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a day on the job: student assistant librarian

(featuring Junk)

      “There’s something in the book return bin.” Acrylic nails drum against the circulation desk countertop; Junk winces, trying to block out the aggressive unpleasantness of the sound. Her cat, sleeping on the countertop, stirs irritably. The patron mistakes Junk’s discomfort for belligerence, and repeats themself more loudly: “There’s something in the book return bin.”

       Junk looks up, puts on her best attempt at a customer-service smile. “Is it books?” She asks, without an awful lot of hope.

       It is not books. Or, more accurately, it is not just books. Maybe a homeless man, the patron at the desk had told her, or maybe a fox, or a raccoon, or one of those things, the, uh, what are the furry things with the naked tails and the opposable thumbs and the small, sharp teeth? Possums, right, they’d said. Maybe it’s a possum.

       Whatever it is, it’s Junk’s responsibility as student assistant librarian to deal with it. Which is not particularly cool or fun, but then, no one ever said that being the student assistant librarian would be either.

       There’s a procedure for things like these. There’s an old paperback on the front shelf to be checked out and checked in and checked out again, for use as a tester whenever there’s a kink in the barcode scanner or something in the book return bin. That’s the first tool. Junk takes the paperback and checks it out. There’s a small notebook on top of the stock shelf, full of helpful troubleshooting tips Junk’s collected herself over the course of her employment here. That’s the second tool. Junk puts it in one of the many spacious pockets in her cargo pants. There’s a big cardboard shoebox under the circulation desk, and a smaller cardboard shoebox inside of it, and a smaller iron lockbox inside of that. That’s where they keep the thousand and one. The third tool. Junk leaves it in its boxes, for now. She’ll come back for it if she needs it. Hopefully she won’t. It’s never a good day when she needs to take the thousand and one out of its boxes.

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Down in the Library Basement

Running a library is not an easy thing to do.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who think that all librarians do is sit around and read the whole day. They have no concept of all the duties that come with being a librarian. In just one day, my mother will teach a class for senior citizens on how to use the computer, help four different families find the graves of their loved ones, register a thousand new books into the system, reorder all the books that have been returned, hold a story-time session for the children… the list goes on and on.

The point of me telling you this is for you to understand that it takes a person with a degree and years of experience to run a library… and I am not that person.

My mom has run our small town’s library for over twenty years.  She’s damn good at what she does, and that’s the only reason that town still has a library. Unfortunately, this meant that it was difficult to replace her, even for a short amount of time, when she fell down the basement stairs and broke her leg.

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Steven Universe Season 1 & Pilot

I need you. I don’t think you realize just exactly how much I need you, or perhaps you do but there is nothing that we can really do about it. I think that’s the hardest part of all, knowing that truly there is nothing we can do but carry on through our days hoping that this time will pass by quickly. I’m longing for the day that I can be back in your arms, where this distance wont be an issue, where there is no fear of you leaving once again. I don’t want to tell you how many times I have fallen asleep crying because I don’t want to make you feel bad, or worse than how you feel now. All I can do for you right now is support you and remind you every single day how proud I am of you and how much I love you. You have me always and I will be right here waiting for your return.
sometimes you’d shed your tears for the one you love, but sometimes they didn’t wipe your tears away in return.
—  d.p.a

She helped him get back to school after Gabriel grounded him for stealing the book!!!! duuuhhh
So like, let’s go back to Volpina. Adrien does not know Mari was spying when him and Lila were looking at the book. He does not know she stole it while Lila was flirting with him.
Look at it from his perspective: Mari’s alibi doesn’t add up for him because she technically never knew of the book. For all that he knows the only possible person that could have even gotten close to the book was Lila, and –keep looking at this through the Adrien goggles– she probably stole the book and lost it while she became an Akuma because how else could she have known what necklace to buy? It was either that or he lost it in the library and then Mari got it but like I say, in his version of events Mari wasn’t there.

I bet Adrien spent entire days going back on his own steps to try and remember where he left the dang book. Enough to know that Mari was lying and that for some unknown reason, she came up with the book. Now, again through the Adrien goggles, who was the only person in the park when he was hanging out with Lila? Ladybug. Who “had” the book? Lila. Who returns the book? Marinette.

So long story short:

a) At the beginning Adrien maybe did not have a crush but simply was thankful that he has a friend as loyal as Marinette, willing to look bad in front of her allegedly greatest inspiration, just so that he could be happy again.

b) This, with enough time to ponder on things, may have triggered a lil tiny crush on her which eventually grows because he is starting to realize all the little things Mari has done to make him happy (e.g. the Christmas gift).

c) Also, I have this idea that the fact that Marinette turns the book in plants the seed in Adrien’s head about LB’s identity, ya know? Like that type of thought that goes like “wouldn’t it be wild if?? nahhhh that would never happen.” and then you’re trying to come up with “evidence” to prove yourself right but it’s mostly subjective bullshit.

oki that is all byeeee.

Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit.


NOTES: It’s been quite a long time since I updated, and I hope you’ll forgive me with this new chapter. As always, I love to hear your comments & thoughts. Thank you ♥︎

He had left a note addressed to the servants saying that he aimed to be back in a week or so. However, the master hadn’t stated the reason for his sudden departure, and I knew I was in no position to tell them of the actual motive of his journey.
In his note, Mr. Laufeyson additionally mentioned that he would manage to catch a ride on one of the public carriages from the village that was heading towards his destination, but I was wise enough to know that this was far from the truth.

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The Kraken

Anonymous asked: Hi Meg! I was wondering if you could do a Euron Greyjoy x reader, where the reader is a Lannister (either Cerseis daughter or sister) and when he sees her he falls inlove with her or something like that?

Here you go! I do not own Euron, Cersei, or Jaime. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: Unwanted arranged marriage…I think that’s it.

Pairings/Characters: Euron Greyjoy x fem!Lannister reader, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister

Originally posted by supercanaries

Euron had come to King’s Landing with one thing in mind. Marry the queen, the most beautiful woman in Westeros according to the rumors, and become king of Westeros. That was until he met you. You entered the throne room after Euron did. You walked right up to the throne and took your place next to Jaime. You glanced at Euron and then at Jaime. “Who is that, Jaime?” you whispered. “Euron Greyjoy.”

               Euron’s gaze flickered over to you. The rumors were wrong. Cersei was certainly not the most beautiful woman. You may not have been either, but you were more beautiful than your sister. Cersei noticed Euron’s attention on you and frowned for a second. Then, like putting on a mask, Cersei’s demeanor returned to neutral. Euron still hadn’t averted his gaze from you.

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A'right. Let’s talk about Eloisa James and her book, “When the Duke Returns.”

This story is systematically destroying me. FIRST, our Duke (Simeon) is a virgin and an outsider, and he’s simply theeee most precious.

SECOND, Isidore is freaking amazing. She’s super hot and rich and everyone knows it. She dresses to be adored, makes no qualms about wanting to have sex (even though she is also a virgin) and is one of the bossest ladies I’ve read about lately.

THIRD, Eloisa James is witty! Her writing took just a few pages to really capture me, and since then the humor in her writing has been apparent and incredibly amusing without turning the book into a comedy. She manages to make me laugh while keeping the sizzle and the sense of breathless anticipation I’ve come to expect from a good romance novel.

Basically, please read along with me!

Sheathing a Blade: Ch 1. Bitter Metals

Zarazu heard the door to the library creak open. It was about time someone wandered in here. There the queen laid on the floor, on her back, a book in her hands. Several novels circled her head, having been bored and in this position for a while. Her burgeoning belly made it difficult for her to get around now. In the third trimester, the twins were due any day and she was ready to feel like herself again… and see her feet, walk normally, and not have to pee every hour of every day. So when the queen squatted down to get a law encyclopedia, she promptly lost her balance and could not get back up. Playing it cool, Zarazu pretended to be reading.

“Klinge! Looking for a good romance?”

Klinge looked down at the Queen puzzled. Why she was on her back like a turtle was beyond him. At her comment about the romance novel Klinge was curious. Since Kanisa had left with Vidar, the warrior had lost his source of good recommendations for love and adventure stories.

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plots based off songs from melanie martinez’s debut album crybaby;;

001. alphabet boy — fuck all your abc’s, alphabet boy,

  • { a } & { b }  have always been at odds—both being the smartest kids in their grades but having completely different opportunities. { a  } was born into a poor family and therefore family takes priority over grades and they fall behind constantly. { b } was born into wealth, affording all the tutors and generally having it easy and picking on  { a } who they usually have to tutor so they can catch up. eventually { a } drops out of school to work for their family and { b } graduates top of their class. but a year later they both run into each other and things are different— { a } is still working but earned a ged and is now moving into a new apartment, and { b } is struggling after being cut off financially and now with no place to stay—not to mention they’re knee deep in college debt now. { b } is now in desperate need of { a }’s help, but will they help them after so many years of teasing?

