the return of the cattle


Child of the titan called Atlas and the Oceanid, Pleione, and the oldest of their seven daughters that were known as the Pleiades. Other variations exist where they were born to Erechtheus of Cadmus, the Oceanid, Aethra or a unnamed queen of the Amazons. Out of all her sisters, Maia was considered the most beautiful of all, even though she was extremely shy, preferring to hide away in a cave on Mount Cyllene, where she had been born.

During the dead of night, Zeus came forth and laid with her, leading the nymph to give birth to the god Hermes whom she wrapped in swaddling clothes. When Hermes crawled away, maturing so fast that he could play the lyre he had invented by midday, he went to Piera and stole cattle from Apollo.

He then returned home and acted like an innocent child until Apollo arrived, claiming to Maia that her son was the thief. When she showed Apollo that Hermes was wrapped up in swaddling clothes, they were taken to Zeus who was able to get the truth from his newborn child. In one differing version of a myth, Maia also raised Arcas after his mother had been shot and killed by Artemis after Hera had turned her into a bear due to jealousy.

After the death of their other sisters, the Hyades or their grief over their father’s fate, the Pleiades committed suicide and were placed as stars upon the back of Taurus. A similar tale says that they were the handmaidens of Artemis when they were pursued by Orion who was also chasing their mother. They pleaded to escape and their prayers reached the gods who at first transformed them into doves and then into stars.

In Roman traditon, Maia was an ancient earth goddess who also appeared in Oscan lore and was believed to be linked to Gaia and Bona Dea, who may have been her epithet. She also appeared as the companion of the fire god, Vulcan because of her association with spring. Rituals involving the sacrifice of pregnant sows where also preformed for Maia by the priests of Vulcan. Though she and her Greek counterpart were not originally similar, the myth of her parentage to Hermes was later adopted by the Romans, fusing the two together. Some scholars also believe that month of May itself was named after her.

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Hello! Do you know if Hermes, Bacchus, and Apollon were commonly associated to each other as a trio? I keep getting the impression that they are a trio somehow, but I don't remember if I read it somewhere or if it's just upg, and I'm having trouble finding any information on just those three. Thank you!

well they are brothers, that’s definitely something

i don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for but i can offer a lot of reasons to associate the three with each other. apollon and hermes have been on good terms since hermes was born, when he stole apollon’s cattle and created a new instrument in return. for hermes and dionysos, a common artistic subject is of hermes carrying the infant wine god to be raised by nymphs. apollon and dionysos are said to share the oracle at delphi by seasons, and no matter my reservations on this theory, are also often posed as complimentary opposites, civilization and wildness. again, like i said, they’re brothers and children of zeus, and seem to all get along pretty well, so it’s not strange to view them as a trio. there was probably somewhere in ancient hellas where they were the main godly trio of a state but i can’t think of that off the top of my head (since i mainly focus on sparta and anatolia)


   Found only in the South rim’s mountainous regions, their piercing cries strike fear into the hearts of any traveler within 2 km. In the past, these dragons hunted further north to prey on herds of aurochs, returning to their mountain ranges to care for young. With the advent of cattle farming further rimward, the kuudilen travels shorter distances from their birthplaces.

   Due to the inexplicably cold climate of the Southern continent, the two native species of dragon both possess feathers instead of the scales their cousins have for insulation purposes.

   The kuudilen has a reputation for destroying hamlets to devour their livestock, often with a pyromancer riding them and directing their movements(This is classified information as pyromancers elsewhere do not typically exhibit dragon-friendly behaviour, and the reason southern pyromancers do is uncertain. We do not want to antagonize the friendly fire mages.)

