the return to innocence

‘’Why is she wearing my hoodie?’’

A/N: Here is just another fluff bomb for you all, hope you it! Please let me know what you think. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky tries to figure out the reason behind his missing hoodie one day, relishing in the idea that might be a win-win situation for both of you.. but what might that lead to? 

Warnings: Fluff overload

Word count: 3745

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It all started out innocently enough, on a monday evening after a return home from a particularly difficult mission. Your feet brushed against the cold kitchen tiles, a shiver trailing through your body as you made your way to the fridge for a late night snack. You grabbed a plate of brownies, showing the fridge close with your elbow before making your way to the television room.

You were surprised to find it empty, smiling to yourself as you relished in the idea of being able to pick a movie for once as you planted yourself on the couch. You placed the plate on the sofa table, bringing a brownie to your mouth as you browsed through the selection available on Netflix until you found something of your liking. Another shiver trailed down your spine, your body being tired and drained of energy from the mission and you reached over to the blanket at and brought it over your legs. Your eyes landed on a grey hoodie, figuring it was Steve’s you contently threw it over your shoulders and enjoyed the warmth and smell of the large garment that covered your figure.

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Me: yuri on ice makes me feel so pure and my innocence has returned to me


Update: guys I love yuri on ice for the story and characters. I love killing stalking for the art and complexity of the story line So stop treating me like I’m fetishizing it

“Don’t care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don’t give up and use the chance
To return to innocence.

That’s not the beginning of the end
That’s the return to yourself
The return to innocence.”  
 ~ Enigma

~ The Art of Antonio Mora
~ Motion Effects by George RedHawk


From 2x05 “Return of Callisto.” Gabrielle practices with a sword, recalling both her earlier, innocent play-fighting in 1x03 “Dreamworker” and her grief-stricken fury in 1x21 “The Greater Good.” This shot looks like a painting with its autumnal colors and gorgeous soft light, but Xena looming so large in the frame adds a note of discord and ominousness, which is appropriate considering what Gabrielle is training herself to do.

The symbolism of the chess piece + the return of not only Athelstan’s (and Ragnar’s) necklace to Alfred, but Ragnar’s (and Athelstan’s) armring to Ivar was so profound in this episode.

The chess piece given in good faith - to bond, to show friendship between two cultures, two young men meeting - and in the end it shows what’s to come for these people. Good faith from someone innocent and unknowing will be returned with bloodshed and anguish.

The jewelry returned to those who carry the cultures, heritages and faith of either of them - to show that the bond that Ragnar was trying to make, to instigate, to be the link between - that bond is now forever broken, and will be kept apart. There is no mending. 

Ragnar tried to be the connection between these two worlds, these Gods, these people, and he failed. So that was not only the death of Ragnar Lothbrok, but the death of the dream he had, the dream Athelstan also shared with him and tried to help him succeed with. 

Alec Lightwood: Kitten Saviour

by runedmalec | Rated K | Malec | Drabble | Prompts |

Alec stared into the tiny blue eyes sternly. They blinked innocently in return and simply looked at him curiously. The tiny little nose wiggled and Alec’s expression broke into a soft smile.

“Magnus is going to kill me.” Alec murmured, as he reached forward and plucked the tiny little kitten off the sofa and curled him up into his arms. The little creature was so small that he seemed miniscule in Alec’s buff arms.

The kitten started purring like it was being powered by an engine. Alec grinned, and ran a hand along the soft black fur, he frowned, the kitten was scarily thin. Alec was confident that he’d done the right thing picking up the small animal off the streets and saving it from the large dog that had been bearing down on it viciously.

“You better get along with the Chairman, otherwise you’ll have to meet Church, and that won’t be a good experience for either of us.”

The kitten let out a tiny meow as Alec placed it on the counter and opened a tin of kitten food that he had picked up on his way home. The meows became louder and more frequent until finally they were silent and the only sound was the loud purring and the sounds of eager eating.

“There you go, buddy.” Alec said softly and ran his hand along the back of the kitten.

“Alexander? Is that you?” Magnus’ voice sounded as Alec heard him entering the apartment. “Who are you talking to?”

