the reverse bechdel test

a quick review of the reasons you should be watching Call the Midwife if you still are not doing that:

  1. many many ladies
  2. so many ladies, in fact, that it might sometimes fail a reverse Bechdel test, unless Fred and Dr. Turner get into a good convo about military-issue shorts
  3. ladies supporting ladies
  4. most precious dudes to walk the Earth of East London supporting ladies
  5. ladies loving other ladies in all of the following ways
    1. friendship
    2. familial
    3. feminist
    4. lesbian
  6. babies
  7. real talk about how hard babies are though
  8. also real talk about things like abortion, birth control, slut shaming, infertility, prostitution, domestic abuse, poverty, faith, etc.
  9. don’t forget the Sound of Music-esque story that is tbh sort of better than the Sound of Music
  10. cake
  11. basically the only reason I can think of to not watch this show is if you are really squicked out by childbirth

A small tribute to women’s solidarity and the BBC’s only drama to (completely) fail the reverse version of the Bechdel Test.

“Weather: mixed. Work: splendid. Social injustice: still rife. No accidents, injuries, or boyfriends.”

ok honestly everyone NEEDS to watch sweet/vicious!! it didn’t catch onto me at first but TRUST ME now I’ve watched the first season and it is so good!! it’s about two girls who become vigilantes and beat up rapists. its a comedy but it’s got very good scenes and deals with dark subject matter as well. plus my favorite thing about it is that it focuses heavily on female friendships and hardly passes the reverse version of the bechdel test. IT’S A MUST WATCH and you can find the first season on putlocker <3

in talking w/ a friend about the princess leia comics, it’s come to my attention that said comics thus far have had a majority fail rate on the “reverse bechdel test” – aka, at no point in an issue do two named male characters have a conversation about anything other than a woman. 

in fact the record as it stands is:

  • princess leia #001 – passes only if you consider luke and wedge’s three-line conversation (”red five, copy, could that be true?” / “making visual contact, red two. it’s an alluvial damper malfunction all right. / “shuttle’s looking wobbly, red five. give her a wide berth”) as not technically being about leia and evaan, but about their ship.
  • princess leia #002 – fails with flying colors
  • princess leia #003 – same

i, for one, support this agenda and would like to continue to see the tables be so dramatically turned 

I’m crafting my feature script with a reverse-Bechdel test ethos:

never have two men talking to each other unless it’s about a female lead character

pride and prejudice and zombies??? PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES.

you got badass ladies who spend their whole time kicking ass and taking names. you got gorgeous period dress. you got swoony (but still totally badass) romance. you got ZOMBIES. you got lena headey as lady catherine de bourgh the eyepatch-wearing legendary zombie slayer matriarch. you got sam riley as a gggrrrrrravelly zombie-slaying darcy in a trenchcoat. you got two hours of probably not passing the reverse bechdel test.

???? go see this film.