Watcher’s note—It’s because in the South, pyromancers are treated similarly to dark mages, and the isolation and violence often drives them to flee towards the mountains to seek out the only other creature they know of that shares their talents. The kuudilen is sociable like it’s sibling the biyori riding dragon and will see the pyromancer as a small dragon once they show their powers. The pyromancer is taken care of and in return, the pyromancer helps the kuudilen keep an eye out for threats and counter human hunting methods.

image is belltoll dragon from mtg

And the young God Hermes, even though He was only a few hours old, already possessed a cunning mind. He fixed Himself shoes of tree bark, and backed Apollon’s cattle into the ocean, and then across sandy places. He stopped at a river, sacrificing two cows to the Gods and eventually hid them in a cave…

Apollon, being the God of prophecy, of course determined the thief and went to Maia’s home immediately. He accused Hermes, still in His swaddling clothes and didn’t fall for His story. He took Hermes to Zeus for a trial. Zeus found His youngest son’s antics amusing, and simply requested He return the cattle…

As Apollon gathered His cattle, Hermes began to strum His new lyre. Apollo, immediately enchanted with the instrument, offered all of His cattle in exchange for it. Hermes agreed, and swiftly began to create yet another instrument, the reed pipe. Charmed again, Apollo asked Hermes what He wanted for it. Hermes asked for His golden staff, and with it, the title of God of herdsmen and shepherds- as well as the ability to divine with pebbles. Swiftly afterwards, Hermes was made Zeus’ herald and messenger, and presented with a herald’s staff, golden winged sandals that flew faster than the wind and a round helmet to protect him from rain. He was not much later made Hades’ herald as well, and as the herald of death, thereafter guided souls to the Underworld after they died…

Surprise! Cliven Bundy, Conservatives' Newest Hero, is a Huge Gigantic Racist

Have your heard about Cliven Bundy? No? Why he’s only America’s newest patriot! Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and right wingers of all types are going goo-goo over Mr. Bundy and his Bundy Ranch. Let me give you a little summary.

Cliven Bundy, like most good white right wingers, is a moocher. As a rancher in the great state of Nevada, Cliven Bundy let’s his cattle graze on public land. To use this land, the law requires ranchers to pay a grazing fee to the federal government, you know, just like you’d pay rent if you were using a piece of private land. The only problem is, in Cliven Bundy’s own words, Mr. Bundy does not “recognize the United States government as existing” and has refused to pay the fees associated with grazing cattle on public land for decades. He now owes the U.S. government around $1 million dollars.

Why are we hearing about this now? After many years, the federal government decided to show up a few weeks ago and seize his cattle. So, what does Cliven Bundy do? He goes on right wing media news outlets and calls for, no, no, not peaceful protesters, he calls for armed militia to show up and defend “his” land. And, like most right wingers who have nothing better to do but jump at the opportunity to swing their giant firearms around to make up for what they lack in their pants, show up they did!

Why does this matter? Well, to avoid a confrontation, the federal government returned Cliven Bundy’s cattle and backed down. This has made Mr. Bundy a big old rootin’ tootin’ heroic American patriot in the eyes of Conservative media! So much show, that ye ole’ mainstream lamestream media could no longer ignore Cliven Bundy’s plight!

The New York Times has got the latest straight from Cliven Bundy himself. The nation’s eyes and ears are all on Mr. Bundy right now. Perhaps he will drop some knowledge and leave us with the next great speech, one for the ages, a few quotes that will cement himself for generations to come as the next great American…


Cliven Bundy, the right wing’s newest hero? Sounds about right.

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Klaroline royalty request

She was running, her hands holding her skirt up so she didn’t trip as the mud splashed under her feet and coated her legs and the hem of her skirts. She was drenched from head to toe, her ball gown in disarray as she fled, knowing that they wouldn’t be far behind her. 

The rain poured down onto the road as she ran and she could barely see. This fact was what made her collide head on with someone, sending them both tumbling sideways into the ditch at the side of the road just as the sound of thundering hooves could be heard over the rain. 

The two rolled down into the ditch, the man she had hit letting out a small oof as they came to rest with her sprawled on top of him. 

“I think I saw her!” A carriage came to a stop above them and Caroline’s eyes widened in fear for a moment. 