“Um, no one.” Alec said quickly. He hadn’t had time to prepare an excuse for there being a skinny kitten on the kitchen counter.

“Talking to yourself is the first sign of madne-” Magnus’ voice cut off abruptly. “Alexander, what is that?”

“Um, a cat?” Alec said hesitantly.

“I can see that, but what I meant is why is there a cat behind you?” Magnus had moved further into the room, Alec couldn’t tell what his expression was as he was staring at the floor and avoiding all eye contact.

“He was being intimidated by a dog.” Alec mumbled.

“A dog was bullying that kitten, so you decided to bring it home with you and feed it up?” Magnus asked.

“Erm, well, yeah, I guess.” Alec stuttered.

“Alexander, have I ever told you how much I love you?”

“Look, I’m sorry and I’ll take full- wait, what?” Alec froze in shock.

“Look at me, darling.”

Alec looked up, Magnus was a lot closer than he had thought. Alec stared into the amused face of his boyfriend, his eyes were soft and Alec relaxed as he stared into them.

“Do you really think that I would be angry that you rescued a malnourished kitten?” Magnus asked. “I can tell that the little guy wouldn’t have survived long on the streets just by looking at him.”

“Well, I wasn’t sure that you’d be too happy, I mean you already have the Chairman and kittens can be pretty destructive.” Alec said quickly.

“I think we should name him Alexander as he has black fur and blue eyes.” Magnus said, ignoring Alec’s worries.

“You are not naming the cat Alexander, there’s no way Magnus.” Alec said adamantly.

“Fine, how about Shadowhunter?” Magnus suggested.

“I guess that isn’t too bad, don’t you think it’s a bit too long though?” Alec asked.

“My other cat is called Chairman Meow, I think having one called Shadowhunter will be perfectly acceptable.” Magnus chuckled.

Alec pulled the warlock into a tight hug.

“Thank you so much, Mags. I love you.” Alec whispered in his ear.

“If I knew a simple kitten would get this reaction out of you, I’d bring home a new one every evening.” Magnus said with a light hearted laugh.

The only noise in the background was the little kitten purring like a tractor.

“When identification with the thinking mind is dropped, your life returns back to the natural grace of untouched stillness.”  ~Anon I mus (No-self)


Los Inocentes (The Innocents) 

“In 19th century Argentina, when a man returns to his family’s plantation after 15 years, it revives a violent past, slave abuses and evil spirits.via

This film is an interesting one that i saw last night (it’s streaming on Netflix). I’m still not completely sure what to think of it, as I feel as though i’m understanding where some of you were coming from when you said (in reference to Birth of a Nation) that you were tired of yet another movie of enslaved Black people. And while I do still believe that there’s a lot to be explored within film in reference to the enslavement of African peoples, I do see these films of largely beatings, lynchings, murders, and rape as becoming a bit exhausted. 

Some of the websites that reviewed the film placed it in the “horror film” genre. Slavery, indeed, was a horror. But putting it in the horror film genre seems almost like a trivialization of the horrors that actually happened. Horror films are for entertainment - and i don’t want to be entertained, per se, by the actual horrors that my ancestors had to endure. not to mention that many people get their information about slavery via films like these. And if it’s a “horror flick”, then how much historical accuracy (or reverence) can we expect? it’s a good film, but what about the larger, broader implications of the film? 

Anyone seen the film? Any thoughts? 

It is an imaginary garden where we all become children. 

“…It is the garden we all carry inside but, because of our worries, our work, our overloaded brain and above all the loss of innocence, we are prevented from visiting and returning to our lost childhood to remember when we were pure and sincere, real and unmasked. ” 

Fragment of “Las criaturas de mi jardín imaginario”  by Luis Salazar Retana.

Lance: *tactically out maneuvers an entire squad of droids, creates a weapon out of a glow stick a single rock and some sand, takes twenty hits and doles out twenty-one in return, sacrifices himself without hesitation for an innocent*

Lance: lmao guys check out this 360 no-scope (jumps into the air, falls and twists his ankle, shoots his gun at the ground and the kickback knocks into his groin)

Hurry up and come home already… “…Ran…”