the returns of the archons

The amount of intense character moments in the advanced Warhammer 40,000 plot is crazy. I mean, we’ve got:

Ursarkar Creed, who has to deal not only with his longtime buddy Jarran Kell sacrifice himself so he can escape, but also has to literally watch while his beloved homeworld is shattered before his eyes.

Belisarius Cawl, who has to come to terms with failing to augment the Cadian pylons in time and basically being responsible for Abaddon’s victory.

Greyfax who, as a hardline puritan inquisitor, has to accept the help of both the necrons and the eldar, all the while worrying that “Saint” Celestine is really an avatar of Chaos.

Asdrubael Vect, so used to being the supreme top dog of the dark eldar, suddenly finding himself very much in the shadow of the returned big boss Archon El'Uriaq, then loses Commorragh, his seat of power, to the forces of Chaos.

Ahriman, who traps Yvraine and her eldar allies, only for her to make his ten-thousand-year-old dream come true by resurrecting a bunch of his Rubric Marines. She promises to return more of them to life if he lets her go, only for her to do a runner and kill those Thousand Sons she resurrected. Cue Tzeentchian tears. 

And of course, king of them all, Roboute Guilliman, who wakes from his coma to find his father’s dream reduced to a rotting carcass beset by monstrous vultures.

star trek TOS starter pack

for people who are interested in getting into star trek, here’s a not-so-serious organized guide to the original series!!

starting five (almost universally acclaimed, best if you don’t like/know much about star trek and want a good place to begin): the city on the edge of forever, amok time, mirror, mirror, space seed, the naked time

actually amusing comedic episodes: the trouble with tribbles, a piece of the action, this side of paradise, shore leave, i, mudd

best of the worst (episodes that most people consider bad that i really like): charlie x, the way to eden, and the children shall lead, catspaw

interesting social commentary: the cloud minders, let that be your last battlefield, balance of terror, the apple, a taste of armageddon

underrated gems: miri, the empath, spectre of the gun, the deadly years, return of the archons