“Sweet–” The man was about to speak and she put her hand over his mouth, silencing him as she heard the creaking of the carriage doors opening. She ducked her head down, resting it against the man’s shoulder and hoping that the mud that now coated her head to foot would hide her from their eyes.

“Please,” She breathed against the man’s neck, “They can’t find me.“ 

She felt his body stiffen as he swallowed before nodding, moving his hand to wrap around her waist, holding her closer to him as his other hand went to her leg over her dress, moving it so that it was over his hip.

"Trust me,” He whispered. His breath hit her ear and she shivered, nodding. She didn’t have any other choice, they were closing in on her and she couldn’t go back there. She wouldn’t. She would die before she married that man. 

“Who goes there?” One of the guards held up a lantern, squinting down into the ditch and illuminating them with the soft glowing light.

“Sorry mate!” The man underneath her called up, moving his head to peer up at the guard, “Would you mind telling me where we are? My girl and I, see, we were drinking at the pub,” He brought his hand down to her rear and gave it a light squeeze that made her jump. 

If the circumstances had been different then she would have slapped him, or at the very least thrown her drink on him. But he had asked her to trust him, and if she was one thing, Caroline Forbes was a woman of her word. 

“And we must have lost track of time because one minute it was light and the next it was dark. We’re on our way to the palace see,” Caroline tensed, moving slightly so that she could whisper in his ear. 

“Not the palace,” Her hand bunched into his shirt and his hand moved back to her lower back. 

“The palace?” The guard narrowed his eyes, squinting down at the unknown man, “And who might you two be going to see at the palace?” It was clear that he didn’t believe him and Caroline almost audibly sighed in relief. 

“Pardon me?” The man’s voice grew cold as he slowly pushed her off of him, standing to his feet and then helping her. 

“I am not a fool. And you sir, are drunk. I suggest you take the whore and go back where you came.” Caroline tensed at the word whore, but she did not move, keeping her head down, her hair falling in her face and covering her features. 

Do not speak unless spoken to. 

She had never paid any mind to those words growing up. She was the princess, petty rules did not apply to her. But now she clung to them, almost as much as she was clinging to the arm of the man beside her. 

“You would do well to show me respect,” The stranger said harshly and she bit her lip. 

“I have no respect for your kind.” She felt the man’s hands ball into fists and she could practically feel the anger radiating off of him, “You’re a drunk who will achieve nothing in life. Leave this kingdom at once and never return,” The guard held the lamp light up as the rain started to let up, “By order of the king." 

Caroline started to pull the man away but he held still.

"Then you may tell your king that Niklaus Mikaelson will not be appearing in his court anytime soon. Good evening, mate.” Caroline froze.

Niklaus Mikaelson. 

Of all the people in the world it had to be him. He was the reason she was in this situation. Running from the future she would be forced to share with him.

They called him a brute. They said that he had a different woman in his bed every night, that he would take what he needed from them and toss them onto the streets like they were nothing to him. He was called a bastard. Having no rightful place in line for his family’s crown until he had overtaken his brothers. Now he was the King. The King that she was set to marry in a month’s time in return for securing trade with his kingdom.

Her hand in marriage for cattle. 

“I-I did not-forgive me my lord,” The guard bowed, his face flushed with fear and embarrassment. Niklaus’ had moved to her side more securely, pulling her into him and giving her the urge to gag. 

“Quite alright. Now if you would help me and the lady up it would be greatly appreciated,” The guard nodded, still eyeing the king in fear as he held his hand out for Caroline to take. 

She could still make a break for it. But she would not get far. They had horses. And King Niklaus was rumored to be an excellent sportsman. Instead she opted for her other option. She turned towards the king. 

“Please,” She kept her voice low as she looked up at him, the mud smeared across her features but her eyes shining true. He looked taken aback, “I cannot go back there. They cannot find me." 

