the return of the plait

queen in the north

The King in the North abdicates his throne and pledges allegiance to the Dragon Queen. However, the North remembers, and doesn’t follow suit. one shot 3k+

The walls of Winterfell and the people within them are cold and unforgiving.

This realization is something Daenerys takes to heart. For she is meant to be their ruler, and a good ruler is supposed to be beloved by the people. She cannot be like her father. She is no Mad King.

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Cute Headcanons : Sugawara Koushi
  • you are both of the most motherly people who have ever had to deal with a rambunctious team of volleyball players
  • ‘if lost return to sugawara’ ‘i’m sugawara’ t-shirts
  • you sit between his legs and his plaits your hair as you both complain about your days and other stuff
  • watching game of thrones together
  • he likes to lie down and rest his head on your stomach, his arms around your waist as you hum quietly to him and run your hands through his silky hair
  • showering together consists of arguing and a hell of a lot of singing
  • suga upon seeing you in cute clothes; *clutching at his heart* i think i saw and angel and i fell in love with them
  • you are the couple wearing pastel snapbacks and wide rimmed sunglasses and drinking matcha frapuchinnos outside starbucks
  • your neck is stained purple with love bites, and his back is covered in scratches
  • he does really good cat-eye eyeliner, and he does it for you
  • you have several small bottles of body glitter and he likes to pat it on your cheeks when you’re sad and press raspberries to your skin
  • cute notes tucked on the fridge and in bags and pockets
  • cups of teas and kisses that taste like spearmint — a sweet spring love that lasts forever
  • adopting cats (idk i just see him as a cat person)
  • blowing bubble gum as he rests his head on your stomach, both of you are looking at your phones
  • stolen kisses
Peaceful Sounds and Flower Crowns

Word Count: 1,494

Summary: Felix and Bridgette agree to spend a summer afternoon studying together, but Bridgette gets a little distracted.

*Author’s Note*: I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, it’s a sweet little one shot based on this picture by @edorazzi. In my version of the PV, Bridgette lives with her grandparents above their bakery (which I don’t know if that was ever an actual show idea but at some point I came up with it). Happy summer and I hope you enjoy.

(Also available on my Ao3, found on my blog links)

Even though they had been dating for a few months now, considering Bridgette Cheng as his legitimate girlfriend still felt slightly strange to Felix. Not in a bad way, of course. He certainly didn’t harbor any lingering resentment for her or her bubbly and persistent personality; on the contrary, he had actually grown quite fond of those parts of her he used to find annoying. He’d seen such behavior as a nuisance when all he wanted was for her to take the hint to stay away from him, considering his aura of bad luck would run amok on anyone and anything that got too close to him. Felix was used to being prickly, unsociable, alone…keeping people at a distant was nothing new to him even before that coal black ring of bad luck sealed to his finger. But Bridgette, she practically made it her job to make it difficult for him to keep his distance.

Now, a few months after the truth of their superhero identities had been revealed to one another, Felix had to admit that being close to Bridgette was one of the most comforting things in his life. He loved seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, feeling her arm wrap around his as the two of them wandered the city on their days off—both from being students and defenders of justice. The sound of her feet pattering up to meet him, the brush of her hair against his chin when she hugged him, and the peck of her lips leaving a warm spot on his cheek that flooded with blush before he even knew what was happening all made his heart swell with identifiable emotions.  In short, he had never been happier.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do headcanons on how a friendship between Saihara, Ouma, Angie and Korekiyo would go? It's perfectly fine if not!

I can indeed :D

Request: Friendship HCs between Saihara, Ouma, Angie and Korekiyo

- Ouma, being the prankster he is, would most likely play little pranks on his friends

- Saihara would have to be the one to make sure the pranks weren’t too bad

- Shinguji and Saihara tend to bond by going to the library and just reading

- Angie would be the one who’d make things such as flower crowns for them all, they’d all feel bad if they decline

- Angie would also try to tell them all about her God (and lowkey hope they join)

- Being an artist, Angie would either make little sculptures of them all or doodle drawings on each of their hands

- Saihara and Shinguji would also recommend books to each other if they find something interesting

- If someone messes with one of them, the other 3 are full on ready to defend their friend, whatever the situation is