002.  soap —  i feel it coming up my throat guess I better wash my mouth out with soap,

  • { a } & { b } were once really great friends who told each other everything, who could call one another at one in the morning and know the other person would pick up. however, { a } felt something more for { b } and as easily as they could, confessed to them. { a } now feeling smothered and pressured, said they didn’t feel the same way and { b }, hurt, cut off all communications with them. years later at a party, { a } sees { b } drunk and ignoring them at all costs. when { b } drunkenly stumbles outside,  { a } corners them and demands to know why they’ve been avoiding them for long, generally getting more and more upset until   { b } drunkenly yells that they’re still in love with them and never got over a broken heart before passing out. { a } takes { b } home with them, and the next morning { b } wakes up in { a }’s apartment, hungover but with the blaring memory of what happened the night before. they try to escape, but { a } won’t let them leave their life again. because just maybe….in the years when { b } ignored them, { a } realized they were actually in love with { b }. but seeing how { b } completely hates them now, doesn’t know how to say it.

003. training wheels —  fully undressed no training wheels left for you,

  • before they were even a couple, { a } and { b } were always known as the shy kids, so when they got together, nobody could resist admiring how cute they were as a couple. from blushing every time they looked at each other, to the gentle way they touched each other, even how they always teased and poked fun at each other when they never did it with anybody else. they’ve always been on the surface of a relationship, but { a } is ready to take it further—they feel that they’ve been ready to go father, but { b }, who suffers from low self esteem after a previous bad relationship, has always been the reason they’ve held back. when they decide to take a small roadtrip together, { a } hopes to use this time to get closer to { b }, emotionally and physically. they’re staying in old hotels and sharing beds, stealing each other’s clothes and all both of them really want is to be with each other, no matter what happens.

004. pacify her —  you don’t love her stop lying with those words,

  • { a } and { b } have been friends for a while, and there’s always been something more bubbling under the surface, but neither have ever acted on it until both got drunk at a party and admitted it and then slept together. after that day things have always been a bit strange between them, but they kept their stance as friends. but when { b } starts dating another person who { a } personally can’t stand, things turn sour between them. and when their partner lets out their ugly side and lashes out at { a } and { b } does nothing to defend them, { a } decides they want nothing to do with either of them. until { b } shows up crying at their door.

005. mrs. potato head — oh mrs. potato head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty,

  • { a } is born into family where looks are everything—their mother is a beauty queen, so are their sisters. their father is deemed attractive, voted the most handsome in high school and still now is complimented for his good looks. { a } from a young age is forced to believe without good looks you’ll have nothing, and has been groomed from a young age, participating in beauty pageants where they always take first place. nobody looks at the person { a } truly is, and they themselves are forced to hide away the truer parts of them that would rather curl up in sweats and write stories, something they’ve been doing forever to handle the pressure. along comes { b } a journalism student, who comes across one of the stories { a } leaves behind after a gala and is impressed; always having the idea that { a } and the rest of their family were rather stuck up and annoying. the next time they run into each other, { b } returns the story along with a book they’ve always enjoyed. as time goes on, the two develop a cute relationship, leaving notes for each other in books, sneaking around and { a } sneaking out from galas and parties just to be with { b }. { b } is seeing { a } for who they are, not because of their face, and that in itself makes { a } want them all the more.
Solar Eclipse

A/N: Hello everyone! Its been a little while since I’ve written something but I come with a gift. A small Nessian drabble. More specifically a solar eclipse drabble in honor of the solar eclipse which passed through the United states yesterday. Unfortunately my state didn’t get to see the full merging ;-; so sad.. but it still was super awesome! If anyone saw the full eclipse tell me your experience and what you thought about it! I would love to know. Without further ado this is a small fanfic which I hope you guys enjoy! <3 As always the characters do not belong to me. 

One line summary: Nesta and Cassian experienced their first solar eclipse together.

The cabin bore an empty silence, a sudden stillness. Something completely contrary to the usual boisterous and jubilant nature the space usually possesses.

Even the familiar routine she grown so used to felt missing. The lack of it nudged something deep within threatening to surface. But she pushed it aside and burrowed it not willing to let the small inkling of a feeling consume her already blurred thoughts.

Nesta shifted up into a sitting position, slowly pressing her bare skin into the cherry wood headboard behind. Her arms looped around her legs pulling them in close for comfort.

Her gaze lazily swept through the room in one motion. They stared towards the open window allowing a ray of golden light to filter into the area. Some specks of dust became visible while swaying in the sun, finding a place to settle. The glow continued to push through finally settling onto the bed, pawing at Nesta’s legs with warmth. Her eyes followed the path and how it dwelled on the vacant side of the mattress harboring a mess of crumpled blankets.