"Who are you?” He asked lowly. His eyes twinkled with curiosity and maybe, maybe just a bit of confusion. His hand moved to her cheek, his thumb brushing some of the grime away as his eyes went wide in realization. He looked up at the guard with a smirk on his face, “On second thought, the lady and I will walk. It is a lovely night for a stroll don’t you think?” The guard looked taken aback but he nodded.

“A lovely night indeed your highness,” He brought his hands behind his back, clasping them as he nodded to the king, “I shall leave you one of the horses for you and your friend." 

Niklaus nodded turning back to Caroline with a look of fascination on his face as the others began to slowly move away from them, leaving one solitary black horse on the road. 

"Come,” He took her hand and started to pull her up the muddy slope towards the horse. She stumbled a few times, falling back to the bottom of the ditch before he sighed and re-positioned them so that he was behind her, his hands on her waist as he guided her up. Once she was securely back on the even ground she pulled away from him, brushing off her skirts and holding herself tall.

He moved silently over to the animal, stroking its nose for a moment before taking the reigns and leading it towards her. 

“Princess,” He smirked and she rolled her eyes, letting out a huff, “Your beauty does not compare to the stories I’ve heard,” That familiar look in his eye had her shivering. She wrapped her arms around herself for warmth and he frowned at the sight, “Tell me, what brings you out here at this time of night in this weather?” He stepped closer, shrugging the jacket he was wearing off his shoulders and draping it around her, pulling it tight around her front so that she could be enveloped in the warmth left over from his body, “Running away are we?" 

She glared at him, "If it is so crucial for you to know then yes, I was running away. Running away from a life I do not want. Running away from a death sentence. Running away from you your highness.” She knew he could have her tongue cut off for her words. Even in her own kingdom he was still more powerful than her but he just smirked. 

“Careful love, we wouldn’t want to start our marriage off on the wrong note now would we?” She gave a furious grunt before turning on her heel and stomping back down the road towards the home that she had left.

He caught up to her in a minute, already on the horse’s back as the animal walked beside her. She ignored him until he moved the steed in front of her path, making her stop mid step and glare up at his smiling face. 

He offered his hand down to her, “Come now princess, we can use this time to get to know one another better. Perhaps after that then you may have a different opinion about marrying me." 

She looked at his hand for a moment, debating with herself whether or not to take it before deciding that her feet hurt and an hour with him wouldn’t kill her. She slid her hand into his, ignoring the catch in her breath at the feeling of his calloused hand around hers. Her hand felt perfectly in his as he pulled her up, moving her so that she was sitting side-saddle in front of him, her back settled against his arm and her head near his shoulder.

He spurred the horse on slowly, for some reason not wanting to get to the castle where he would have to let her out of his sight.

"May I ask why you are so appalled by the idea of being my bride that you would run away?” He broke the silence and she signed, moving herself to get more comfortable. In doing so, she shifted closer to him and the decreasing space between the two of them did not go unnoticed by either of the pair. 

“You are a horrible excuse for a man,” She kept her hands in the saddle, staring down at them as she heard his slight intake of breath at his words. 

“Most would agree with you.” He didn’t try to defend himself and that confused her. She turned to look at him, watching as he watched the space in front of the horse. 

“You use women and I do not want to be used. You prove your dominance in everything that you do and I do not want to be dominated. I will not be dominated. You hurt those you call family. You kill and hurt and you’re a disgusting excuse for a human being. I am nothing like you. I do not want to be anything like you." 

He tensed and she heard him exhale slowly, almost sadly. 

"You will learn Princess. That there are crueler men on this earth. Men that would take from you and give nothing. Men that would look at you and see only a face. And sweetheart,” His hand cupped her chin, “I am not one of those men." 

She swallowed.

"While I enjoy pretty little things such as yourself I also enjoy what is up here,” He tapped her temple, “In addition to what is down there,” She gasped and he laughed. “I enjoy your fire Caroline. And while you may think me vile and cruel now, you will learn to see the other side of me.”

“You’re very confident that I will succumb to your charms your highness,” She held her chin up and looked at him defiantly.