- For birthdays, they’d often invite the birthday boy/girl out to a nice meal before each giving a present

- They’d have little inside jokes and would tease each other from time to time

- Also, if she manages to convince him, Shinguji would plait Angie’s hair and she would happily return the favour

- They don’t have sleepovers often but when they do, they usually tell each other everything, it doesn’t matter if it’s just how their day went or if it’s something that’s bothering them, the other 3 would always keenly listen and offer any help/advice if needed

anonymous asked:

When you play with Bucky's hair it really calms him down. So he decides to learn to plait hair so he can return the favor. One day you two are sitting in a field, flowers everywhere and so when you play with his hair you braid the flowers in, making him look like a flower child. And after he makes you switvh places, saying "if im gonna be the flower king then i need a queen like you, Gen." and so even tho it takes him a while he braids your hair, putting flowers in it.


Fluffy Friday™ 

Bradley Imagine for Anon

i kind of got carried away…

this prob wasn’t what you had in mind but felt like trying something new with this idea…hope this is ok

{summer time sadness}

Today you had just flew back from your trip to Paris with your family. It was the end of Summer and you were excited to drive up to the beach with all your friends for one last good time before you had to go back to College. As much as you were excited to catch up with your friends and share stories about the summer, there was only one person that caused butterflies to erupt in the pit of your stomach at the thought of reuniting.

Bradley Simpson.

You and Brad had been dating a little over 2 months. The last few weeks however had been spent on the phone every night gushing about how much you missed each other. Everyone was happy you two had started dating, and so were you.

Before you left for France you and Brad had ‘the talk’. You weren’t breaking up, but you agreed that if something happened over the summer, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It had made sense at the time. At least to you. You assumed there would be cute European boys to flirt with, you wanted to have an adventure. Since you were only young, it seemed silly to stay exclusive for the Summer.

Obviously when you made the suggestion to potentially see other people, you assumed it was going to be you seeing other people. Not him. And especially not someone you knew.

You hadn’t expected to miss him as much as you had.

You hadn’t expected the language barrier to be so rough. You hadn’t expected your parents to be so busy re-kindling their romance that they wouldn’t have time for you. You hadn’t expected your phone calls with Brad to feel like a lifeline. Since you spoke every night, you expected he was twiddling his fingers actually waiting for you. In retrospect, you spoke every night before you went to bed, which was actually 5 in the evening his time. Not once did he mention he was hooking up with Tristan Evan’s cousin whilst you were dreaming of your return.

So that day, you tossed your hair in a french-style plait, wore a top that showed your holiday tan, and waited for your friend to pick you up.

You drove to the beach, buzzing. You couldn’t wait for Brad to see your Paris glow, you couldn’t wait to see him.

As soon as Brad saw you he jogged across the sand and hugged you tight, planting a soft kiss on your cheek.

You had a great time at the beach with your friends and Brads friends. You recognized James’s girlfriend and Tristan’s cousin also there. You were polite and asked them about their summers. Triumphantly swishing your cute new hairdo around.

You and Bradley went back to Brads house. When you got there you both sat in his garden in silence.

“I missed you.” You spoke.

“I missed you too.” He grinned.

“I didn’t see anyone anyone else this summer by the way.” You mumbled, trying to make eye contact with him.

Brad made an 'ah’ sound and shifted on the grass. That was when I knew.

And I knew who it was too.

“Brad…” I murmured.

“Y/N…you said we could see other people!”

“Oh my god.”

“You said-”

“I know what I said but…I just meant IF someone comes along..”

“Someone did come along!” He spoke a little louder.

I fell silent as tears appeared in my eyes. “I thought you liked me.”

Brad stood up. “Jesus Y/N make up your mind we only hooked up 3 times.”

“Who.” You whispered wiping a tear from you eye quickly, even though you were pretty sure what the answer was.

“Sally…Tristans cousin.” He watched you carefully, speaking softly.

You rubbed your eyes aggressively and stood up. “You let me flounce about the beach LIKE AN IDIOT. The whole time she knew. She knew she was hooking with my boyfriend over the summer and you stood by and let her smirk and lick her slutty little lips.” You shouted.

“Hey that’s Tristans cousin.” He muttered.

