (remember Leigh Alexander? she quit game journalism to become a consultant and now makes ASMR gaming videos on patreon cause that bombed.) feeling powerful and relevant is really all they have. 

So whenever the public rejects them so soundly it hurts their illusion of influence, they get upset and never let it go. This is why DmC and ME3/ME:A will be their hills forever.

  • The "looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you" squad: sophie, merlin
  • The "looks like could actually kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll" squad: tedros, hort
  • The "looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll" squad: agatha, dot, kiko
  • The "looks like could actually kill you and would actually kill you" squad: hester, anadil, aric
  • The sinnamon roll: rafal

My new favorite YouTube video is this totally earnest review of pre-swirled mayonnaise and ketchup in a tube. I swear it’s some kind of neo-dadaist masterpiece.


1. His chosen condiment vehicle is chicken nugget dinosaurs. He serves them on a China plate.

2. At around 3:25 he switches to English and he has printed a paper American flag to signify the occasion.

3. “You do it all over on the chicken dinosaur.”

Nothing I do will ever be as good as this.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Advice

So I finished my Ob/Gyn rotation last week, and here’s some take aways that I found valuable. Take this with a grain of salt. I’m just a wee third year medical student:

Before the Rotation:

1. I studied a few things beforehand, and several residents/attendings said that it showed during the first couple of weeks of the rotation. Know fetal heart tracing basics and why they happen (baseline HR, variability, accels, decels). Know what G’s and P’s are (TPAL!). Review pre-eclampsia. You’ll learn more about this on the rotation, but if you’re at a larger urban hospital like I am, you’ll see a lot of this.

2. Watch a video of a baby being born and a c-section if you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. If you haven’t taken surgery yet, and really want to be prepared, watch a video of a subcuticular suture. I closed more skin on this rotation than I did on general surgery.

3. Sleep and grocery shop because lol who knows when you’ll get the chance later.

Labor and Delivery

1. Follow your residents EVERYWHERE. You will get left behind if you don’t.

2. Offer to get an H&P on as many triage patients as you can, especially if it’s a labor rule-out. At my hospital, we weren’t allowed to go into rooms of laboring patients we hadn’t met before. So try to meet as many as you can, so you can get more deliveries! Don’t just expect to be handed deliveries. You have to earn it.

3. Ask to do as much as you can. Whether it’s cervix checks or presentation ultrasounds, there’s lots of smaller hands-on stuff that the resident can do in a few seconds and will forget to include you on if you don’t ask.

4. Some people might not agree with me on this, but if you’re interested in Ob/Gyn and have to do night shifts, don’t sleep if you can help it. See above, if you are asleep, there are tons of small things the residents do throughout the night that they won’t wake you up for. Also, there were a couple of times people rolled in by ambulance at 10cm and pushed a baby out in a few minutes. You don’t want to miss this. Be included in as much as you can! Plus, you can always study during slower nights.

5. C-sections are so much fun! Wear the knee high boots, and grab that suction because you’re going to need it. Eat something beforehand and don’t forget to bend your knees.

6. You’ll see lots of body fluids. Practice your poker face and don’t scowl when things get weird.


1. Don’t forget the OB and GYN histories. For OB, get the full G’s and P’s. Don’t forget to ask about miscarriages and abortions. Ask about any pregnancy complications (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, preterm delivery) and mode of delivery. For GYN, ask about last menstrual period, how heavy they are, how regular they are, and how long they last. Then, ask about birth control/condom usage, history of STI’s (list them off because sometimes people don’t know), and pap smears (any abnormal ones?). Finally, ask about sexual activity (men/women/both, multiple partners, etc.). This seems like a lot to ask, but if you don’t ask, many people won’t tell!

2. Be comfortable with speculum exams. For God’s sake, don’t tell patients to “spread your legs”. Ask them to let their knees fall to the sides. Tell them to expect your touch and downward pressure. Insert the speculum ALL the way and open, the cervix will 9 times out of 10 pop into view from there. Make sure you close the speculum while taking it out.

3. Know what tests need to be ordered when for each OB visit throughout pregnancy. Know the types of spontaneous abortions and what can be expectantly managed. Know the work up for infertility. Know when colposcopy and LEEP are generally indicated. Know when endometrial biopsies are indicated.