“No, you will not succumb.” He grinned at her, “You will fight me every chance you get. You will cringe away from the feelings that will grow inside of you. You are young Princess, but you have known pain and it shows. You are no ordinary girl and for that, I am glad that I chose you as the one to be my wife.”

“You chose me?”

“Indeed, I could have had any girl in your kingdom,” He looked ahead again, “But I chose you.”

“Why?” She searched his face for a clue but she found it blank.

“Because unlike the commoners that call themselves royalty in your kingdom,” He looked to her now, “You, my sweet Princess, are fit to be a queen." 

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Do you have a list of your fav feel good Malayalam movies? ☺️

Hi! I just reblogged my feel good rec list for you :) Also check out all recs that the people in @ideallaedi‘s comfort movies tag have posted (a mix of Malayalam/Tamil/Telugu). But for the people that don’t need subtitles, I’ll also include some of my ~personal~ feel good Malayalam movies that people may or may not have heard of/may think is weird (the older stuff); 

  • istham- a son tries to set his aged father up with a long lost love. lots of sweet, simple cuteness.
  • harikrishnans- mammootty and mohanlal in the most hilarous bromance disguised as a detective film. also *ing juhi chawla as ‘third wheel’.
  • kilukkam- an ootty guide thinks he’s lucked out when he meets a rich tourist girl who turns out to be crazy. or so it seems. classic mohanlal-priyan feel-goodness with revathy the queen.
  • mr.butler- a chef woes all the ladies with his amazing cooking skills and innocence. dileep at his comedic best. 
  • kalikkalam- mammootty as the robin-hood thief who is a master of disguise. dhoom 2 can go home.
  • ee parakkum thalika- a bus owner and his friend live in a broken down bus and their world is changed completely when a girl crosses paths with them. absolutely hilarious (except for the gross dark skin/fair skin transformation)
  • kilukkampetty- a guy falls in love with an architect but has to impress her daughter first, leading him to become the ‘nanny’. jayaram and baby shalini!!!
  • oru cbi diary kurippu- the entire series actually- yes a man solving gruesome murders is a feel good movie for me. only when that man is mammootty. don’t judge. 
  • chandralekha- mohanlal faking being married to a lady he helps get to the hospital while she is temporarily paralysed. again, mohanlal-priyan magic.
  • meleparambil aanveedu- shobana sways hearts as the housekeeper in a house where all the men are forbidden to marry.
  • akasha kottiyile sultan- sreenivasan needs money, has a huge house to which he is merely the caretaker, and much to his disdain, is forced to entertain a slew of wacky renters.
  • summer in bethleham- a bunch of relatives (including a bunch of kick-arse cousins headed by manju warrier) come to see jayaram’s estate that is actually owned by his friend suresh gopi. a little sad towards the end, but still great fun.
  • ramji rao speaking- 3 desperate friends decide to fake a kidnapping for money. the original of hera pheri or whatever that bakwas was.
  • aanaval motharam- sreenivasan is a scaredy-cat cop who decides to screw it and do whatever he wants when he thinks he’s about to die. 
  • godfather- a boy and a girl from feuding families fake fall in love then real fall in love and it doesn’t turn out like romeo-juliet *thank god*. an absolute classic.
  • cid moosa- dileep the aspiring inspector tries to find the culprit behind an attempted murder with his trusted dog and plenty of comic charm.
  • sandesham-  a politically divided family. again, a satirical classic- what great writing
  • junior mandrake- a non-religious family acquire a cursed sculpture which they toss back and forth between their rivals to rid of it. 
  • pattanapravesham- the second part of nadodikattu- twice as many smugglers, yet dasan and vijayan are still as dorky as they were before.
  • chintavishtayya shyamila- a family drama about a whiny, escapist husband and his all too forgiving wife. 
  • nakshatratharatthu- a young couple of orphans decide to adopt parents. shalini and chackochan have the most amazing chemistry- them as a married couple is everything.
  • cid unnikrishnan ba.bEd- another hilarious cid film, except this time there’s three of them competing for the most stupid final position in a detective firm.
  • kilukil pambaram- jayaram and jagathy are care-takers to a palace that has a bit of a history. back when jayaram was in peak entertainer form.
  • vadakkunokiyanthram- sreenivasan’s inferiority complex after getting married to his beautiful wife gets pretty terrible, but in a very entertaining way.
  • chattambinaadu *and pokkiri raja- honestly i am trash*- mammootty as the kannada speaking rowdy that goes back to a town in kerala filled with rowdies and unfinished business. and pokkiri raja is long lost brothers or some thing like that. they’re both masala movie fun if you leave logic behind.
  • puthukotiyile puthumanavalan- two poor singer/story-tellers follow a very pretty rich girl to her home town where they are pulled back and forth between two warring families.
  • swapna lokathe balabhaskaran- again, jayaram and annie- in which jayaram is a sleep walker that gets into all sorts of trouble while annie is the wife that has to deal with it all.
  • udhayapuram sulthan- dileep is the muslim son of a muslim father/hindu mother who finds himself pretending to be a hindu poojari/singer in his orthodox hindu grandfather’s home. much less complicated than i made it seem.
  • thalayanamanthram- urvashi manages to persuade he husband sreenivasan to buy a bunch of things that he technically can’t afford. for all the laughs it’s a little anti-woman unfortunately. 
  • kakkakuyil- mukesh and mohanlal masquerade as the body and voice (respectively) of the grandson of an elderly deaf/blind pair. mohanlal-priyan yet again (before they completely lost it)
  • rajamanikyum- mammootty is a highly successful, yet uneducated cattle dealer who returns to his home town to reunite his feuding step-siblings. anwar rasheed in all his family love goodness!
  • hello my dear wrong number- just the first half actually :P mohanlal is accused of a murder he didn’t commit and has to find the real culprits. that era of slapstick comedy can make anyone laugh.
  • mookkilla raajyathu- four nutcases escape their mental hospital and reek some thoroughly enjoyable havoc in town.
  • golanthara vartha- charliechiyan’s more family-orientated, less nomadic baap. lol. shobana and mammootty being all ideal couple like ^__^  
  • sanmanassullavarkku samadhanam- middle class man mohanlal has 99 problems, and the tenants that refuse to vacate his house so he can sell it is definitely 1 of them.