Her mind flipped through the moments when she awoke. How the sun lit the space behind her eyelids causing her to scrunch her face at the sudden disruption in sleep. She remembered how her grey eyes cracked open to find that Cassian wasn’t tangled up in the sheets beside her. She remembered how a plush comforter wrapped her entire body instead of the muscular arms she had grown so accustomed to. And she remembered how the smoke and sandalwood scent was faint. Fainter than usual.

On instinct she reached over to graze the indent within the mattress and find that it was chillingly cold. A frown grew as she pondered through the unsettling nature of the situation.

Though she didn’t want to admit it sometimes, she cherished each morning when they would wake together and remain in bed ensnared within each other’s arms. She cherished even the moments when he would have to slip from bed to fulfill his duties as general. On those occasions Cassian would never part with Nesta without planting kisses in the middle of her brows, on either side of her cheeks, and upon the tip of her nose and lips.

But today he slipped out and left nothing behind.

Maybe something urgent occurred from him to have rushed out of the cabin without a whisper of a goodbye. Whatever the situation was she knew he would always be safe and could handle anything that stood in his way. For many would never forget, Cassian is the Lord of Bloodshed and he should never be taken lightly.

So instead of pondering upon the what ifs, she decided to enjoy the quiet break in dawn lounging upon a velvet sofa with a novel in her lap. An ancient novel coated with a thin layer of dust and lint. A smile grew as she flipped the parchment pages one by one. For the longest time now Nesta craved to read this story since the moment she spotted it within the cabin’s library. A library built just for her by the hands of Cassian himself.

Her mind desperately needed to dive into a new world. One where you could explore and get lost in to your heart’s content.

While enjoying the moment Nesta’s ears carefully listened to the fire ablaze to her right. It was tucked into a fire pit lined with marble and gated with iron guards. Several logs within were stacked against each other further fueling the hungry flames. The original oak color that the lumber hailed burned to an orange glow for a brief moment in time until crumbling into a singed black. For added bliss the heat radiating off the flames ambushed the crisp morning air that had a tendency to nip at her bare skin.

The sight itself was alluring and awakened a power inside that wanted to play. But Nesta merely returned to her book further devouring the addicting story.

“I shouldn’t be surprised to see you curled up with a book once you finally have the time to yourself,” a husky voice sounded from behind. A voice which she had undoubtedly waited for.

She peeled her eyes away from the words below, a little at loss for not being able to continue reading. But no matter how much she loved the story and would do anything to continue on with it, she secretly loved Cassian more.

The light brown hair braided back cascaded down her collarbone as she twisted her gaze to meet the burning hazel ones of the general. His hair was clean and sun kissed apart from its usual dirt coated nature. He wore his usual Illyrian leathers which possessed not a single scratch or scrape. This told Nesta enough of what she needed to know. Apparently there wasn’t a battle in which he participated in. Or as far as she assumed, it didn’t seem like he was called into battle. 

But yet again she could never guess because his combat skills were amazing enough to defeat someone without earning a single blemish upon himself in return.

After looking him up and down she finally spoke with a brow raised, “Couldn’t resist getting my hands on this book.” She flashed the cover at him smirking while doing so and continued, “And I couldn’t resist soaking up this moment of silence for Cauldron knows how long I’ll get another one.”

A huff of air tumbled out of Cassian as he rolled his eyes. “Tell me sweetheart,” he trailed off grinning with a sly look upon his features, “that you undoubtedly missed me while I was gone.”

That comment only caused Nesta to purse her lips and squint those beautiful storm grey eyes at him.

“Because every second I was gone I felt the uneasiness, the concern,” he tapped the area of his chest where his heart lurked beneath. “Which was surprising considering how cold you could be sometimes.”

Now that comment earned him a book to his face.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered stretching out of the padded sofa and towards him.

“Apology accep—”

“I was talking to the book,” she smiled while picking the book off the floor and inspected it for any indents. When she was satisfied with the lack of damage she carefully placed it upon a table nearby.

As he rubbed the soreness from his face where the book smashed into mere moments before he murmured, “Missed you too.”

Now that earned him a kiss upon his nose which took the brunt of the attack. Nesta’s arms slipped around his waist and laid her pointed ear upon his torso over the steady heartbeat beneath. Cassian gladly wrapped his arms around her small frame pulling her in tighter still whimpering as the slight pain lingering.

“Wondered where I’ve been?” He asked peering down at her.

She shifted her gaze up towards his revealing the sultry storm within. It lodged a breath within his lungs as she spoke with an alluring wicked smirk, “I did, but I didn’t want to give you the satisfaction.”

