the return on the king


Cute little things we did ~

me as Yata Misaki
@thecrimsonworld as Fushimi Saruhiko

So… I’m going to the beach this weekend?!

I made a very spontaneous decision to go down to Atlantic Beach after work on Friday, spend the night in a king bed with an oceanfront balcony, then return on Saturday evening.

It’s supposed to be 75+ (and warmer further south, if I decide to journey further down) and I haven’t been on vacation in nearly year. $200 for the room, but I figure as a person who burns easily, it’ll be nice to take refuge in a super sweet room for part of the day on Saturday. Thank you, state tax refund. :)

Planning to spend time on the beach, on my balcony, at the aquarium, and wherever else!

  • Aragorn: I never understood why people cared so much about their dumb hobbits until I got dumb hobbits myself. I've only had Frodo and Sam for a day and a half, but if anything happened to them, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

Eowyn: But no living man am I! You are looking upon a woman. Eowyn am I, Eomund’s daughter. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him.“ 

The winged creature screamed at her, but then the Ringwraith was silent, as if in sudden doubt.

Witch King: *internally* The prophecy said no living man can kill me…that probably means women, too, right? Like, she’s a ‘man’ in a general sense. I wish I had thought about this scenario earlier, there are so many women around here. I’ll probably be fine. I can take her. I mean, the word woman has ‘man’ in it, there’s no way the prophecy was saying a girl can kill me. I got this.