“I don’t give a fuck who’s cousin she is. I can’t believe you’re protecting HER.” You screamed.

“Jesus fucking Christ Y/N. You said we could see other people this summer. If I knew you were going to be so clingy maybe I should of stayed with Sally!” He screamed back in your face.

Your face fell, and Brad could see it.

“Y/N I didn’t mean that-”

“Of course you did.” You whispered before pushing past him and running out the gate.

You ran and ran until you found a cosy little coffee shop. You walked in and took a seat next to the window. You ordered a coffee and rubbed your temples as you sipped it. You cried a little and watched the grey clouds cover the ending summer sky.

A while later you heard the jingle of the door, and didn’t bother to look.

“Is this seat taken?” You heard a familiar croaky Birmingham accent.

“Yes.” You huffed wiping your eyes.

Brad took the seat anyway.

“I really really really like you. I don’t like Sally. She was just there and I…shit.” He said. His eyes were red and puffy, you could tell he’d been crying.

“Just because she’s there doesn’t mean you have to fuck her!” You hissed loudly getting the attention from a few customers. You stood up and ran out of the door.

The fresh air dried your wet tears as the first rain of the season started the spray.

“I didn’t fuck her!” You heard Brad coming after you.

“Yeah?” You turned around abruptly. “Why not?! She was there after all when I wasn’t right?”

Bradley walked towards you. “I don’t want to do that with her because I want to do that with you. It only happened at the beach a couple of times…I was scared because I was falling in love with you and…I’ve never been in a long relationship before but I’ve never felt this way about a girl before.”

You didn’t realize how close he was standing until he grabbed your hands.

“I fucking love you Y/N. I can’t lose you.”

Brad pulled you in smashing his lips to yours. The rain poured down as you deepened the kiss letting his tongue trace yours. You pulled back ever so slightly, letting your lips brush against his as you looked into his eyes.

“I missed you so much.” He whispered trying to bring your mouth back to his.

“You’re going to have to earn my forgiveness Bradley.” You spoke softly letting your lips brush his.

“Can I start with inviting you back to mine for cuddles and New Girl?” He smiled sheepishly.


A Surprise Teaser: When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun, Ch 12, Scene 1

Hey chickadees. <3 I’ve been feeling especially glum of late and I know several of you have as well, and in light of your wonderfully unexpected outpouring of sweetness at yesterday’s writing check-in, I thought it might make a nice treat to share the whole first scene of Chapter 12 (about 4200 words, or a normal-sized chapter of most other fics ;D).

After this things get really spoilery, mind, so this is the only lengthy excerpt you’ll get before the chapter comes out, though I’ll still do check-ins and all in the interim. :D



I sit in bed for a long while, turning the precious orange over and over in my hands and letting its red satin tails slip between my fingers. As I learned last night, everyone in this house knows what red ribbons mean. My companion has given me a sweetheart’s token; tucked it into my hand, even, so I would discover it as soon as I woke.

Between the red ribbon and the tear-dampened kisses that my companion pressed to my hair last night, I can rule out Lavinia…but then, I’ve always known, deep down, that it wasn’t her. For one, my bed partner is simply too heavy – and heavy-footed. I’ve shared a house with Lavinia and a bed with them for a month now; I know the sound and rhythm of steps, as any hunter should, and how much the mattress gives at their weight, even when I’m two arm-lengths away from my companion’s body. Also, Lavinia’s response to the wintergreen sprig – it’s about time – made it clear that, while she may be aware of my companion’s presence, as I’ve long suspected, she’s not that companion herself.

Not to mention, if Lavinia truly wanted to share my bed, she would never have bothered with secrecy. She would have crawled beneath the covers, as casually as Prim does, and pressed a kiss to my cheek before curling up behind me like a kitten and, likelier than not, burrowing cold toes against my calves.

No, my companion is not Lavinia and, more to the point, it’s not a girl. For the past month, I’ve shared this bed of fur and deerskin with a man.

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i’ve seen a lot of wonderful art of long haired merrill around and since i’m cutting all this off by the end of this year, i thought i’d maximise the usage of my hair by bringing you all merrill with different hairstyles. ;w; 

can i just say i respect merrill cosplayer so dang much because these vallaslin marks almost killed me