I basically just searched ‘Malayalam movie’ on youtube and added my favs to this list- all the titles are youtube links. No subtitles unfortunately. But this is for my Malayali brethren (and Tamil- if you can understand the language sufficiently without subs), because the world is a dark place and we all need some happy time.

Hiroo Onoda passed away yesterday, Jan. 16th. A young Japanese officer during the Second World War, he became famous for his improbable continuation of the war, remaining in the jungles of the Philippines for nearly thirty years, convinced that Japan would never surrender. It was only in 1974, after being tracked down by Norio Suzuk, who in turn contacted Onoda’s former commanding officer, that Onoda agreed to surrender, having been officially relieved of the duty he had been tasked with three decades earlier.

His long hold out - second only to Teruo Nakamura’s ‘war’ in Indonesia that ended later that year - made him a minor celebrity in Japan. After spending some time in Brazil as a cattle farmer, he returned to Japan where he founded a nature camp for young people, splitting his time between the two countries.

He died on January 16, 2014, at the age of 91.

External image

Onoda upon his return home in 1974, Getty Images, from the New York Times Obit

This is the trailer I want to see before the next Disney animated feature.

[ The scene opens over the skyline of a dark, gritty city on a stormy night, illustrated in classic 2-D animation. The constant hiss of rainfall on cement is punctuated with distant thunder. A rough, cynical-sounding voice begins to speak. ]

“Every city sees its dark days. I’m starting to wonder if mine has ever seen light.”

[ The camera pans down the city streets, watching bored, lonely figures drift down the sidewalks beneath umbrellas and unfolded newspapers. ]

“It’s one of those towns where everyone has a sob story. Some tragedy, some twist of fate that forced them to compromise their principles. They never meant to end up this way.”

