the reunion tour

Most people always put the blame on the band when it is in fact the record company’s plan to make money. I kind of feel sorry for them in that case. This is why I refuse to put any of my hopes up high this time especially on MCR related news knowing that we got to face it that in reality, a reunion tour as Gerard had previously said on an interview is “highly unlike” but still fans don’t seem to get or accept it. 

Here’s the stuff from this week:

In the world

  • CURRENTLY: a manhunt is underway in Munich after a shooting there.
  • There was a deadly attack in Nice, France.
  • An attempted coup has thrown Turkey into chaos.

The RNC was, maybe, a huge prank or something?

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In drama

Melania Trump spoke someone else’s truth.

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In entertainment

  • Pretty much everyone loved Ghostbusters, and some people who didn’t are being predictably slimy about it.
  • We have our new old young Han Solo and his name is Alden Ehrenreich.
  • Stranger Things is the Goonies of the paranormal.

MCR is not doing a reunion tour. Play a single G on the piano in mourning.

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In Tumblrs

  • Rebecca Sugar ( @rebeccasugar ) is the creator of Steven Universe. Ever heard of it?
  • CitiBike ( @citibikeblog ) : don’t reblog without a helmet.
  • Nathan Zed ( @thenathanzed ) is a YouTuber who shares initials with New Zealand. What more do you want?

And here’s the GIF that will save America:

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You will know when it’s time.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:mcr (my chemical romance 2001-2013) is being sketchy as hell and posted a video to their twitter, pinned the tweet to the top of their official page, and are now being EXTRA sketchy like what are they doing??? could it be a reunion tour for the anniversary of the black parade? is it a remastered version? is mcr pulling the ultimate "fake your death" stunt and reemerging just in time for the Four Year Curse to still be in effect? What does this video mean i'm so conf-
mcrx board meeting

warner executive: how can we make a crap ton of money off the tenth anniversary of welcome to the black parade

warner executive: oh I know let’s post a really vague cryptic video with a new mcr logo and delete the last post about them breaking up so fans get super hyped and start talking and posting about it even though there’s zero chance of a new album or reunion tour

someone else: isn’t it like kinda messed up to get the fans’ hopes up?

warner executive: i don’t give a shit think about the $$$$$$$$$$$

  • me:my heart is broken that mcrx is just a re-release of the black parade instead of a reunion tour and i feel so silly for getting my hopes up and i just want to cry for the next 500 years
  • also me:i'm gonna buy the re-release and all the merch tho

Never Be What You Want - We Are The In Crowd Feat. Derek Discanio from State Champs

The Reunion Tour
Atlanta, GA /// The Masquerade

The Signs Right Now
  • Aquarius, LIBRA, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo:nothing is confirmed yet guys, chill.
  • Cancer, Capricorn, LEO, Aries:Oh cool, maybe they're releasing a new album or having a reunion tour or something!