No matter how much the two bicker it brings a strange sense of happiness amongst them. The familiarity and teasing is something that keeps them on their toes. The intensity and excitement that leads to other things also was something they both heavily enjoyed.

“Well, for that stubborn curiosity I will answer your question.”

Nesta hummed unwrapping herself from him waiting for his next movement.

Cassian only gripped her hand entwining their fingers together with a little tug. Her fingers were supple and skin soft. However, they were still peppered with callouses, so stark compared to his rough battle worn skin.

Without a thought she followed after him as he led her through the corridor decorated with picture frames. As they paced one she glanced at towards it eyeing the figures. It framed Nesta along with her three sisters. Each of them wore their hair down letting the loose curls tumble down their chests. Feyre bared the brightest smile as she clutched Elain and Nesta close on either side. Elain had a petite hand covering her growing giggle, laughing at the bickering between Rhys and Cassian. While Nesta wore a small smile of her own as she gripped Feyre with equal force. The smile from what she could remember in the moment was completely genuine.

The next frames displayed the entire newly formed Inner Circle. One displayed everyone laughing uncontrollably with silly expressions while another presented them all smiling in a much formal manner. There was even one of Rhy’s and Feyre’s wedding photo. They looked beautiful. Truly happy.

The last couple of frames while the two strolled down the hall were of Nesta and Cassian. It was of them smiling, laughing and enjoying a view from on top a mountain which Mor happened to catch before they noticed.

They were all good memories. Ones she cherished. Ones she would do anything to protect.

Finally, Cassian led them out the cabin outside where he swept her off her feet already unfurling his wings.

Before anything could happen Nesta blurted, “Where are we going?”

Cassian only gripped her closer reminding her that he would keep her safe. “That’s a surprise.”

With that he bent his knees, stretched his wings out and shot up into the sky.


As the wind caressed Nesta’s cheeks while they flew fast through the air she noted the white bloated clouds and the trees zipping past below. It surprisingly didn’t take long until she spotted an approaching mountain range. Just in tune with her thoughts Cassian flew higher towards the peak of the mountain.

They came in at full speed until he elongated his wings out to slow their pace. The two crunched into the ground, the earth beneath groaning at the powerful landing.

Cassian gently placed Nesta down on two feet as she sighed at having solid ground beneath her. But the view before her was what really took her breath away. The land stretched out until meeting the horizon, farther than what she had ever seen before.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” He spoke still holding her fingers. Nesta could only nod lips slightly parted in awe.

“Just you wait for the main show.”

“Main show?” Her voice whispered still unable to peel away from the sight.

Cassian hummed motioning her to follow him again. He apparently had a lot of surprises up his sleeve today.

She anxiously peered around his broad shoulders to spot a blanket laid down upon the ground. Stones were tucked away in each corner to hold the sheet down against the wind. There was even a woven basket placed in the middle.

“Oh shit, its already starting!” He yelped pulling her faster to the sheet. The two quickly plopped down as he laid another spare blanket along them to block the icy bite of the atmosphere.

“Cassian what’s going on?” She questioned unable to contain the thoughts while he prepped everything around them.

But before she could get a response his smile widened and merely pointed up to the sky. To the sun.

“Today is a solar eclipse. Its rare for the path of the shadow to just pass through the Night Court but we were graced with one today. And I scouted all morning to find the best view.”

Her ears picked up a clinking of glasses until she finally peered down to spot two vials. They contained a purple liquid which continued to swivel around.

“These are for our eyes. It will protect them from the sun,” he spoke handing one to her and gulping his in one swift motion. Nesta mirrored his movements letting the liquid settle within.

A solar eclipse. She’d never seen one before. Only heard about them in stories and read about them within books.

Her gaze settled on the sun amazed at how well the potion started to work. Mere moments later the moon, a dark shape, started to overlap the sun blocking bits of its marvelous light.

He did this for her. Left early in the morning for this moment. To give her the best possible view and experience this. It overwhelmed her. She was entirely grateful for this person sitting next to her. For this man who would go above and beyond for her.

With that in mind she laid her head along his shoulder still staring up at the continuous phenomenon above. He kissed the golden brown hair on top her head before laying his head lightly against hers.

Together they watched the moon overlap with the sun casting a wave of darkness over the land. Once the two met together a flash of light burst causing her to have goosebumps. She watched the halo surrounding the shape above, shimmering in beauty. 

This was something she would never forget. A memory that will forever be tucked away into her heart and mind. Something she will cherish. And cherish with the person she could never live without. The person she wouldn’t want to have it any other way with.

“Thank you,” she gripped his hand tighter. “Thank you for this.”