[ In one scene, a plate-glass shop window suddenly explodes outwards. Civilians scream and duck away; a small flock of wind-up toy birds wearing devious expressions flies out into the street. ]

“Nobody ever does. Nobody’s born evil, after all…”

[ A close-up of a sidewalk pans over a grate. A twisting green vine creeps out, grasping a passing rain boot by the ankle. ]

“…there’s just something about old Saint C that always seems to make ‘em that way.”

[ A shot down a long street is punctuated by soft murmurs of confusion as, one by one, the street lights all go out. ]

“That’s who this city is made up of. Predators and prey. Criminals and bystanders. Say what they will about cleaning up the streets, most of them are just cattle waiting for the wolves.”

[ The view returns to a wide shot, panning over the city towards a large suspension bridge over a bay. ]

“And me?

I am the statistical anomaly four standard deviations outside that data set.”

[ The camera follows the cables up to the top of the bridge. ]

“I am the thorn that no well-meaning mouse can ever pull from the lion of villainy’s paw.

I am the errant french fry in the side of onion rings with crime’s combo meal of chaos.”

[ The camera slows at the peak of the bridge. A flash of lighting silhouettes a figure standing atop it – nothing visible but a windblown cape and a wide-brimmed hat. ]

“I am the terror that flaps in the night.”

[ With another clap of thunder, the screen goes black. ]

SUMMER 2016.


According to legend, Hermes was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Zeus had impregnated Maia at the dead of night while all other gods slept. When dawn broke amazingly he was born. Maia wrapped him in swaddling bands, then resting herself, fell fast asleep. Hermes, however, squirmed free and ran off to Thessaly. This is where Apollo, his brother, grazed his cattle. Hermes stole a number of the herd and drove them back to Greece.

He hid them in a small grotto near to the city of Pylos and covered their tracks. Before returning to the cave he caught a tortoise, killed it and removed its entrails. Using the intestines from a cow stolen from Apollo and the hollow tortoise shell, he made the first lyre. When he reached the cave he wrapped himself back into the swaddling bands.

When Apollo realized he had been robbed he protested to Maia that it had been Hermes who had taken his cattle. Maia looked to Hermes and said it could not be, as he is still wrapped in swaddling bands. Zeus the all powerful intervened saying he had been watching and Hermes should return the cattle to Apollo.

As the argument went on, Hermes began to play his lyre. The sweet music enchanted Apollo, and he offered Hermes to keep the cattle in exchange for the lyre. Apollo later became the grand master of the instrument, and it also became one of his symbols. Later while Hermes watched over his herd he invented the pipes known as a syrinx (pan-pipes), which he made from reeds. Hermes was also credited with inventing the flute. Apollo, also desired this instrument, so Hermes bartered with Apollo and received his golden wand which Hermes later used as his heralds staff.

Bundy Ranch Update

Cliven rejected the offer and has demanded that his cattle be returned to him and that the county sheriff do his sworn duty to disarm and remove the federal agents from the scene. Protesters have moved on the BLM base camp where the cattle are being held and are engaged in a standoff with the federal agents at the camp. The Feds have reportedly threatened to fire on the crowd if they cross a barricade that has been erected in the road to the camp.



This ugly little wormlike creature is a tilberi (or snakkur). According to Icelandic folklore it was created by witches to steal milk.

To create a tilberi, a woman had to steal a rib from a recently buried body on Pentecost, wraped it stolen grey wool and than kept it between her breasts. The next three Sundays at communion she had to spit the sanctified wine on it. At this point the tilberi became alive enough to suckle blood on the inside of her thigh.

The woman was then able to send the tilberi to suck milk from her neighbours cattle. When it returned it vomited the stolen milk into her butter churn.

The evil lied not only therein that the milk was stolen, but also that the cattle from whose udders the tilberi sucked, became sick.

Source: own photos