4. Talk to every patient about birth control if they aren’t already on it and aren’t trying to get pregnant! Maybe this is something I’m just passionate about, but no one is going to fault you if during your presentation for a patient with a vulvar lesion or vaginal discharge you say “…oh by the way, she’s interested in trying a Nexplanon”.

Gynecologic Surgery

1. I only had a week of this but know your anatomy. Know layers of the abdominal wall, parts of the fallopian tube, and uterine ligaments.

2. Fibroids and abnormal uterine bleeding. Learn this. Know the types of fibroids and when you treat abnormal uterine bleeding with surgery.

3. Sleeping patients are the best time to practice speculum and bimanual exams.

Shelf Exam

1. I don’t know my score yet, but I studied sooo much for this one. I read BluePrints, did all the UWise/UWorld questions x1, and all the questions I got wrong x1.

2. Honestly, I love the ACOG committee opinions and practice bulletins. Ask your resident to use their account if you don’t have one. If you only choose a couple to read, the hypertension/pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes ones are great.

3. Just work hard, and it will all be ok! After taking the shelf, I realized that I saw so many of the clinical vignettes in real life, which was pretty cool.

4. Some things I wish I studied more were STI’s and antibiotics, breast disease, and stages of labor.

I probably have a lot more advice, so if you have questions, just ask! These are just some things that helped me along the way.

Fire Emblem Heroes Unit Preview: Arvis

Yes, I’m well aware that Arvis’ GHB doesn’t start until tomorrow, but I thought I’d give my insights on him before I do a full review on him since people are curious about him as everything is datamined on him.

Arvis is a red mage infantry unit, which disappointed some people since they expected an armor mage, but it makes sense since this is him in the 1st Generation rather the 2nd. He’ll be a welcome addition to the F2P units as there’s only two F2P red mages: Raigh and Sophia. Raigh is kinda average and Sophia is really good, but requires HEAVY Skill Inheritance as her default kit doesn’t allow her to kill anybody, not even Batre (yes, I checked).

Arvis’ stats aren’t too bad: high resistance, great attack, decent speed, but poor defense and HP. He’s a mix of Sanaki and Katarina if you look at it.

He has Defense Ploy 3, which was a limited skill locked to Summer Gaius, which you think sounds very stupid for a mage. Actually, no. This skill is super useful for his physical teammates such as Hector and Brave Ike, so in a way, he’s aiding his allies thanks to Defense Ploy 3. Speaking of Ploy skills, his personal grill tome, Valflame, has a built in Attack Ploy AND Resistance Ploy 2, so he can debuff a max of 3 stats, so he’s a fantastic debuffer for his allies, granting them an easier time for tanking hits or murdering them. He also has skill that’s locked to him: Recover Ring. It’s basically Renewal 4, so he’ll recover 10 HP at the end of every turn, meaning whatever damage he takes, he’ll recover some of it back. Syncs very well with Fury 3!

As of whether if Arvis is worth the 20k fluffers (feathers): Yep. Most of the powerful red mages such as Celica, Katarina, and Sanaki are locked in the 5-Star pool, so getting them is troublesome. Tharja can be obtained at 4-5 Stars, but she can get bad IVs like -Attack or -Speed (RIP me…). So having an already powerful red mage that can work for both offense and defense, and given away for FREE screams a fantastic deal!

I’ll post a full review on him once I built him up to my liking (yes, I’m gonna 5-Star this BBQ Fire Lord), so look out for it in the future.

Now I just need to figure out how to do his GHB map for tomorrow and let’s pray to the gods it’s not full of BS like Valter’s. Valter’s map can go F**K OFF in the burning depths of HELL!

Early Semester Bio Tricks

Its that time of year where those of us who are in the upper-level courses have the massive 1 week review in every class of all the biology that has come before. I have a few tricks that help me remember the most simple concepts in Bio, that will hopefully help you guys save time too. Some of these I actually came up with, others I have learned from professors and such, but above all, I’m sure 10000 other pre-meds have thought of these before so feel free to steal them!

What bases pair and how many bonds? 

A-Two    C-Gthree

How many Na and K go in and out of the pump?

Na+ has 3 characters, so 3 Na go out, and K+ has two, so two K come in.

Which is afferent and efferent?

“A” comes before “E”, so afferent receives the signal before the brain can send a response back through the efferent pathway. 

How do I remember Symporter vs Antiporter?

If the two molecules are going in the Syme direction its Symporter opposite directions=anti. 

How do I keep tendons and ligaments separate?

1st think of your Achilles Tendon. If that doesn’t work I used to use: Ligate the bones (ligate means to tie something up in surgery). 

Okay, thats about all I got. Like I said, there are only a few and they’re kinda cheesy but they work for me. Let me know if they help you!



02.05.17 // new to studyblr

Hi! I’m Marie and I’m new to the studyblr community (≧∇≦)/ I’ve been on tumblr for a few months already but all I’ve been doing is following studyblrs and observing what they do. I’m a 15-year old Filipina and I’m in the ninth grade. I’m currently reviewing for our pre-finals tomorrow and on tuesday and here are some pics of my reviewer (╥_╥) (sorry bout the low quality pics, I only use my phone for taking pictures)

Here are the accounts which have inspired me to become a studyblr myself:
@dropdeadstudying @zofiastudies @studiversal @caffestudy @bellestudy @hermionegoals @nag-aaral @hardworkign @scamanderstudying @stu-die-ing @studyandtea @julesanimastudies @theorganisedstudent @studybuddyxo @studiousstudying @keepcalmandstudyashell @literary-sushi @studyrelief @studyreal @pastelstudies @studycause @stationary-studies @queststudyskills @studynest @aestheticstudying @studylikegrangerr @studydontprocrastinate @thestudynotes @studyjewel @ekstudy @natastudies @moleskinestudies @focusign @shutupandstudywithme @coffeandstudy @studycoffees @because-im-studying @studykouffee @thxschool @cmstudy @ambitiousandcaffeinated @plannerperfect @studyblr @artstdy @penandanotebook @obsidianstudy @studygranger @jhonstudies @ohlookimstudying @studious-simplicity @litchistudies @grangergrades @mochi-studies @colourfulstudy @studypetals @smartstudyinq @studyingohdear @revis-ign @stuydies @castillos-co @bluelahe @studykids @studysleepeat @academicvibes @studythetics

Thank you so much for inspiring me with your posts! Lovelots ( ˘ ³˘)❤


im really am bothered by all the negativity coming from the pre release reviews. maybe its because mass effect means so much to me personally that i get defensive and ‘blind’ but people are attacking the entire game and bioware personally ;; i just want to enjoy my game without feeling embarrassed for it. just this morning i was called a degenerate for defending the game and wanting to give it a chance. im determined to play and experience MEA myself but all the viciousness is getting to me …

The breaking making of Breaking Ranks 

[While reviewing a pre-rendered scene which involves the reveal of the the AT-DP]

Filoni: All of the cadets here look too bland. Come back once you’ve given them more distinction.

Animator: We can.  Just try and bear in mind that our budget is extremely tight.


Animator: We’d added unique colour markings to each of the characters’ helmet.  Blue for Ezra, red for Jai, yellow for Zare-

Filoni: Wait, you need to switch Ezra and Jai’s helmets around.  

Animator: Er…we thought it would be easier for the viewer-

Filoni: You can’t have Ezra being associated with all things blue, otherwise the next generation of fans will start nicknaming him after some kind of blue fruit and that would be just silly.  

Animator: I guess.

Filoni: All of the cadets limbs still look identical to each other.  I want more distinction.

Animator: But we’re only days away from animating and our limited bud-

Filoni:  MORE DISTINCTION.  MORE SCRUFFINESS.  MORE AGGRESSION.  This is war and these cadets are training to be soldiers, not models.

[A few days later]

Filoni: Show me the first animated scene of Breaking Ranks.

Filoni: I can’t tell…what’s the difference this time? 

Animator: We’ve raised Jai’s hand to his hip. 


I was looking at reviews for a pre work out I’ve been using and almost 100% of the reviews from men said “I couldn’t get past the taste of this stuff” and like 1.) this stuff does not taste very bad and it’s 100% plant based so idk why they would expect it to taste like anything except fuckin grass and 2.) theory that men can’t handle anything that tastes slightly off 3.) theory that once you’ve sucked dick literally anything else tastes good by comparison